Everything you need to know about sexual fantasies

Fantasizing is not just for kids and adults who look like kids. Fortunately, this is an ability that we all have human beings and that we can use throughout our lives.

Sexual fantasies

Fantasizing is simple: basically let your imagination run wild. Thus, by imagining other realities, we can have experiences of all kinds. Of course, in the spirit.

On a sexual level, in a private and personal way, we may be able to let ourselves be carried away by our erotic thoughts and intertwine mind, body and emotions, and can have extremely pleasurable experiences, and even go so far as to trigger the reply. sexual.

Just find and press the fantasies ON button.

When did we start to fantasize? What do sexual fantasies feed on and how do they evolve?

According to the sex therapist Wendy Maltz in her book “The intimate world of female sexual fantasies”, women begin to fantasize from childhood, with more romantic or sensual ideas, evolving over time towards more sexual ideas.

The development of fantasies appears to be closely related to sexual development, and in turn, to lived experiences, culture and information collected about sexuality throughout life.

It is therefore important to fill the drawer of our fantasies with everything that stimulates us. We must look for sources of inspiration, which place the senses of the person directly in the exit box of the path of the erotic, Always ready to seek pleasure.

Types of sexual fantasies

This question is complicated if we assume that in the mind everything is worth it: strictly speaking, there are fantasies of all kinds. The theme is as varied as the different tastes of each other. However, there is an interesting classification to mention, as it can provide more in-depth knowledge of one’s sexuality.

As Maltz explains, sexual fantasies can be classified into fictionalized fantasies and non-fictionalized fantasies.

Romance fantasies are developed as a true story, with characters and relationships between them. The roles of the protagonist generally vary from domination, where power and control are the defining elements, to a gentle and beautiful role of beloved, where affection, intimacy or spiritual attraction are the predominant ones. But victim roles can also occur, where fear or even violence arises; of savage, understanding it as a free paper, without power or control; object of desire, or simply voyeur.

On the other hand, there are the non-Romanized fantasies. These fantasies are totally related to the sensory abilities that humans possess. These are not stories like the previous ones, but they are visual, auditory, tactile stimuli, etc. those that make us happy to imagine them in the mind.

How are your fantasies ?, Are you making real movies in your head or are your senses the ones that take you to the paradise of pleasure?

In any case, whatever the fantasies, the most important thing is to give yourself permission to fantasize, without guilt, censorship, shame or fearyou.

What do sexual fantasies mean?

The meaning of fantasies is of relative importance, assuming that there is no bad sexual fantasy as long as it works. If the fantasy is able to activate itself – to suggest – to make you feel pleasure, that fantasy works. Use it and a lot!

However, there are occasions when the fantasies can be worrying or can hinder a person’s privacy, in which case they become disturbing or intrusive fantasies, or as Wendy Maltz also calls them, trap fantasies.

Such fantasies can arise when the fantasy itself is at odds with the reality of the person or when the fantasy causes you to lose control of the person experiencing it or they can also be the ones who maintain or reinforce negative or even dangerous behaviors. .

In such cases, it is good and reassuring to know that fantasies can be shaped to the consumer’s taste. Therefore, one can reject this fantasy and seek another. Wendy Maltz leads guided explorations of fantasies in workshops or therapies and explains in her book how she achieves them, telling a few cases.

What are the benefits of sexual fantasies?

1. The mind is the most important motor of sexual activation. Using the potential that the ability to fantasize gives us can help enrich and enjoy sex life more, as it works directly on increasing sexual desire. By fantasizing, you may have experiences that you may or may not want to have in real life, but which are lived in the mind, provide tremendous pleasure.

2. They are a source of self-esteem improvement i personal attractiveness. In general, fantasies allow you to focus on the sexiest details and can avoid alien criticism and self-criticism.

3. They help to repeat possible future practices or can be used to preserve pleasant memories of the past or overcome certain limits of the present.

4. Fantasies these are personal creations and as such, they can modify as they see fit, tailoring them to their personal tastes and needs.

5. It is a simple, fun and creative technique accessible to all and It’s free! (Important detail in these times when everything seems to have a price).

6. The more you practice the fantasy, the easiest way is to trigger well-being, Pleasure and even sexual response.

There are too many good things brought about by this practice not to consider fantasizing.

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