Premature ejaculation: different types and practical exercises

Although many people live with it in their day-to-day life, premature ejaculation is a phenomenon that some do not take the step to start treating; they prefer to adapt their sexual practice to this evil which has affected many men and that with a little work he has a solution.

Usually in the life of patients with premature ejaculation, I see that there are many complications, not only in the most intimate area, but also in the relationships they experience on a daily basis. They experience this alteration as if it is a plaque on them, and also in a patient’s textual words, it is as if they are wearing it on their forehead and cannot remove it in any way, being always conditioned. at the time of maintaining relations with a couple.

It is important to know first that this problem has a solution, and also that there are several ways to be able to establish if it is a problem at the organic level and that it needs medication (it is therefore important a first examination by a urologist before starting therapy) or on the contrary it is a problem at the psychological level (although pharmacological treatment can be combined with psychological).

In this case, you just need practice, patience and confidence in the professionalism of our psychologist.

    The first: what is premature ejaculation?

    According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine (2021), premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction characterized by:

    • Ejaculation that always occurs within the first minute of vaginal penetration (premature ejaculation at birth).
    • Ejaculation that occurs about three minutes after vaginal penetration (which we will call acquired premature ejaculation).
    • Inability to delay ejaculation in case of vaginal penetration.
    • Negative personal consequences such as stress, frustration, or avoiding sexual bullying.

    The ISSM has identified different types; of course there may be more, or maybe one is more common than the other. But it’s important to take these three as a starting point because I think they serve as a bit of a guide and are very successful.

    • Premature ejaculation at birth (<1 minute): is defined as ejaculation produced less than one minute after the onset of penetration.

    • Acquired premature ejaculation (<3 minutes): is defined as the time of life by which premature ejaculation is acquired, not always having been premature ejaculation. For example, a person who previously could have sex and hang on without a problem then finds it difficult to ejaculate, which happens in less than three minutes.

    • Subjective premature ejaculation (3 – 6 minutes): occurs when ejaculation is centered between three and six minutes, it is perhaps the one that most affects the population, and fortunately, those which have the best solution.

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    Premature ejaculation exercises and solutions

    These practical exercises are brought up to a general level, and of course you should know that for more efficiency you need to have a therapist who adapts them to you.

    1. Identify the point of no return

    This is important, this is the point where if you continue to ejaculate. It’s important to know how to identify it by – let me be obvious – so you can stop before you can stop.. It sounds funny or very obvious, but I have seen a lot of patients who don’t know how to see this point.

    2. Kegel exercises

    These are exercises to improve the pelvic floor, with them you will have more control over the prostate. There are countless examples on YouTube.

    3. Applications

    There are many applications to overcome this problem and both platforms. Don’t hesitate to google and search for them.

    4. View erotic material

    It serves to be able to seek out that point of no return and control where it occurs and how to stop it.. By viewing pornographic material, you will be able to get greater stimulation (in most cases) and thus better explore your points.

    Need help to overcome your problem?

    My name is Javier Ares and I am an expert psychologist on sexuality issues, which mainly come from the broad spectrum of anxiety. That is why, for years, I have been helping patients overcome these problems, always with the utmost professionalism, respect and discretion.

    My way of working is based on practical exercises at the individual level with the patient and also (if possible and desired) through exercises with his partner. That’s why I like to do a good exploration by analyzing what his life is like and in what aspects it affects him so that we can put a thread in the needle and above all have a learning experience.

    Do not hesitate to contact me to start your therapy adapted to your situation.

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