40 questions to WhatsApp to discover more of your friends

The way we interact with our friends has changed over the past few decades, largely due to the immersion of new technologies into our lives.

Now, thanks to the Internet and mobile phones, we can be connected 24 hours a day with our contacts.

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Questions to get to know your friends better with WhatsApp

This continuous connection means we can get to know them better and have more confidence in them., As we can talk at any time, and share our feelings and emotions with them as they pass.

If you want to get to know your friends better, you can find a list of questions that will help you get to know them better and let them know more about their life.

    1. What historical figure do you identify with?

    We all have role models or we look at other people for their talent and the way they are. These people can be truly inspiring. If your historical figure fits your scale of values, you can have a lot in common.

    2. What is your dream job?

    While not everyone gets a lot of a chance to say what they are passionate about, we all feel a passion for a profession.

    3. What is your most unpleasant mood?

    We can all be ashamed of feeling a certain way. We have to accept it, even if not everyone does.

    4. Do you have a favorite book? Which one is?

    A question which seeks to know the literary tastes of your friend. Maybe to give her a gift in the form of a book at some point.

    5. Are you hiding secrets?

    Surely out of embarrassment, we all have secrets that we don’t share with anyone except people we can fully trust.

    6. Are you afraid of something?

    Maybe your friend is afraid of a situation. If there is a lot of confidence, I can tell you.

    7. What do you value most about our friendship?

    Your friend feels trust and friendship with you for a number of positive qualities about you. With this question you can find out what unites you.

    8. Tell me three groups that marked you

    One way to investigate your friend’s musical tastes. What music motivates you? What music do you listen to in your intimate moments?

    9. What does freedom mean to you?

    One way to find out what your friend sees in freedom and what their values ​​are.

    10. What is the most embarrassing memory from your childhood?

    We have all gone through an unpleasant period in our lives. Maybe your friend will confess to you.

    11. How often do you think about how you feel?

    One way to find out how your friend relates to their emotions and feelings or even if they are someone who cares too much about them.

    12. Are you going on vacation?

    We all have a great place to relax and disconnect from the hectic lives we can lead.

    13. Tell me your favorite four series

    With this question it is possible to find out if he has a great sense of humor or what his tastes are when it comes to entertainment.

    14. What qualities do you value most in someone?

    The answer to this question provides feedback, because it is possible to know, indirectly, what your friend considers to be a person worthy of his friendship.

    15. If you could, what would you do to change this?

    There are many injustices on this planet, and your friend may want to fix them.

    16. What kind of people do you feel sorry for the most?

    Empathy is a very positive quality that a person can have. The answer to this question can give you information about your friend’s level of empathy.

    17. How would you describe me?

    The answer to this question may surprise you, because sometimes we see ourselves differently from others.

    18. If you were an animal … what would you be?

    Your friend may have a picture of himself that he can associate with an animal. For example, thinking that he is as strong as a lion or as agile as a gazelle.

    19. Do you have a favorite place to live?

    We all have an idyllic place in our minds where we would like to live.

    20. What do you like most about yourself?

    It is possible to know how your friend values ​​themselves and whether or not they have high self-esteem.

    21. What music do you listen to?

    Each person has different musical tastes. Maybe your friend matches yours.

    22. What are the four adjectives that define you?

    This question provides information about your friend’s appearance and what defines them.

    23. What do you want the most in this life?

    It is not always possible to make dreams come true that you want or that have not yet been realized. Maybe your friend knows about it.

    24. What was the best time of your life?

    Life has good times and bad, and your friend’s life is no exception.

    25. Where would you go with me to spend a few days?

    When two people share a friendship, it is because they share hobbies and are comfortable together.

    26. What would you like to accomplish in this life?

    We all think about the future and have expectations about the direction of life.

    27. Who is the most important person in your life?

    There are people who mark us and become important in our lives, but they are usually members of our family.

    28. What appeals to you most about the opposite sex (or the sex itself in the case of homosexuals)?

    In love, we all have our tastes and we are drawn to different people.

    29. Is there something you want to do in your life more than anything?

    Your friend may have some dreams in their life, but they may not have come true yet.

    30. Do you want to forgive an infidelity?

    An infidelity is the greatest betrayal for some; however, there are people who manage to forgive him.

    31. What is your favorite movie? Because?

    As in love or in everyday activities, each person has different cinematic tastes.

    32. Sea or mountain?

    There are people who are passionate about the beach and others who love the mountains and the activities that can be practiced there, for example skiing.

    33. When you were little, what did you want to be as you grew up?

    When we’re little, we all have the idea of ​​being someone when we grow up.

    34. What is your greatest virtue and your greatest flaw?

    Each individual’s personality and talent are different. This is what makes us unique.

    35. What talent would you like to have?

    And do a lot of people want to have something they don’t have.

    36. In what situations would you be willing or willing to lie?

    Lying is part of the human condition, so we can lie at any given time.

    37. What types of people appeal to you the most?

    When it comes to physical attraction, there are tastes for everything. Do you share the same tastes with your friend? Let him tell you.

    38. What are you most proud of in this life?

    The successes we want to achieve make us really happy.

    39. And … what do you regret the most?

    But life is not rosy, and sometimes we can make mistakes from those we regret.

    40. What is infidelity to you?

    What is considered to be infidelity or cannot vary from person to person.

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