The 20 types of sex and their characteristics

Few activities are as enjoyable as having sex. But these moments of intimacy, in addition to making us come, can benefit us in many ways, improving our mood, improving the state of our immune system, reducing the negative effects of Stress …

Of course, the way these relationships happen they depend on the type of sex we are used to. Below we will see what are the characteristics of each.

    The different types of sex

    There are many ways that sex can take place, and all of them can be really enjoyable. In the following lines you can find the different types of sex explained:

    1. Sex with love

    Sex doesn’t have to be with someone you’re in love with; but, when one person feels something special for another, the quality of the sensations is usually greater. Making love is the most stimulating way to have sex and arguably one of the most amazing experiences a human can have.

    2. Sex without commitment

    Not all sex is about love, and you don’t have to be in love to have it, as uncompromising sex is a common type of sexual practice. It is characterized by both people having sex they are not interested in having a relationship based on commitment. They can be good friends and have a great friendship, but they don’t want to be boyfriends.

    • Uncompromising sex has a number of advantages and disadvantages. You can read more about him in this article: “Sex Without Commitment: 11 Pros and Cons”

    3. Sexual infidelity

    Sexual infidelity is the sexual act that it happens outside of a relationship or marriage (This link exists). It is generally categorized as non-committal sex, although sometimes both members of the infidelity may feel a strong emotional connection.

    4. Dogging

    Dogging or cancaneo it is a risky sexual practice in which both gossip and exhibitionists are involved. To take place, couples usually announce where and when they will perform the sexual act, and the “voyeurs” go to the rendezvous to get excited with the show. In some cases, they even participate.

      5. Tantric sex

      Tantric sex is a very different sexual experience than most people have in the West. It focuses more on mindfulness and in that of being in the present moment with all the senses than in the sexual act itself. In addition, there is not necessarily intercourse.

        6. Spontaneous sex

        Spontaneous sex is the one that it happens without having planned it. For example, a couple is at the tester of a clothing store and they decide at this point to get carried away with the situation.

        7. Planned sex

        Planned sex is quite the opposite of the previous case. For example, if a couple decides they should have sex in a clothing store tester and they’re looking for a place to pursue their fantasy. It is often associated with the use of pre-purchased products.

        8. “Quickie”

        Quickie is a form of spontaneous sex, but it has one characteristic that sets it apart: it’s short-lived. This is called “rapidet” sex in Spanish. It’s a very passionate type of sex.

        9. Sadomasochism

        Sadomasochism is a sexual practice in which there is a dominator and a person who assumes a submissive role. Masochistic sex practice generally includes pain, and there are a number of sex toys that can be acquired to make this sexual experience much more intense.

          10. Sex with consent

          When both people agree to have sex, they are said to be having consensual sex. It is the most common form of sex. In some cases, one of the two people may not agree to have sex with the other person, resulting in the sex being unwilling.

          11. Sex without consent

          Sex without consent is a rare and common form of sex it is a crime to do it in western countries. As mentioned, this happens when one of the two people does not want to have sex with the other, but the sex act is still forcibly carried out. An example of this type of sex is when a person takes advantage of another while in a state of high intoxication.

          12. Illegal sex

          Illegal sex is a type of sex like the previous one, in which the rights of the other person are violated and, in addition, the law. Non-consensual sex is considered a crime and is a form of illegal sex, as is, for example, sex with minors.

          13. Legal sex

          Legal sex is the one that occurs most of the time and in which neither the rights of the other person nor the law are violated. Therefore, it has no criminal consequences.

          14. Cybersex

          Cybersex is a form of sex that has emerged over the past few decades and is characterized by new technologies are used to have sex. For example, when a couple living at a great distance decides to have sex by video call.

          15. Phone sex

          Phone sex is a form of sex similar to the above. However, the computer is not used for having sex, but the phone is used to turn the other person on and have sex while they are having a high-pitched conversation.

          16. Outdoor sex

          Outdoor sex is a type of sex that takes place outdoors, for example, at the beach or in the mountains. It’s a very stimulating way to have sex, and while many people don’t want to be seen having sex, they do appreciate the feeling that they can be caught anytime. However, sometimes it is a crime.

          17. Trio

          A threesome is a form of liberal sex that is characterized by the fact that during intercourse three people participate and not two as in the conventional way. There are some people who think this is the wrong way to have sex and even make people less dignified, even though it depends entirely on individual morale.

          18. Orgy

          If the trio is practiced between three people, when more than three people participate what is called an orgy takes place. In orgy, there is an exchange of sexual partners.

          19. Couple exchange

          Couple swapping is a type of sex in which the bride and groom agree to have sex with members of other couples. There are premises where it is possible to carry out this practice.

          20. Anal sex

          Anal sex is a form of sex that involves the introduction of the male sex member through the couple’s anus. For some people, anal sex it can be a taboo subject, Although today this is a very common practice.

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