27 compromising questions to play a daring role

Have a daring role in front of another person it can allow us to approach and generate some sort of effect (in many cases of interpersonal attraction or admiration), as well as make it easier for them to help us achieve our goals. It also allows you to assess the attitudes and thoughts of the interviewee, depending on how you deal with stress or nerves.

This article focuses on thinking several compromising questions that we can or can do in different areas.

    A brief collection of compromising questions to ask

    There are topics of conversation that we cannot or at least not bring up with everyone. Beliefs, dilemmas, taboos such as sex and compromising situations in general can generate some discomfort in the interlocutors. But on the contrary, they allow us to step out of the comfort zone and produce stimuli and information that otherwise would not be expressed.

    Below are 27 interesting questions that can help us break the comfort zone and explore other facets of the people we talk to. Of course, it should be borne in mind that some people may not consider them appropriate and not respond to them, and may even be angry or react negatively. Whether or not it is appropriate to do them it will depend on the type of person we are talking to, the type of relationship we have, The relational climate and even the situation in which they take place.

    1. What makes you feel alive?

    It might not be the most interesting question we can ask, but depending on the type of person we interact with, we may find it difficult. express our deepest motivations, The things that make us tick the most.

      2. What is your biggest fear?

      What generates the most fear is usually something that tends to hide, because it can be experienced as something intimate that others might judge. Plus, if it’s an answer, it allows us to get to know the other person better and the things they value.

      3. What would you change about yourself?

      Most people have certain aspects of themselves that they would like to improve. Confessing involves exposing aspects of oneself that do not correspond to our ideal self.

      4. What is your biggest dream?

      Our greatest desire, the one we would like to achieve too this is usually something that is usually not explained in regular conversations.

      5. Have you ever been cruel or used someone?

      Many people have used someone on occasion or been cruel to someone who did not deserve it, sometimes even unintentionally. This generates in the long run (in most cases) feelings of guilt and denial. One of the most direct compromising questions.

        6. Do you have any unacknowledged vices?

        Likes and habits that have been socially and historically sanctioned and viewed as vices are often hidden.

        7. When was the last time you lied about something important?

        While it is not uncommon, lying has a negative connotation that makes it we are often not comfortable indicating how and when we did it.

        8. What is the most embarrassing thing someone has caught you doing?

        We may find our own behavior embarrassing in a particular situation or context, such as in front of our parents, friends or partner. Dancing naked or being discovered in relationships are examples.

        9. How do you feel about yourself as a person?

        Defining yourself isn’t as easy as it sounds, and most people don’t usually think about it. what he thinks and what he would criticize about his way of being and of doing.

        11. Do you have a complex? Which?

        Our complexes, fears, and doubts are topics that most people don’t usually share, especially if it’s something we find embarrassing.

        12. Which of the other candidates would you not accept and why?

        This question is generally limited to the business area, although it can be adjusted to fit into other areas. For work, this is actually a relatively common question. seeks to observe both the respondent’s reaction and their response or lack of it.

        13. What is your favorite part of your body?

        Although this question is very similar to any of the previous ones, in this case we are limiting the answer to the physical aspect, which can be much more uncomfortable or disturbing. It also allows us to observe which aspects he appreciates most about himself on the physical plane.

        14. And mine?

        Quite daring than the previous one, especially if there is an attraction on the part of the subject in question. This allows us to see what areas the other person is focusing on, in addition to power suppose by reaction if we raise something to this person.

        15. What do you regret the most?

        Answering this question means acknowledging that we have done something wrong or that we haven’t done something that we think we should have done.

        16. How far would you go to achieve a whim?

        We live in an individualistic and competitive society. Ask if we would put a limit on what we can do achieve our goals more mundane can be compromising.

        17. What is the craziest thing you have done for love?

        When we fall in love, we can go crazy. Some of them can be silly, bizarre, or over the top if seen from the outside or objectively, although they may be worth it.

        18. Do you prefer to be the author of an injustice or its victim?

        Basically we ask you if you would rather be a victim or an executioner. Although the type of injustice can be qualified, it helps us see how the other person reflects and justifies their choice (Neither one is generally well evaluated) as well as their moral position in the face of life.

        19. Have you given up on anything in life?

        Answering this question can be difficult if the answer is yes, because it is about acknowledging the existence of defeat.

        20. Have you ever been unfaithful?

        Infidelity is a socially frowned upon thing that tends to be hidden from those who practice it. If so, this question can be compromising..

        21. What have you ever dared to ask me?

        If the relationship with the respondent is good, you may never have been able or wanted to ask us a question that you dared not ask. If so, this question can be quite compromising, but it can help. clarify doubts and strengthen the relationship.

        22. What would you do if a stranger kissed you on the street?

        This is an unusual and surprising situation, and it can be difficult to consider.

        23. What is the worst mistake you have ever made?

        Mistakes are often seen as embarrassing or as failures, although they can come to be seen as opportunities. Confessing can be difficult for some people.

        24. Would you be happy to see someone you hate having a hard time?

        If someone has hurt us to the point of hate, the thought of seeing them suffer can give us perverse satisfaction.

        25. Have you ever taken revenge on someone?

        Wanting revenge when someone hurts us it is common. But to say to do, there is a good part.

        26. If all the people in your life were in one house it would catch fire and you could only save one person, what would you save?

        A difficult question to answer.

        27. What must I do to seduce you? / How would you seduce me?

        The idea that the person we are talking to is trying to seduce us can be shocking and disturbing, while also responding to what would be necessary for there to be mutual attraction.

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