50 plans to make with friends (with fun tips)

Leisure is more than a time of rest; it also gives us the opportunity to spend time with friends and, why not, find activities that go beyond conversation (even if the latter or why it’s bad, it never hurts to gain in variety).

There are a lot of plans to make with friends which can occupy our free evenings and our ends. Here is a list of suggested fun activities that several people can participate in.

    50 things to do with friends (and how to make those shots more fun)

    That’s 50 shots to make with friends, most of them with your business in person, although there are also plenty of alternatives that can be done online that are just as entertaining.

    1. Cooking competition

    While it is up to them to do everything together, we can also do it in the comfort of our own home and share the result via networks. Doing a cooking competition is a fantastic experience not only to have fun with our friends but also to improve our cooking skills.

    We have to set a number of rules: the type of dish, whether sweet or savory, the maximum price to pay for the other ingredients.

    Once the delicious food is prepared, each participant will try a piece of the others and give it a grade. We can also ask one of our friends, who has not cooked, to act as a judge and to decide which is the best dish.

      2. Escape room

      A plan that is already classic today: the escape room. There are all kinds, prices and themes. They have become very popular because of their fun and immersion.. And fortunately, we also have them in virtual format which, although different, the afternoon of fun with friends will be assured.

      3. Afternoon of monologues

      Whether it’s on TV, the theater, or the theater, monologues and comedies are a great way to hang out with friends. There is also the option of using internet platforms, such as YouTube, to watch monologues from the comfort of your home. Laughter is guaranteed if we do it with friends because, whether the monologue is good or not, our company will take care of the ambiance..

        4. Yoga

        Yoga and meditation are practices that can help our mental health. If we do it in a group, better this physical, mental and spiritual practice from India not only strengthens our mental health but also helps us to have more confidence in our friends because there are certain postures that we can do with others. .

        It’s a pretty inexpensive practice, just need a mat, comfortable clothes, and a tutorial know what postures to do. There is also the possibility, a little more expensive, to go to yoga class with friends.

          5. Picnic in the park

          You don’t have to go to the countryside to enjoy a good picnic. Admittedly, it is not a very original project and you could even call it a film, but well edited it can be a success and it is never too late to enjoy nature in the heart of the city. We can bring games, food and music, enjoy a bucolic atmosphere in the middle of the urban world.

          6. Walking with dogs

          If there is more than one dog in our group of friends, we can go for a walk, discover the urban and natural world with our canine companions.

          In addition, this plan helps our best furry friends to become friends with each other which further strengthens the relationships within the group of colleagues.

          7. Go to the theater

          Theater is a great form of entertainment which, while sometimes not as affordable as we would like, it is the ideal way to enjoy the great classics and the most original. All kinds of plays and genres are performed on stage, pieces that can make us laugh or cry. A very good plan to go there with friends.

          8. Visit a street market

          You don’t have to visit big shopping malls to find almost new clothes, accessories and furniture at very attractive prices. Visiting a market with friends is not only a way to make a profit, but also to have fun seeing the real treasures that people come to sell.

          9. Look at the stars

          The stars are there, although we cannot always see them. We can take a night getaway with friends go to a mountain and see the sky in the wild. We may have to work hard to find a place that is not bathed in light pollution, but finding it is sure to be a truly wonderful experience.

          10. Go to village festivals

          If for the moment many places have been forced to cancel the popular festivities, it is only a matter of time before the village festivities resume. All countries have their local holidays, unknown to those who live in other parts of the same nations.

          In Spain, no town, no matter how small, has its own festivals. Cities like Pamplona, ​​with their Sanfermin festivals, the flour mills in Ibi (Alicante), the Harvest Festival in Jumilla (Murcia), among many others, are just examples of celebrations that we can go with. friends.

            11. Visit the planetarium

            Learning the constellations is something that can be done naturally, under the starry night, but if we go to a planetarium we will surely have a magical time. Almost every city has one, temples of knowledge of the night sky that go increasingly unnoticed but which they hide in them a lot of knowledge. As if we were going to the movies or the theater, visiting the planetarium can be one of the most entertaining experiences if we do it with friends.

            12. Celebrate a theme party

            It’s not necessarily a party, but its strength is that there is a bit of music, snacks depending on the situation and everyone is dressed for the theme.: Romans, Egyptians, Cowboys… The host’s house should be decorated to make the party more immersive, and guests could help make it more fun.

            13. Tell scary stories

            In the field under the stars or in front of the fireplace. Telling Scary Stories is a classic among friends’ plans, among the scariest. All he has to do is tell a gruesome, solemn and frightening story to his classmates with a voice in tune with the situation. You’re scared with that.

