How to masturbate a man correctly, in 13 nails

Sex is very pleasant and positively influences relationships between partners. However, over time, many couples may experience moments of monotony and their sexual satisfaction may decrease, and so does the well-being of the couple.

This is why it is good to try new things in the area of ​​intimate relationships, and to do our part so that our partner enjoys their sexuality.

    Keys to Improving a Man’s Masturbation

    Masturbation can be very pleasurable. However, not knowing how to masturbate a man can lead to situations of little pleasure and even pain.

    That is why below we leave you a list of tips because, whether or not you have a partner, you can know how to properly masturbate a man.

    1. Use a lubricant

    The use of the lubricant is often associated with anal penetration, but is ideal for masturbation.. Its effect is noticeable by avoiding pain and increasing pleasure, since many products on the market provide additional sensations, for example, cold heat or stimulating smells.

    If you want your partner to have a more enjoyable masturbation, use a lubricant and you will see the results.

    2. Communicate

    Communication is essential in the couple’s domain and sexual intimacy is no exception.. By communicating correctly with our lover, it is possible to know his sexual tastes, to know what pleases him the most and how we can increase the pleasure that he feels. Without a doubt, talking openly about this topic improves trust and therefore relationship satisfaction.

    3. Start slowly and gradually increase

    As with female masturbation, it’s good to start slowly and increase the masturbation rate. That is why it is necessary to stimulate the areas near the penis first, and then move on to the male sex member. Once in there, it is best to start with slow movements to move on to faster movements. This also applies to intensity, so touch should be increased gradually.

    4. Explore the body

    A good way to gradually get closer to the penis is to explore the body. Neck bites, passionate kisses or a good massage they can increase the pleasurable sensations because when the penis is stimulated, the blood has already mobilized through the erogenous zones and the pleasure has gradually increased.

    5. “Stop and go”

    One technique that works very well and that is related to the intensity of the stimulation is the stop and go technique., Which means that when your partner approaches ejaculation and warns you, you have to stop masturbating. Then gradually you can start the process over and stop it as many times as you want. The more you couple, the more important the ejaculation.

    6. Set to 100 before starting

    This technique works because your partner gets to 100 and then leaves you wanting, Which causes an accumulation effect. But putting your partner on a hundred is a process that not only begins when you are in front of each other, but you can also start masturbating before you see her. For example, calling her at work to tell her that you bought a new lube to masturbate that night. You can also sext until you see each other, so anticipate the meeting and get excited before you even get your hands on the coin.

    7. Try out different games or techniques

    To improve the sexual experience, it is possible to try different games or techniques that increase this experience.. For example, you can use ice around your penis when masturbating with your partner.

    One technique which is very effective and which produces great pleasure is as follows. Then masturbate your partner intensely and when he warns you that he is approaching ejaculation, stop strongly stimulating the member and continue to make the movement from bottom to top with the penis but by simply rubbing it with your hand. This will cause your partner to mobilize more blood towards the penis in search of your hands (which he will notice but not with enough intensity) and make him ejaculate harder and experience an orgasm that will take him to heaven.

    8. Don’t forget your testicles

    Masturbation and the pleasure of this act are usually associated with stimulation of the penis, but to increase stimulation, it is much better to stimulate other parts of the body. The testicles, being very close to the penis, are easy to stimulateri are ideal for enhancing orgasm. You can start by stimulating – before you start touching your penis (in anticipation), but you can also do this by performing up and down movements with the male penis. Use your fingers, tongue, bite, lick and even use a pen in this area to increase your partner’s pleasure.

    9. Stimulates the perineum

    Stimulation should not be limited to the penis or testicles only. A very stimulating area for men is the perineum. The perineum is located between the anus and the testicles and can be stimulated with the tongue, ice or a feather.

    10. Anal pleasure (double stimulation)

    However, anal stimulation is even better, although there is some misconception about this practice.. For a man, anal masturbation and penile masturbation at the same time can be one of the greatest sexual experiences he can enjoy. It is therefore necessary to have an open mind around this practice, because the results are spectacular.

    11. Create an enabling environment

    The environment in which masturbation takes place plays a decisive role in eliciting greater pleasure. Therefore, it is good to take care of the detail where we realize it. For example, it is possible to put music, suitable light and candles in the room where we are going to masturbate our partner.

    12. Look for other places

    But masturbation can not only be done in the room, but can be done in other places. For example, in the shower, where it is possible to play with the water jet directly on the erogenous zones to increase the pleasant sensations. The more daring can even masturbate elsewhere, for example at sea or in a swimming pool.

    13. Try different postures

    The classic way to masturbate a man may seem the most pleasurable, but it really isn’t. There are unconventional postures that can increase arousal and, therefore, orgasm. For example, if your partner stands with their legs closed and stimulates their penis, the resistance they make to the body (which would tend to relax and separate the lower limbs at the time of ejaculation) causes a much more intense orgasm. as a result of mobility restriction. Your partner surely loves him.

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