The 10 weirdest and most curious sex fetishes

In terms of sex, individual differences therefore prevail each of us has different tastes and we get excited for different reasons. Sex is experienced in intimacy, in a private and personal way. In this intimacy, we may be able to let ourselves be carried away by our erotic thoughts. At this point, the mind, body and emotions merge, even leading us to take advantage of forbidden situations.

But some people take their sexual fantasies and desires a step further, as they sometimes materialize in them. fetish objects, Weird situations or weird obsessions, what is called fetishism, a kind of paraphilia. Fetish fantasies are common, but they only constitute a disorder if they lead to rituals so unacceptable that they interfere with intercourse and cause individual discomfort.

    The strangest fetishes

    There are over 130 different categories, but in today’s article we are going to describe the 10 strangest fetishes.

    1. Mechanophilia

    Mechanophilia is a paraphilia in which an individual is aroused by machines (vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.) or gadgets. But what attracts them isn’t having sex in or out of the vehicle, but what turns them on is the machine itself. Sex toys or devices, such as vibrators, have nothing to do with mechanophilia.


    People who suffer from prejudice are only excited in front of a specific part of the body. The most common is podophilia, that is, excitement with the feet. But they can also be hands or feet with heels. Extreme cases only experience arousal when having sex with that part of the body.

    3. Ursusagalamatophilia

    This type of fetishism called ursusagalamatofilia refers to the excitement some people feel towards people who project the qualities and characteristics of animals. For example, a very hairy person considers a bear. Yes, as it looks.

    4. Salirophilia

    the salirophile they get excited with the dirty. For them, bathing and applying perfume before having sex is not a saint of their devotion, while most of us appreciate hygiene. This type of practice is often accompanied by fantasies of domination and submission, such as sadism or masochism.

    5. Hibristophilia

    Hybridism o excitement towards criminals generally dominates in women. They love thugs and are drawn to criminals of all kinds, even those who have committed horrific crimes. This usually happens when the criminal is good looking and his case has high media profile. Good proof of this is the legion of serial killer Charles Manson fans. It has nothing to do with the fact that women are attracted to “bags”.

    6. Formicophilia

    It’s a sexual arousal to have insects (ants, worms, etc.) especially on the genitals, But also for the whole body. In some cases, they are also excited by the possibility of stings, such as bees.

    7. Haematophilia

    Hematophilia is also known as vampire fetishism because it involves theusing blood during sex. Not only does their blood-soaked body turn them on, but the fetish also includes the drink.

    8. Cleptolagnia

    Kleptomania is flight-derived sexual arousal. They usually start by stealing from their partner, then extend their scope to others, even strangers. Stolen items are of little importance, and are usually small items, which can be easily hidden, for later use for sexual arousal. This fetish is common among serial killers, and some have even amputated parts of their victims’ bodies to wear them as a trophy. Ed Gein kept a box with the noses of his victims under his bed.

    9. Spectrophilia

    This type of fetishism refers to the sexual arousal derived from the mirrors that some individuals experience. The fetishist enjoys both masturbating and even having orgies in front of mirrors. They usually place mirrors in every corner of the house to have sex in front of them. There have been reports of people being kicked out of “mirror houses” (a typical carnival and fairground attraction) to masturbate inside. A fetish possibly associated with narcissism.

    10. Autonepiophilia

    In this kind of fetishism, the person being sexually aroused towards diapers. It has a lot to do with the “role play” of an adult acting like a baby. It’s different from pedophilia. Autonepiophiles may masturbate with a diaper instead or enjoy watching the other person with a diaper.

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