The reality of masturbation

Have you ever heard that if you masturbated you would go blind? And if so, would you have hair on your hands? Maybe they told you that masturbating makes you sterile? Or do you think doing so makes you lose power in your sexual relationships?

Masturbation has been seen as something negative for many yearsand these are some of the consequences that have been attributed to this practice.

All these negative connotations made us understand that it is something bad, dirty and, even, that it must be done quickly and in secret. It has affected so much that our sexuality is reduced to intercourse and couple, as well as other problems such as premature ejaculation, although it is not the only variable nor indispensable in this one.

So much so it has become a taboo subject, which has disappeared due to the era of digitization in which we find ourselves. We are more informed than ever and have many resources at our disposal. Despite this, there are still many false beliefs about it and the shame of being able to talk about this practice with other people or with our children.

    Masturbation throughout our development

    From the moment we are babies, even before we are a year old, we touch our body to discover it, allowing us to be stimulated to explore this pleasure. It may surprise you that we’ve masturbated since we were so young, but it comes naturally to us.

    When we grow up, we recognize ourselves and we recognize others, we start sexual games. It is not with a dirty or erotic character as adults can see it, but with the objective of discovering. Moreover, the same people with whom we carry out practices of this type mean nothing about our sexual orientation, since it is being explored and discovered.

    From ages 6 to 11, there is a natural time when children are ashamed of their bodies, even though their families have normalized nudist situations like bathing naked on the beach. Most researchers claim that sexual games do not decrease, but are hidden from adults, but as you grow up, you will understand that a large part of these games is forgotten.

    later, sexual exploration increases dramatically from puberty, becoming the greatest concern at these ages. Indeed, puberty, as we know, is a key moment when the body faces many changes and prepares for reproduction.

      The truth about masturbation

      Masturbation is one of the sexual practices that can be practiced alone and as a couple. Masturbation consists of the intentional stimulation of the erogenous zones of our body.

      It is not something negative and it does not have any negative consequences on your physical or psychological health either. On the contrary, several studies point out that it is beneficial for our physical, emotional, relational and sexual health.
      Some of the Benefits of Masturbating Alone are:

      • Get to know us better: get to know our bodies, what we like and what gives us pleasure.
      • Treat yourself, because there’s no one like you to know what you want every moment.
      • relax
      • Improve sleep reconciliation.
      • Prevents infections.
      • Exercises the pelvic region.
      • Relieves menstrual pain.



        To conclude, masturbation is a healthy and positive practicebut therefore it should not be considered obligatory, but the decision of whether she likes it or not and whether she wants to practice it or not is up to everyone.

        Despite all this, we have a lot of prejudices about masturbation or we don’t know how to manage these behaviors in children. Maybe your son is masturbating at home or at school and you’re not quite sure what to do with it. Maybe you don’t tell him anything, but your face already gives him information about how you feel about what he’s doing. If you identify with these situations and need advice in this regard, at the PsicoAlmería center, face to face and online, we will help you in a personalized way.

        We need to give ourselves and minors the privacy to be able to carry out these practices, because they are part of our knowledge of ourselves and are beneficial. But we weren’t born with a book under our arms on the best ways to educate, or maybe we were taught that it has to be done in a hurry or that it’s something dirty.

        We cannot completely change our mindset overnight just by reading an entry on a website like this. Therefore, if you have difficulties in your sexuality or want to know a little more about these issues, do not hesitate to contact us, a group of psychologists and sexologists.

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