35 tricky questions you can’t answer without being in evidence

Some questions can be confusing and lead us to believe that the answer is problematic precisely because of the way the question is worded.

These questions, called tricky questions, can lead us to make simple mistakes.. Not only that, but by responding we can do it with complete certainty and speed, believing that we are 100% right. Often the reasoning errors we make are due to the fact that our starting point is a delicate question. Now, how to recognize them?

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Thorny questions: some examples

In the following lines you can find a list of tricky questions that you will not be able to answer without being in evidence, precisely because there is a trap in them.

1. What was the first name of King George VI?

Although in the question appears the name of Jorge; in fact, the first name of this English king is Albert. Many people forget that kings often used a name different from their own, often for short.

2. In which month do Russians celebrate the “October Revolution”?

Almost instinctively, most people would respond in October, but the date of the celebration is November, due to the fact that at the time a different calendar was used.

3. What color are the “black boxes” on airplanes?

Despite the color shown in the question, the truth is that the black boxes on planes are actually oranges.

4. What animal do the Canary Islands owe their name to?

These islands, located in African territory, but belonging to Spain, owe their name to the dogs, in Latin called Canis.

5. What does it take to light a candle?

Maybe a lighter or a lamp, but most of the time it’s off. This is the only option still needed.

6. Which one weighs more, a kilo of cotton or a kilo of lead?

Neither cotton nor lead, both weigh the same, what varies is density.

7. Where is Thursday given before Wednesday?

This question may get people thinking a lot, but the answer is simple: in the dictionary.

8. Do you know what they say about the elevator in Japan?

In Japan, elevator has a name that you can pronounce, but the answer is: push the button.

9. What are Camel Hair brushes made of?

Camel brushes are not made of this animal with a hump, but with squirrel hair.

10. What animal are the “Cat Gut Strings” obtained from?

Like the previous question, this can be confusing. They are actually extracted from the entrails of sheep or horses.

11. How long did the famous Hundred Years War last?

The answer is not 100, because this war lasted 116 years. It was a warlike conflict between the kingdoms of France and England.

12. What is the longest day of the week?

Each day they have 24 hours; however, at the time of writing, the longest name is Wednesday, with 9 letters.

13. What is the discomfort of 1 + 2?

This question is quite far-fetched. The answer has a lot to do with psychology: it’s stress.

14. What is the question that no one can answer yes?

Are you asleep This is the answer. No one could answer that if they really are.

15. If I have 5 fish and 3 of them drown, how many fish do I have left?

The fish do not drown and therefore stay the same i.e. 5.

16. Which country makes the famous “Panama Hats”?

A lot of people would answer in Panama, but the correct answer is Ecuador.

17. In English, what animal name begins with the last letter of the alphabet and ends with the first?

A complex question, but the correct answer is the zebra.

18. How can a man be sleepless for eight days?

Sleep well at night.

19. The word Paris begins with “P” and ends with “T”, true or false?

That is true. If we only think of the word Paris, we won’t believe it. But Paris begins with “P” and ends with “T”.

20. What does a cow look like for 2 Argentines fighting?

Argentines often say the word “Che”. Then, an Argentinian who peels will say to another “Dale Che”.

21. A truck driver walks down a one-way street in the opposite direction and passes at least ten police officers. Why isn’t he arrested?

Because at no point does he say the truck driver is driving. The truck driver walks down the sidewalk.

22. Two soldiers go to war, one in Africa and the other in Israel. What are the soldiers called?

It is impossible to know their respective names, but they are called by telephone.

23. What does a guy run fast in college?

This sentence is more of a joke, and the answer is a college career.

24. If an electric train goes north to south, where will it find the smoke?

Electric trains do not emit smoke, but some people do not realize that the train is electric when asked for the first time.

25. What does a stove look like on an airplane?

The stove and the plane both have a pilot, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs.

26. A is the father of B. But B is not the son of A How is that possible?

Because B is actually his daughter and A is his father.

27. What is hairy and pulls your head off your pajamas at night?

The first intuition may sound like a response to sexual content, but it refers to the head.

28. What goes up and down, but is it always in the same place?

You can think for a long time until you come to the conclusion that these are the stairs.

29. I was going to “Vila Vella” when I came across seven shepherds. Each shepherd with a sack, each sack with three sheep. How many shepherds went to Vila Vella?

None went to ‘Vila Vella, because they only crossed.

30. Year of the 20th century that doesn’t change if you turn the numbers

The answer to this question is simpler than it seems at first glance. We are in 1961.

31. Before the discovery of Mount Everest, what was the tallest mountain in the world?

It was also Mount Everest, it just hadn’t been discovered yet.

32. We know that one is loneliness, 2 are company – three are a crowd, but who will be 4 and 5?

Another answer which is simple, but just look at the question, because 4 and 5 is 9.

33. He has cat ears and it is not a cat, he has a cat tail and it is not a cat, he has cat eyes and it is not a cat, whereas is it?

It is not a male cat, but a female, that is, a cat.

34. Some months have 31 days, others 30 days. How many are 28 days old?

February is the month that only has 28 days, but in reality they all have 28.

35. A father and son are driving on the highway until their car crashes violently against a car traveling in the opposite direction. The father died on the spot, but the son survived and was taken to hospital. It requires high-risk surgery, so they bring in a medical eminence to perform the surgery. But when he enters the operating room, he exclaims: “I cannot operate, he is my son!”. How is it possible?

Do you have the answer? Perhaps your gender bias does not allow you to deduce that medical eminence is simply the mother of the child who needs surgery.

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