Premature ejaculation and psychology

the premature ejaculation it is one of the most common male sexual dysfunctions today, yet very few men see a doctor or mental health professional to express their crisis openly and confidently.

premature ejaculation

Silence is the greatest of enemies in these cases, not knowing how to share the problem over time can lead to great conflicts that are difficult to deal with in the future.

What is premature ejaculation?

It consists of the persistent and recurrent expulsion of semen in response to sexual stimulation occurs before, during or after penetration without the person’s desire. This disorder, according to sexual health professionals, is one of the most experienced by men. Professionals estimate that between 30 and 60% of men have already suffered from it. Premature ejaculation can be linked to several causes, so the doctor or psychotherapist should get all the information possible for a good treatment.

Causes of premature ejaculation

To know the main cause of premature ejaculation, it is advisable to consult a doctor to rule out any organic anomaly which causes this disorder. Sometimes ejaculation is also the product of infections that usually occur in the urogenital areas of the urethra and prostate or hormonal imbalances.

If the problem is not organic, it is advisable to consult a mental health professional so that, through an assessment, you can find out what the cause is.

In the psychological factors Anxiety and depression are associated with premature ejaculation, which are said to be the most common non-organic causes affecting the disorder, stress related to the economic, family environment, etc. it also plays a very important role.

Some professionals point out that alcoholism, smoking and drug use also affect the onset of premature ejaculation.

What Kinds of Problems Does Premature Ejaculation Cause?

  • low self esteem
  • Anxiety in the couple and in men
  • Low levels of sexual satisfaction
  • depression
  • anguish
  • nervousness

Many times the sex becomes tense as the man is more concerned with containing the ejaculation and not enjoying the sexual act. But not only is the man affected, but the couple also suffers the consequences both psychologically and organically, the latter often manifesting itself in a lesser experience of the sexual pleasure during intercourse.

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation

For a correct diagnosis, the professional will need to gather a complete medical history to fully understand the problem, the professional will examine the frequency and duration of premature ejaculation, and the type of relationship that leads her to be affected with her partner.

All these points are important for a correct diagnosis, many men in consultation often omit certain details due to the embarrassment of reporting them, although in reality this information is usually very important in making a correct diagnosis. The omission of information can hamper the design of the most effective treatment in each case, so it is important to create a good climate of trust in order to be able to assess the case as a whole.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

Once the diagnosis is made we can observe the severity of the case and the type of treatment we can use, the techniques that can be used range from pharmacological psychological therapies.

Cognitive behavioral psychotherapies have been shown to be very effective in treating these problems. It is important to know that putting yourself in the hands of a professional competent in this area also contributes to effective treatment with positive results.

Within psychotherapies psychological the most important thing is to give the patient and his sexual partner all the correct information about the problem they are suffering from, that the patient learns to identify the sensations that precede orgasm and is able to regulate his sexual arousal well and to both to control his ejaculatory reflex.

Sometimes pharmacological treatment is recommended, provided that it is prescribed by a specialist. There are well-known cases in which couples self-medicate with products (creams, pills, ice cream sold on the Internet, on television or in media not approved by health authorities, causing bodily difficulties in the person using and do not solve the underlying problem.

The most effective techniques, as mentioned above, are those based on cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. There are many articles and manuals that talk about and explain the techniques in detail. One of the authorities in this specialty is the doctor Helen Kaplan, Who through his textbooks has offered a fundamental contribution in the fields of psychiatry, psychology and sexology.

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