The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

the psychogenic erectile dysfunction this is one of the most common reasons for sex consultation. At this point in history, it is well known that there are drugs available to solve the problem. However, this solution is not always the most effective or convinces the man suffering from dysfunction. Perhaps because she is also interested in what may be the cause. He worries about knowing the roots of the problem while trying to solve it. He may be interested in analyzing them to some extent and trying to resolve them on a more psychological level.

It is also true that a man who suffers from erectile dysfunction and seeks sex therapy, you might feel very uncomfortable explaining your problem. It can be said without a doubt that daring to talk about it is an important step in its solution, which is even more relevant in the case of this dysfunction. It can often be very embarrassing for them to openly acknowledge the problem as erection has long been associated with masculinity, virility, and male potency.

Myths and taboos that don’t help

Myths surrounding manhood certainly hamper the situation. A man who has erection problems he may feel devalued at the idea of ​​being “less manly”. Unfortunately, there are many occasions when he reacts in this way. The worst part is that these types of thoughts only increase your insecurity and obsession with erections. There are pressures, and under the pressure many people work less well or get stuck.

Conflicts of masculinity in sex?

The funny thing is that often it all starts with a simple trigger (a specific erectile dysfunction). After that, the man in question hastens to think that the problem has come to stay. This belief stems from insecurity and lack of self-confidence, as well as inappropriate sexual information. Man forgets, or doesn’t know, that anyone is likely to have a trigger at some point. It’s a one-time thing and can happen for a variety of reasons, such as fatigue, stress, or a sticky situation, to name a few.

The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

There may also be more serious causes, such as those related to depressive states. For example, this can happen due to the bereavement that occurs after the death of a loved one.

It should be remembered that much of the problem comes from the idea that performance, especially human performance, has to be practically perfect. Human beings, male or female, are not always able to function well in any situation and in all areas of their lives, and sex is one of them.

In the development of any person, it is important to promote healthy self-esteem, which will lead to a sense of security and self-confidence that will allow them to have sex in all normalcy. This will be useful throughout life, including in the sexual area. Likewise, it is necessary to eradicate the myths and beliefs that only serve to confuse and put pressure on men and women.

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