85 bold questions to use with your friends or partner

Questions can help us get to know our friends and partners better, and they are ideal. for them to tell us how they think and what are the most memorable moments of his life.

However, some of them can be more or less intimate, which makes them suitable for approaching people you trust, to better understand their way of seeing things or their lifestyle.

Below you can find a selection of daring questions that you can share with others.

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    Bold questions for your knowledge

    In the following lines, you can find a collection of bold questions that you can use to uncover things from your friends or partner.

    1. What part of your body do you like the most?

    A daring question, because the answer this may reveal little self-confidence.

    2. How do you feel about doing a threesome?

    When it comes to intimate relationships, people can differ in opinions. Some can be conservative and some liberal, and it conditions their understanding of sexuality.

    3. How would you feel if you connected with your partner by giving yourself pleasure?

    Some people may feel hurt when they see their partner enjoying their sexuality on their own. There really is nothing wrong with it.

    4. What type of vacation do you prefer with your partner, the mountains, the beach, an area with nightlife …?

    Any of these questions can say a lot about an individual’s personality.

    5. What would you do disguise as a sexual fantasy?

    Answering this question can be embarrassing for some people.

    6. Did you use aphrodisiac foods when spawning?

    There are people who have a vast knowledge of the sexual domain. Even how to eat to produce more.

      7. If you accidentally saw a naked person of the opposite sex and didn’t know it, would you keep looking?

      One of these questions that not everyone would dare to answer.

      8. Do you find it exciting to stroke your partner without touching him with your hands?

      Some people may think that disclosing privacy can be embarrassing.

      9. Which do you prefer, a beautiful face or a sexy body?

      Tastes may vary by answering this question.

      10. When you don’t like something, do you know how to set limits?

      Not everyone is able to say no, especially to the person they love.

      11. Have you tested your most intimate fantasies?

      Talking about these topics is not easy for everyone.

      12. Before you started dating, did you ever fantasize with me?

      One way to reveal how much your partner wanted you before you met.

      13. What do you think our next step should be to make our sex life more exciting?

      Another bold question for the couple to know their tastes in the most intimate. Maybe also for friends who have the right to rub shoulders.

      14. Do you like intimate relationships in unusual places?

      There are individuals who are turned on by sex in open spaces or in forbidden places.

      15. Are you looking for help to correct a sexual problem?

      Sex therapy can be very effective; however, not everyone dares to ask for help. The cause is usually shame.

      16. What is most important to you in bed?

      A question that requires self-knowledge. But not everyone would be willing to answer it.

      17. Have you discovered your partner’s sexual tastes?

      Communication in the couple is essential. However, the subject of sex can be taboo for some people.

      18. What three things turn you on?

      This question requires talking about yourself and your sexual intimacy, and some people stick around when it comes to answering.

      19. Have you ever made someone cry?

      We have all behaved badly with someone at some point, whether intentionally or not. For example, with an ex-partner.

      20. Have you tried tantric sex?

      Tantric sex allows you to explore a different way of conducting intimate relationships.

      21. Would you have sex with someone you just met one night?

      Socially, it doesn’t seem fair to say yes in response, but sexual freedom is increasingly accepted.

      22. Are you looking for ways to avoid monotony in bed?

      Passion in the couple is necessary for the relationship to continue to function.

      23. Would you be having cybersex?

      There are a lot of people who deny it, but some would.

      24. Tell me the sexiest dream you have ever had of me

      You have to be bold to answer this question.

      25. Would you do a striptease on your partner?

      A striptease it can be very excitingBut that doesn’t motivate everyone.

      26. What do you think is the sexiest part of my body?

      This can be a compromising question, as the person asking it usually wants to hear the answer they have in mind.

      27. What was the craziest thing you have ever done for someone else?

      Love often leads us to go crazy for someone to make them feel good.

      28. Do you work your creativity when the circumstances seem unfavorable to you (there are people nearby, there is little time, etc.)?

      Sexual well-being too it affects our general well-being.

      29. Are you exploring your body to discover your erogenous zones?

      There is nothing better than knowing yourself to have bigger orgasms.

      30. Are you taking any supplements to keep your libido in shape?

      Some people decide to take supplements to perform better in intimate moments.

        31. Despite the hectic pace of life, do you know how to find a moment of sexual pleasure, even if it is “fast”?

        Stress affects us all. but intimate relationships bring us many benefits.

        32. Do you like adult movies?

        Men may find it easier to talk about it, but some women see it as taboo.

        33. Do you dare to show your sexual desire and take the initiative?

        Only people with high self-esteem and a level of self-confidence can do this.

        34. Do you like to undress in front of your partner, regardless of the state of your body?

        A question that it is closely related to his own perception of his body.

        35. Over time, have you developed skills and abilities that allow you and your partner to have more and better fun?

        An answer that expresses if you have improved in the sexual area.

        36. Have you ever prepared a sensual bath for yourself and your partner?

        Sex baths can increase intimate sensations with the partner.

        37. Have you tried blindfolding (yours and your partner’s) to test the rest of your senses?

        You have to keep trying new things to increase your intimate feelings with your partner.

        38. Do you use your sense of humor to deal with setbacks?

        A sense of humor is also crucial when it comes to intimate moments.

        39. Have you read any books on sexuality to improve your performance or better understand the opposite sex?

        Reading sex books can be embarrassing for some people.

