What are online sexology services?

The field of sexology covers a wide range of human needs and issues, as sex and the privacy of intimate relationships is one of the fundamental aspects of most people’s well-being.

Thus, as technologies have developed, sexology has taken advantage of this new potential to diversify its working methods. Consequently, online sexology services already exist today, the features we will see below.

    What are online sexology services?

    As the name suggests, online sexology consists of offering the possibility of receiving professional support and advice from sex therapists via the Internet, usually by video call. In other words, that is to say a medium in which the patient and the professional are seen and heard in real time.

    Thanks to the current state of technological development, the quality and fluidity of data transmission between electronic devices allows these sessions to run smoothly and to be very similar to face-to-face sessions.

    It is true that the elderly are relatively exposed to problems related to sexuality and that in this population group it is more complicated to adapt to the digital format, but even in such cases it is impossible to resort to the online sex therapy, because its operation is very simple and professional support is available at all times. In addition, this modality allows you to count on professional help, saving travel time and money, and gaining anonymity.

    On the other hand, it must be clear that sexology is a multidisciplinary field of applied sciencesSo in it are scientific disciplines belonging to both psychology and social sciences and medicine. Therefore, there are certain forms of intervention and exploration of the problem that cannot be done through online sessions: in particular, those that involve a medical examination and procedures that go to the physiological part of the problem. , if it exists.

    Therefore, due to organic sexual dysfunctions, it is necessary to go to health centers and receive treatment from doctors (although it is true that at first the person suffering from these complications may have doubts about the origin of what is happening and this opens the possibility of making a first contact via the Internet).

    Therefore, we will focus here on sexology services linked to intervention in relationship and psychological problems, Which are not uncommon, as this type of alterations can be addressed via the online video call mode.

    What problems can be dealt with in this way?

    This is a summary of some of the issues and changes that can be overcome with online sexology.

    1. Sexual identity crisis

    Due to the stigma involved in some forms of sexual orientation and identification with sexual tastes and preferencesSome people need sex therapy to fully develop in their intimate life.

    2. Complexities and insecurities with one’s own body

    For many people, not accepting their own body becomes a problem to fully experience their sexuality, because they are afraid to show off or express themselves. This type of emotional and relationship alterations, closely related to poor self-esteem, can be addressed from the online format.

    3. Lack of information on gender

    Often there is no psychological or sexual disorder per se, but rather a simple lack of information. Sex education can also be done through online sessions.

    4. Physiological alterations of the psychological root

    The psychological and the psychological are generally interconnected. For that, some people who have pain during sex or have difficulty reaching orgasmThey can also benefit from online sex therapy, in which various strategies and routines are given to be followed to overcome such kind of problems.

    5. Couple problems

    Sometimes the problems have more to do with the dynamics that the relationship has taken on itself, than with the psychological or biomedical aspects that a single person suffers from. In these cases, sex therapy overlaps with conventional couples therapy., Which provides a framework in which to jointly explore the problem and strengthen communication and the management of possible conflicts.

    Are you looking for sexology services online?

    If you are interested in online sex assistance by video call, we invite you to contact our team of professionals. Fr Advanced psychologists we have over 20 years of patient care experience and our therapy center employs psychologists specializing in emotional issues and couples therapy, as well as sexology and other areas of health.

    To find out more about us you can visit us at our facilities in Madrid or find out more about how we work on this page.

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