Smart people masturbate more, study finds

The scientific data that are sometimes offered to us have a relative veracity, just like the people we tend to lie quite often.

We are not telling the whole truth, especially in matters that bother us or on which there is a cultural taboo. One of the most obvious is sex, where “normalcy” is a vague concept. But every now and then a scientific study emerges that sheds light on the question of how we relate to the opposite sex and to ourselves.

Smart people masturbate more often, study finds

Recent research in the United States has revealed a curious correlation between two variables: a person’s level of education and the frequency of the people with the most knowledge in training those who tend to masturbate the most often.

This interesting and controversial study was conducted by the National School of Sexual Health and Behavior, led by sexual behavior psychologist Debby Herbenick, a distinguished researcher at the Kinsey Institute in the United States of America. She led this research, finding that people with a higher college level tend to masturbate more frequently.

According to Catalan science broadcaster Pere Estupiny√† in his book S = EX2, the research was fully funded by a well-known condom company, and involved conducting surveys of a total of 6,000 US citizens between the ages of 14 and 90, rigorously selected. , with in-depth follow-up of participants, being one of the most comprehensive studies on how we experience the sex of human beings in today’s societies. Much attention has been paid to the data and results of these surveys.

search results

Based on close scrutiny of the polls, 1 71.5% of women aged 25 to 29 admit to having masturbated in the past year. A more modest figure, 46.5%, is for women aged 60 to 69 who say they have done so in the past 365 days.

If we move to a slightly older age, as is the case with people over 70, the study reports that 33% say they have masturbated in the past year; a fairly high figure if we take into account the popular belief that sex is not present in the lives of older people.

It seems that people with better training practice more onanism

Other conclusions of the study were, for example, the correlation between the academic level of the subject and the correlation of this variable with that of the frequency of masturbation. As the headline of the news says, there seems to be a tendency to, the higher the level of education, the more frequently the individual masturbates.

On the other hand, the investigation also revealed that 25% of men and only 5% of women admit to having viewed pornographic content on the Internet in the past month. Another interesting fact about protection during sex is that 28% of men report losing their erection even though they were about to put on a condom during at least one of their last three times.

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