        40. Have you used ice to make the sexual experience more intense?

        Ice can cause very intense sensations in moments of intimacy.

        41. What do you like most about being put to bed?

        One of these questions that undress the privacy of one.

        42. Have you had very bad sexual experiences?

        Sometimes the intimate moments may not turn out the way we want them to. However, it is difficult to talk about it.

        43. Do you do any exercises to improve your sexual performance?

        There are a number of exercises, such as Kegels, Which strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles. It increases sexual performance.

        44. Do you have sex beyond intercourse or orgasm?

        Besides penetration, you can also enjoy sex in other ways.

        45. What adjectives best define you in relation to sex?

        Talking about yourself on this subject can be engaged.

        46. ​​Is it good to try different things in intimate relationships?

        A way to find out if the person has a conventional or liberal mindset.

        47. From 1 to 10 … how important is sex to you in your relationships?

        Although some deny it, the sexual practice it is important for the well-being of the couple.

        48. What do you like most about your bed?

        We all have our preferences when it comes to sex.

        49. Do you know the difference between infidelity and promiscuity?

        However, many people are promiscuous unfaithful only those who decide.

          50. Do you try to discover your partner’s erogenous zones?

          Showing interest in a couple’s sexual tastes is essential for improving intimate relationships.

          51. Have you ever spied on a couple while they were having sex?

          The voyeuristic side that almost everyone has.

          52. Who is your favorite erotic film actor / actress?

          We all have an adult movie star who dazzles us.

          53. How many times in your life do you feel that you have vomited because you drank too much?

          Priceless anecdotes will surely arise.

          54. Did you feel attracted to a teacher during your college days?

          A lot of people have fantasized about this sexy teacher.

          55. Do you see yourself as a traditional or daring person?

          Know their degree of innovation in different facets of life.

          56. Have you been successful in using dating apps?

          Although many have used them, few have succeeded.

          57. What part of your body do you like the least?

          We all have parts of our body that we don’t like at all.

          58. In which part of your body would you have cosmetic surgery?

          Almost anything can be changed these days, although naturalness is always preferable.

          59. What are the strangest places you’ve had sex?

          With this question you can learn a lot about the tastes of the other person.

          60. Have you ever been attracted to a friend?

          Sensitive question, it takes a lot of confidence to reveal this information.

          61. What is the first thing you notice about a man’s or a woman’s body?

          We will know a lot about the other person if we know their erotic tastes.

          62. Have you ever fantasized about a celebrity?

          We’ve all had celebrity fantasies. It is certainly an intimate part of our lives.

          63. At what age did you lose your virginity?

          The classic question that is asked of a group of friends, the answers may surprise you.

          64. What would your ideal date look like?

          We all have our dreams and aspirations. We know what kind of partner we want to find.

          65. What was your best date?

          Expectations may not correspond to reality, but you can always get something good out of a date with someone we love.

          66. What was your worst date?

          Even if we start a date with someone we love, the end result may not be as expected.

          67. Have you ever found out that your parents had relationships?

          An experience that no one wants to live but that can happen. It will certainly be a fun anecdote.

          68. Have you ever fantasized about people of the opposite sex?

          Asking people we trust about their sexuality bluntly can be a fun and entertaining way to get to know yourself better.

          69. Have you ever been found intimate?

          Something that usually doesn’t happen but can be bread and butter, for someone who takes risks.

          70. How many people have you slept with?

          It’s not a competition, but it can still be a fun conversation.

          71. Have you ever used erotic toys?

          We dare to talk about our intimate experiences. It is certainly a way to take our relationships of love and friendship to another level.

          72. Have you ever had a “trigger”?

          We have all had sexual experiences that we have not given up on, especially in our youth.

          73. Do you regularly consume pornography?

          It’s a common occurrence that we can talk about bluntly, as long as we are with people we trust.

          74. Have you ever recorded a video of intimate content with your partner?

          We can use new technologies creatively with privacy, but always responsibly and not disclosing private third party content that reaches our device.

          75. Have you ever found an acquaintance or acquaintance in an app to flirt with?

          New tied selling requests may also present this risk.

          76. What is your favorite sexual posture?

          Enjoying sex in different ways with this person we trust is perfectly healthy. We can share our tastes with the people around us.

          77. Have you had an erotic dream with an unwanted friend?

          A situation that can be complicated or funny, depending on the relationship we have with the person involved.

          78. Do you consider yourself to be an expert in sexual matters?

          We all learn at our own pace, it is common to share sexual information with friends or couples.

          79. When did you drink the most?

          Although it is advisable to drink in moderation, we have all experienced nights of debauchery that we will always remember.

          80. What was the boldest thing you have done while partying?

          Alcohol and partying can lead us to do things we never would have thought of, even in our wildest dreams.

          81. Have you been to nudist beaches?

          Naturism and nudism are alternative lifestyles that some people have. To some of us, this may seem curious or flashy.

          82. Have you had any sexually transmitted diseases?

          Maintaining irresponsible sexual behavior can lead to the spread of serious illnesses.

          83. Have you been unfaithful to your partner?

          Infidelity is a complex issue that can be experienced differently depending on who we are.

          84. Did you kiss more than one person in one night?

          Some of our friends have very remarkable stories of celebrating in dances or nightclubs.

          85. Did you go to bed with a friend’s ex?

          A question that can be as controversial as it is subjective; some of our acquaintances will see it one way and some another.

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