            14. DIY workshop

            Many of us have DIY dreams. Assemble a shelf, make a tea table, repair a wooden chair … whatever, we can make a fun DIY workshop with our friends. You just need to be more discriminating in helping others..

            15. Photo session

            The generalization of social networks has given rise to a new need in society: that of having perfect photos. Aesthetic perfection is a social construct, a waste of the canon imposed by the media, but despite this reality, it doesn’t hurt to have some decent photography with friends.

            We can all stay for a nice photo shoot, immortalize our friendship in digital and paper format and share it on networks to show the really good friends we have.

              16. Go on an excursion

              Getting out of the city and spending the day immersed in nature is the perfect activity for our mental health, and fun if we spend it with our friends. A forest, a field, a path or the coast itself are natural places where one can hike and get rid of all the urban stress that it can hurt us so much not to release him.

              You have to be well prepared and plan the trip together: bottle of water, sandwiches, comfortable clothes, first aid kit just in case… enough to spend a fantastic day in contact with nature.

              17. Tapas day

              Tapas are a typical food of Spanish cuisine that has become popular internationally in recent years. Every popular Spanish town has tapas bars, some at very affordable prices.

              As they are very versatile, tapas are the perfect food to go to enjoy with friends, because you will always find something that everyone likes. You don’t have to go to the other end of town to eat them, because there will always be a bar in our neighborhood that will offer us their particular repertoire.

              18. Board games in the afternoon

              There are all kinds of board games. We have traditional ones like parchment, chess or mus, and more modern ones like monopoly, pictionary or trivial. Whatever we like, they are always a good resource for playing with friends and having a more than entertaining afternoon.

              19. Online board games

              Many games have been digitized and others can only be played online. Like that, it’s been a long time since I had to stay physically to be able to play board games. Most have their online version, even enriched with extras which, in their physical format, are impossible to introduce.

              20. Outdoor concerts

              What is preferable is to go to those who are free and little known singers, so we expand our musical repertoire and we meet someone who is not very commercial but who will surely have talent.

                21. Singing in a karaoke

                At home, in a bar, wherever we can, we can have a good karaoke session with our colleagues. The more, the better. The most important thing is to have fun, but be careful not to disturb the neighbors, by controlling the decibels and trying not to overdo it because if you shout too much you risk becoming aphonic.

                22. Dinner with friends

                Dining with friends is a plan that is still there. This is the perfect time to enjoy a good meal with the people who are dear to us after our family. Whether it’s during the week or the weekend, a dinner with friends is always a good group plan. Now, with the pandemic, what he does is take it to a friend’s house and take care of the safety measures, but we can also go to a restaurant and try some new cuisine.

                23. Go bowling

                Bowls are very popular in countries like the United States, not least because they are great for training with friends. It is a very comfortable sport to do, competitive but generally healthy and is used to have a good time with friends.

                24. Go fishing

                Whether by a lake or with a small boat in the middle of the sea, an ideal activity with friends is to go there anyway. It will help us stay in touch with nature, learn about the habits of some fish, and laugh at our ignorant friends escaping salmon.

                25. Picking wild fruits

                Nature offers us all kinds of fruits: blackberries, strawberries, cherries, quinces… There are many wild fruits that we can pick with our friends, free foods that we can eat naturally or prepare jams, cakes and other sweets.

                But you have to be careful, because you have to be careful not to enter private property, and also avoiding eating fruits that we are not entirely sure about if they could be harmful to our health.

                26. Clean up the neighborhood

                People can become very disrespectful to the city itself. Leftover packaging, cans, cigarette ends, chewing gum and even food make the streets of our neighborhoods ugly. The cheap garbage collectors sometimes don’t have enough money to completely clean the city.

                Let’s beautify the city. We can organize a group cleaning with our friends, cleaning the parks, streets, squares and dead ends without asking for anything in return. Just seeing the city without shit is enough to make you feel satisfied, and also proud of our friends who have contributed.

                27. Blood donation

                Especially on weekends and at the beginning and end of holidays, the number of traffic accidents increases and, as a result, the number of victims. Many people need blood donation for whatever reason.

                Giving blood is a bit of an atypical activity to do with friends, but very supportive and satisfying. There are many groups of friends who are motivated once a year to come to the nearest hospital and share some life with those in need.. It’s a great experience to do together.

                  28. Disconnect from devices

                  What if we connected with our friends by disconnecting from electronic devices? We have a day of absolute disconnection from networks and we meet in a place that serves as our electronic refuge. We discuss, we play what we want, we discuss the subject we want. We do what we do, look up from the screen and look into the eyes of our friends. We connect with them without using instant messaging or video conferencing.

                  29. Visit a public library

                  It’s not the most intense shot of all, but it might be the most convenient for us if we’re on exam time and neither we nor our friends have started kicking each other yet. elbow. We can stay in a group to force ourselves once and for all to study for future assessments by applying group pressure.

