How to start to overcome erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects a multitude of men and all this, unfortunately, is often not easy to say, since a part of those who suffer from it feel that their virility and their honor will be affected.

For this reason, it is common for men with erectile dysfunction to keep it private and then try to overcome it by reading thousands of articles and googling its symptoms only to end up thinking of a false diagnosis and, in conclusion, waste time miserably.

    Understanding erectile dysfunction

    There are a lot of patients that I help and have helped throughout my career as a sex therapist, and almost all of them agree on one question: does this happen to a lot of men? The answer is yes, probably more than you think.

    The treatment is simple, but requires that the patient (or partner) always go to therapy and above all apply the points that we will see later. The exercises that you can use are different, but quite informative.

    Where does the problem come from ?

    The first thing to keep in mind is where your problem is coming from. I know this is difficult but I am asking you several questions that I would like you to think about regarding your privacy:

    1. Is my problem organic or psychological?

    It’s the first, you should discuss this with your doctor first to have the opinion of a specialist. Which will bring us to the next question.

    2. Does this happen to me when I do self-stimulation exercises alone, with my partner, or both?

    It will also help us to understand where this is coming from, as if it happened to us both intimately and with another person, surely we are facing an organic problem; be careful, don’t panic, but be aware that you need the advice of a specialist, as I said above.

    3. Does this happen to me before or during the event?

    Sometimes people have the problem at first: it is difficult to arouse their partner and this generates insecurity which results in erectile dysfunction.

    4. Am I prolonging my relationships too much?

    When you go to bed with your partner, what do you have in mind, last and stretch the act or just enjoy and get carried away?

    In this sense I am not asking you to be selfish and just think about your pleasure, just enjoy and forget to stretch the impossible, because if you want to ejaculate soon no problem, other times you will last longer, but don’t try to stretch and stretch because it only creates anxiety and insecurity for you.

    How can I fix this?

    There are several tips to keep in mind …

    1. Enjoy foreplay more

    It is important that you focus on getting a good orgasm until penetration occurs, and most importantly, also making you feel better and get to know your feelings better.

    2. Forget the idea that you have to be 100%

    It is important that you focus on your calm with your partner and let yourself get carried away; as i explained foreplay is important, and to feel it more you need to be relaxed, it is not only a question of giving but also of receiving.

    3. What role do you play?

    Many men play the role of submissive, both in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. However, that they give you orders while your relationships are given may not be your style and makes you uncomfortable. I am not telling you to be the most active, but yes you are at the same height.

      4. What types of relationships do you have?

      Maybe you are addicted to flirting apps and only meet people for two nights. Do you like it Is this your style? Maybe you’ve been a long-term relationship person, or because of your upbringing, you don’t like one night stands. Well, you’re right that you don’t like it, that’s why I want you to understand each other and be able to look for relationships in a different way. Look for your inner essence.

      Do you want to learn how to solve your problem as quickly as possible?

      As we have seen erectile dysfunction is a problem that has a solution, this is why good patient involvement is important.

      In my therapy I like to send exercises from one session to another and especially to adapt to the fact that the patient has a partner or not to propose another series of practices. Be careful, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a partner you will move more slowly, just each situation involves different points and practices.

      You shouldn’t be afraid of not having a partner or going alone to the consultation, for me it is a pleasure to receive patients and it says a lot about you that you have decided to solve your little problems.

      Please feel free to contact me to start working on your issue and so we can schedule a consultation.

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