Sex for WhatsApp: 5 benefits and 5 risks

Sex on WhatsApp is called “sexting”, A practice of sending sexually suggestive or explicit messages or images via the mobile phone. Although sexting is a more holistic concept and can be done by other social networks (eg Facebook), sex via WhatsApp has the same advantages and disadvantages as this practice.

    An increasingly common type of sexting

    Sex for whatsapp it may seem like a fad that only young people practice; however, studies show that adults also practice sexting.

    According to research conducted by the Women’s Health Psychology Lab at Drexler University, the use of this practice it is more and more used and not only is it limited to its use by single people, couples also resort to it.

    870 subjects aged 18 to 82 participated in this study and the results were presented at the 123rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Psychology in Toronto. 88% of respondents admitted to having practiced “sexting” at some point in their life and 82% last year. 75% of the participants declared having practiced it in couple and 47% of the subjects, without being in couple.

    A risky practice?

    Many people may think that this is a risky practice, and of course, it has its dangers considering how questionable confidentiality is bid for these services. However, surveys indicate that risky behavior is not the goal or perception of people who use sex on WhatsApp, unlike other sexual practices such as outdoor sex.

    According to a group of respondents, it is rather a practice of courtship. At least that indicates research from the University of Michigan (US), which had a sample of 3,447 subjects. Some experts have commented on the issue, such as psychologist Pascual García Senderisme, who asserts that “the appearance of technology in people’s lives is causing this type of sexual practice”.

    Benefits of sex for WhatsApp

    Sex on WhatsApp is often seen as a negative practice; however, there are a number of reasons for doing so. They are as follows:

    1. Have better sex

    Sex on WhatsApp is usually associated with those people who have little sex, but as I mentioned, there are a lot of people who use this practice as a couple. Some studies, such as that from Drexel University in the United States, indicate that relationships that use sexting have better sex, in that it is a practice that adds to the sex life in general, while the ‘enriches.

    2. Greater satisfaction of the couple

    The same study also seems to indicate that couples who use sexting also experience greater satisfaction and well-being when they are together. It could be because of these couples they enjoy greater privacy and trust to carry out this practice.

    3. Distance

    One of the great advantages of this type of sex is that it is possible to practice it remotely, Like other forms of cybersex. If the couple live far away, it is possible to be in touch anytime or anywhere, let your imagination run wild and enjoy sex on WhatsApp.

      4. For heating

      And the ability to practice it anytime and anywhere also makes it ideal for those times when the desire is tightening and one wants to have intimate contact with another person, but for some reason it is not. Not possible. Sex for WhatsApp should be practiced – as long as you trust the other person to avoid the negative consequences of its use.

      5. Makes sex practice different and fun

      This practice can increase desire and be ideal as a prelude to physical contact, As it is ideal for anticipation and for the imagination to do its job. This is because it stimulates the brain and causes us to release chemicals related to sexual attraction and desire before we have the other person in front of us. It can be a fun sex game.

      Cons of having sex in this app

      Sex for whatsapp it must be practiced with caution because it has its risks. The negative consequences of the practice are:

      1. Loss of control over what we shared

      This practice should be done with people you trust and let us know that they are not using the content we send them for anything other than just to sext with us. When we have sex on WhatsApp, the content we share it can fall into the hands of other people, Who can make unauthorized use of it.

      2. Extortion case

      If these images fall into the hands we don’t want, we can suffer extortion and even other phenomena such as cyberbullying.

      3. It can go viral

      One of the biggest fears of sex on WhatsApp it’s going viral. This type of content can be posted on sex portals or shared on social media by someone you know who is done with the content.

      4. Ethical and legal issues

      Sexually explicit text messages, videos or photos they might consider sexual harassment if the person receiving it does not want it. There may also be times when the person we are sexting with intends to gain economic benefit. Therefore, before performing sexting, it is necessary to know the other person well.

      5. Psychological problems

      These unfavorable situations can cause psychological problems and great discomfort. Negative effects on self-esteem, depression, or anxiety can be common when some of the downsides of sex on WhatsApp occur.

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