                  You can also go to the public library just for fun. There are all kinds of books and there are always rooms where we can all meet up and have our own book club. Whatever we want to do with it, of course the library environment will invite us to be productive and prolific in reading.

                    30. Plan a movie marathon

                    One of the best things we can do with our friends is to run a movie marathon. Let’s choose a saga and watch it to the end: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Evangelion Rebuild, Pokémon…

                    And if what we want to do is expand our film culture with classics that alone make us very lazy, we can always use the excuse of having friends to force us to see them. Let us take advantage of the expansion of our audiovisual knowledge.

                    31. Learn the city streets

                    Especially if we live in a big city we will have passed over and over on the street without knowing our name. And it could be that our friends don’t even know his name. A little sad, isn’t it?

                    Well maybe it happened when it comes to learning the names of city streets, a real urban exploration that is better to do with our friends. We take a map and plot a route, as if we are treasure hunters lost in a jungle of glass and cement. We’re going to have fun, learn a lot of names, and get better and better.

                    32. Go to the zoo

                    Zoos are places to learn about exotic species, which normally live far away from us. Going to the zoo with our friends is perfect for discovering the animal world while having fun. Additionally, there may be a guide who will not only teach us how to take care of the animals we care for, but also tell us what to do to help them and encourage us to work with an animal rights foundation.

                    33. Visit the green spaces

                    There are surely in our city a lot of green spaces that we can visit. Gardens, parks, tree walks … there are many places where we can connect with nature. While it is nice to do it alone, it is more pleasant with friends, which also has a great positive impact on our mental health. relieve stress and anxiety.

                      34. Virtual tour of places of interest

                      You don’t have to go to a location in person to see it. There are hundreds of museums, parks, monuments and other places which, in the wake of the pandemic, have digitized their tours and made them public domain. Among them is the famous Hermitage Museum, which offers us a tour of its galleries that lasts more than 5 hours and that we can spend watching with our friends.

                      35. Clean up

                      At first glance, this may not seem very good with friends, and it may even seem like a super favor. camouflaged. Maybe it is, but it must be said that something that is an assignment can be a great fun experience if done with friends. Outraged, It always happens that no matter how clean we are, we need a little help because we can tire ourselves out and not always pay attention to everything we need to clean..

                      And while it may not seem like, the truth is, it can be a lot of fun for those who come to our aid. Cleaning another person’s house can mean discovering amazing things, a mixture of laziness and mess, a whole new world of all kinds of weird things that are part of another person’s privacy. It is a particularly intense experience for people with very high cleaning standards, who can be surprised by anything.

                      36. Paint a room

                      Since we have friends we abuse your trust, I mean we take advantage of your friendship. A good entertaining afternoon plan is to suggest that they help us paint the house a bit, as well as who doesn’t want the thing. Yeah Al sounds pretty bad to me, looks like BT isn’t for me either. In addition, it is ideal to go out once this task while waiting for the adaptation of the house.

                      37. Assemble a group

                      It may be difficult for you to become a queen right now, but be sure to give it a try. Of course, you first have to learn to play an instrument, agree on who plays what and practice, practice a lot. With a few rehearsals, what at first might sound like an orchestra of aphonic cats can turn into a real draw for fans. Whether you are a celebrity or not, the fun is guaranteed.

                      38. Go to the gym together

                      Physical activity is something we should have incorporated into our daily life. Although we are all familiar with the theory, few put it into practice and lead a sedentary lifestyle. There are those who sign up to the gym to see if they are motivated but, despite being paid, they do not go.

                      A great way to avoid that absenteeism from the gym is to sign up with friends, especially someone who takes it seriously and sees this place full of treadmills and curious-looking machines as a real temple. As we can be disappointed with our friends, the chances that we will go immediately and pay the gym fees increase.

                        39. Language courses

                        English, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Xhosa… the world is full of languages ​​and surely more than one would like to master. Although the Internet has enough resources to learn virtually every language spoken on Earth, it is often difficult to get used to.

                        That is why there are language academies, centers that help you learn a new language thanks to their professionals trained to teach them and also the cost of the tuition motivates you to be constant. However, taking the first step and registering can be a chore, so a good way is to do it with a friend who also wants to learn the same language and have a colleague, or more, in class. Your classmates are your friends, just like when you were in school.

                        40. Learn a choreography

                        How would you like to dance like a K-POP group? then it’s time to get together and learn the choreography from your favorite band. Whichever band you like it’s sure to have a fun choreography that we dreamed of being able to master.. Now is the time to get started. It doesn’t matter if you are not good at dancing, the important thing is that you have a good time with all kinds of steps. Of course, be careful and avoid tripping.

