10 games for two people (fun and very interesting)

The good weather is approaching and with it the desire to spend time away from home, whether on the beach, in the mountains, in the park or on a terrace in town. However, sometimes it happens that after staying with our partner or friend we get there and we don’t know where to invest our time.

To prevent this from happening below we present many games to play as a couple outdoors. Throughout the article we can find all kinds of games and activities with which to spend time with another person.

    10 games for two people (interesting and fun)

    In this list, 10 games for two players are mentioned and explained. Among them we find both games that will require a deck of cards or a domino, and others in which it is enough to resort to our imagination.

    1. Rummy

    Rummy is a card game in which our goal is to remove all the cards from our hand as quickly as possible.. We will need a standard 52-card deck that we can buy at any board game store.

    We deal between 7 and 10 cards to each player and once dealt we place the next one face up, with this card we start a pile of discarded cards. The rest of the cards are placed face down. Players tend to have three different ways of removing opponent’s cards: merge, draw, and discard.

    • merge: Take at least three cards from your hand and place them face up in the center. They can merge cards that go in sequences or scales (5,6,7) or in groups (8,8,8).
    • to reject: Add one or more cards from his own hand to a merge of his or the opponent.
    • Throw away: This can only be done at the end of each turn, by placing the remaining cards in the discard pile.

    In each hand, the player has the option of picking up a card from the discard pile or from the deck of cards face down. Also, when you pick it up, you will be able to decide whether it serves you or not. If he does not serve him, he must turn it over and pass the turn to the opponent.

    The game continues until one of the two runs out of cards and wins the game.

    2. The broom

    Broom is another card game in which the player who manages to score 15 points wins before the opponent.

    To do this, 3 cards are dealt to each, then 4 cards are placed face up on the table. Each has a different value, so the numbered cards add their own value while the others add the following scores:

    • Under: 8 points
    • horse: 9 points
    • Rey: 10 points

    In addition, that player who has a card with the number 7 can add one more point. Each turn, the player can only use one card from their hand, leaving two cards for the next and one for the next until they run out of cards.

    When they run out of cards, three more are dealt to each player and so on until the fight is over.

    With the card used by the hand, the card, or cards, are chosen in the center, which one wishes to add 15 and placed face down in a pile in front of the player, because they will then be used to make the count. .

    In the last hand, the player must take the remaining cards from the table (if any).

    Finally, the players will count the “brooms” (groups with scores of 15) that each player has made. Whoever has the most brooms will be the winner of the match.

    3. He dominated for two

    This is a variant for two of the game of dominoes. The basic objectives of the game are the same (running out of tokens) but it evolves differently. Each player draws 6 face-down tiles and rolls first the one with the double six or, if not, the largest double. This will place a tile that matches the points on the tile that is on the table; if you don’t have one, you can steal the stack until you have one that marries.

    The game ends when one of the two players has placed all his chips on the table, or when neither of them can already throw.

    4. Match the words

    To play this game you only need imagination. In it, a player will have to choose a word at random and verbalize. Then the second player will have to mentally search for a word that begins with the same syllable with which the previous one ends.

    A maximum time will be set for thinking the word and you will lose the one who consumes all this time without verbalizing a correct word.

    5. Combine the songs

    This game is a variation of the previous game, however use songs instead of words. One of the players has to sing a fragment of the first song that comes to his mind and the next one has to sing another the first word coincides with the last of the previous one.

    Likewise, a time is set for thinking, and you lose what goes beyond that time.

    6. Two lies, one truth

    In this conversation game it also helps to get to know the other person better. In this one, one of the players will make three statements, but only one of them must be true. The other player will have to guess which one is true, then it will be up to the other player to verbalize the statements.

    A series of “hands” can be set to win and whoever wins the most hands will win the game.

    7. Throw a pulse

    This famous game consists of a physical competition between two people. In this one, each of the players is seated at the side of a table, both must support one arm over it and hold the competitor’s hand firmly.

    Once the order which gives way at the start of the competition has been given, each player must push at his side without moving his elbow which is resting on the table. The winner is the one who gets his opponent’s hand to hit the weight.

    8. What do you prefer?

    In this conversation game there are no winners, more than the one who manages to solve the most original questions. Each player will have to present two radically different situations but with a similar weight or importance.

    The key to the game is knowing how far the topics take us and even the tone of the questions. Some examples are:

    • What do you prefer: traveling the world but never being able to return to your country or never leaving your country?
    • Do you always know when someone is lying to you or that no one can ever know when you are lying?
    • Earn 10,000 euros right away or earn 100,000 in 10 years?

    9. Message preview

    There are also no winners or losers in this game.. In this one, one of the participants has to think of a message with several words that he wants to convey to the second player. Then the other participant sits facing the other.

    He must then write the message or word letter by letter on the back of the other player, who will not be able to guess the message until it is finished.

    10. Make up stories

    In this last game, participants will have to observe the people and situations around them.. Each of the players will have to make up a story related to some of the people around them, explaining what they think is happening or can happen.

    He will always win whoever is credited with the most original story, it has to be relatively consistent with what happens in reality.

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