The 11 best brands of condoms (condoms)

Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV infection and the long-term illness it can cause, AIDS, are among the most prevalent health problems in the world and pose a serious threat to the lives of millions of people. people. These diseases, as well as others such as syphilis or gonorrhea, are transmitted by one of the acts that generate the most physiological pleasure, the maintenance of sexual intercourse. Sex too this can lead to the onset of pregnancies, Sometimes unwanted.

Fortunately, we have different mechanisms that allow you to have safe sex, the condom or condom being the best known and most reliable of all.

From the most primitive derivatives of papyrus (in ancient Egypt) or animal intestines to the last latex, due to its popularity and usefulness over time, different types of condoms. We currently have a wide variety of condoms, developed by different brands. In this article, we will make a brief classification of the best brands of condoms available on the market.

    The top eleven brands of condoms

    Prophylaxis during intercourse is essential, especially if it is performed in high-risk situations or with multiple sexual partners. But as we have seen above, there are a variety of brands in the market, which sometimes it is difficult to decide on a particular option.

    This is why we offer you below a small ranking of the eleven best brands of condoms. However, keep in mind that these classifications are general and you may find different alternative people who best suit your needs.

    This classification is made from different research, such as the comparison made by the University of Oregon, which evaluated aspects such as strength, lubrication, speed and ease of use and slippage and taste, and other classifications conducted by different organizations from countries such as Mexico. Based on the various surveys carried out, we can determine that some of the best brands in the market are as follows.

    1. Durex

    One of the best brands of condoms is also one of the best known and popular. This brand is considered one of the safest, being difficult to break, it also highlights the fact that it has some types that do not make noise during sex, like Hight Sensation.

      2. Trojan horse

      The American brand Trojan appears in most of the major rankings among the best condoms on the market, being ranked among the safest.

      In addition to greater thickness, it has a base that fits better than other brands on the base of the penis This brand has among its many types of condoms with free latex, like Trojan Supra Bare-Without Non-Latex (something very useful for people allergic to this material). It is also distinguished by its smell and taste, and by have variants with formats greater than the standard.

      3. Control

      Another of the most common and well-known brands, which offers a wide variety of types of condoms (including polyurethane). Control Fussion, for example, is characterized by its great ability to resist pressure. There are also varieties with stretch marks, with a retarding effect or different flavors (such as passion fruit or peach).

      4. One

      This brand is considered one of the best, its advantages include the fact that its condoms tend to have one of the most uniform lubrication and be very safe, besides the lubricant is pleasant to the text and has no unpleasant odor. It also has some types with striated effect, Like the One Pleasure Plus.

      5. Sico

      Although not as popular in this country, it is one of the most recommended brands by Mexican consumer organizations. This Malaysian brand has among its products polyurethane condoms, like Trojan, and can also be used with different lubricants with little risk of breakage.

      6. LifeStyles

      This brand of condoms is characterized by its high security, in addition to having among its conservation products that they are distinguished by their finesse, sensitivity and lubrication, While having some of the strongest and most durable materials.

      7. Kimono

      Some of the products of this brand have been considered the best feeling allowed by populations such as the American, being one of the brands with finer products despite great resistance.

      8. IPPF

      This little-known brand has been analyzed by the ODECU and the University of Chile resulting in being considered the one with the best value for money, Being a safe alternative with a relatively low cost in the country.

      9. Caution

      Little is known about this Malaysian-born brand, but organizations like Profeco consider it one of the best brands of condoms. They are thicker than the others, but also more resistant and in their classic version have a vanilla lubricant.

      10. Lelo’s Hex

      The Lelo brand is known to produce different types of sex toys. However, it was not until 2016 that this Swiss brand began to manufacture its own line of condoms: Hex. Although it still needs more research and testing to be so new, it has proven to be a safe and very durable condom, which absorbs body heat and allows for high sensitivity.

      11. EXS

      This brand is one of the best known in UK, And is slowly developing in the rest of Europe. It has a wide variety of models. It also highlights its range of flavored condoms designed for the pleasure of fellatio, some as original as melted chocolate, strawberry ice cream or blueberry pie.

      Much more

      There are many brands that are highly regarded and have great quality when it comes to allowing us to have a relationship with security. Prime, MySize, Passant, Crown, UP or Iron Grip are some examples, but there are many more.

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