                        41. Make soap with oil

                        If we humans don’t change the way we consume once and for all, the planet is doomed. A good way to raise awareness and promote a more sustainable lifestyle is to make our soaps from leftover cooking oil. This, like so many other things, we can do with friends, prepare an organic DIY Saturday, make homemade soaps for clothes or the body. We can add natural essences and dyes and even flowers or leaves to give them a special touch.

                        42. Invent a cocktail

                        In each group of friends there is one called the Cocktail Expert. He dominates them all: bloody mary, sex on the beach, Tom Collins, Valencia water, gin with lemonade, mojito… Hard to think that there could be a combination that was not invented, but I’m sure that ‘she is very good plan with friends is which one.

                        You don’t have to be very picky about the mixture, just drink whatever you have in the kitchen.. Of course, always in moderation and trying not to mix things up which are an explosive combination in the stomach.

                        43. Make the “hygge”

                        At this point we come across the strangest word in the whole article except the name of the person who wrote it. What is a “hygge”? Difficult to describe in simple words, but easily experienced by all mortals. It’s time for the couch, the blanket, the perfect temperature and light, snacks on the table and a cup of tea while we watch our favorite series or movie, or if you’d rather listen to music. good music.

                        The word “hygge” is Danish, and it is a way of understanding and enjoying life based on simple and relaxed plans, alone or in company, with good friends. We can gather friends at home, sit comfortably on the sofa, and prepare a simple and comfortable house plan, letting the time pass without doing anything but in the pleasant company of our colleagues. They say it’s the Danes’ secret to being, despite their cold, one of the happiest in the world.

                        44. Make a puzzle

                        A classic that at first glance may seem uninteresting in our hyper-tech world. Who wants to make a puzzle with video games? Well, the people who have crammed so many small screens, for example. Puzzles are timeless entertainment that can be enjoyed alone or with others.

                        As a plan with friends, we recommend that you be more ambitious, buy a puzzle with many pieces and take a few hours to complete it., forcing us to debate which room where and to look for the many that are missing.

                        45. Wine or beer tasting

                        If we can afford it and always in moderation, we can try a wine or beer tasting. Instead of drinking because yes, we can stay with our friends to organize a sophisticated tasting of these drinks, educate our palate and improve our wine and beer culture. At the end of this tasting, you may or may not have learned to spot red fruits and floral touches in your wine, but you will certainly have had a good time with friends.

                        46. ​​Make a group photo album

                        In our modern world where new technologies have invaded even our memories, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to make a physical photo album. Why have an album if you already have your mobile and your computer to save your photos?

                        Well, a lot, because it always happens that the photos are transferred to us among the many images that we store on these devices. And if we add that cell phones are, along with wallets, the most stolen items, we may want to print the photos and store them neatly in our home.

                        We can go out with our friends to make a group photo album. Ideally, we would print out every photo we take with our friends, like it would be for us to be billionaires, but since photo paper isn’t exactly cheap, we’ll have to be a little selective. This plan includes deliberating with friends over which photos are worth the album. and in the meantime, remember the many good times we shared.

                        47. Make a group quilt

                        For some time now, all kinds of textile crafts have become fashionable among young people. Crochet is not a grandmother’s thing; young people do it by enjoying a type of entertainment that one might consider vintage.

                        This sewing method and others can be done alone or accompanied, but as a group we can make one more interesting plan by having each member of our group of friends make their own drape, then join them in a large quilt.

                        The object of it all will be unique and very emotional, so if we get very emotional we can see it as a representation of who we are, a group of people are united by the threads of friendship.

                        48. Being late for exhibitions

                        In recent years, going out with friends has become popular, with each participant doing a slide show. Yeah Al sounds pretty bad to me, looks like BT isn’t for me either. everyone exhibits what they like, with the degree of formality that makes them want and makes their audience interact if they want.

                        The theme can be anything: a movie, a language, a political ideology, a music group … whatever, the grace is to culturalize our friends with something that we like or know a lot, one moment we also learn about it and its interests.

                        49. Make up a game

                        If no card or board game has convinced you, why not create your own? Let’s be honest – it’s complicated, but here’s the grace. It’s a good plan to spend the afternoon with colleagues, inventing rules, and designing a game that can become part of your group’s culture.

                        Some ideas: a Monopoly in your neighborhood, an escape game where the world ends and you find that it doesn’t happen, a 6-player chess game… You can reinvent the classic games or invent them from scratch. There are no limits.

                        50. Design memes

                        A great and modern plan is to create memes. You don’t have to be a genius to do them and we can use pictures from our group of friends and familiar phrases. Show your imagination and have fun with the most downloadable pictorial creations. Distribute them on the Who knows? you can create the following viral meme.

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