Are you dating the right person? 6 keys to find out

Love is one of the most rewarding experiences a human being can have, and having a special someone to share both good times and bad times with can make us extremely happy. Vliving day to day with this person we consider unique and wonderful, and waking up with their group helps us feel full.

But every day will not be great, because relationships are a constant negotiation. There are difficult days and complicated times when the stability of the couple is threatened and the relationship falters. For now, you might think it’s better to throw everything overboard and rethink the meaning and whether we’re with the right person or not.

Continuing or leaving a relationship is a difficult decision to make, especially if we spend a lot of time with that person, as a cocktail of emotions come into play which can be difficult to deal with.

When being in a relationship makes you unhappy

In fact, there are people who get used to the unhappiness of the couple and pay for the pain. However, he prefers to stay here suffering, for fear of uncertainty. Your low self-esteem isn’t prepared for the blow of having to break up with someone, ignoring that celibacy can be a good time for personal growth. Being in these kinds of relationships that feel like a roller coaster of feelings is hard to leave behind, and people can come to forget what it means to be happy.

Now when you’re with the right person, everything is rosy. Winter is less cold, you smile more and even doing everyday things is fun. But how do we know if we are with the right person? Can you tell if the person we dated is our orange half?

In the following lines we give you some clues to know if you were right to choose a partner.

1. make sure your values ​​are aligned

It is not necessary that the members of the couple share all beliefs and the relationship is a calm sea, without discussions between the two actors, because it simply does not exist. Couples argue and may not have similarities on many topics. But what is needed is that the deepest values ​​align, for example, whether they both want to have children or not. This was shown by a group of researchers from the Open University who conducted a survey of 4,494 British subjects aged between 18 and 65.

2. Does it make you laugh?

Humor is a key ingredient of loveBecause in addition to making a person more attractive and creating fun moments in the relationship, it is essential that relationships do not break down. This was discovered by John Gottman, a New York psychologist who, in one of his studies, asked different couples to talk about the conflicts they were having. Gottman concluded that one of the key elements in keeping discussions from breaking up the relationship was a sense of humor. In other words, if couple members use humor to debate and dialogue about their issues, they are more likely to resolve those conflicts and maintain a healthier relationship.

3. Evaluate your level of satisfaction in the relationship

It may not be easy as it requires careful observation of the relationship. But are you satisfied with this person? This is a generic question, so the relationship must be broken down into different aspects (communication, intimate moments, respect, economic stability, etc.). Once these points have been assessed, an analysis of the situation must be made. However, If you really care about the person, the findings of this assessment shouldn’t mean a breakAs this can also help you to be able to talk to this person about what you see as your needs. If you care, he can make an effort to correct the errors.

4. Are you afraid of being alone?

Let’s face it, there are some people who can’t be single. Being with someone for the simple reason of being afraid of loneliness, in addition to a symptom of weakness and low self-esteem, is a big mistake. If this happens to you, there is still time to do some self-reflection work and face your fears. Feeling too attached to another person is often a symptom of emotional addiction, and it’s something we should avoid.

Self-reflection is the key to personal development, so if you want to know more about this topic, you can read our article: “Personal Development: 5 Reasons For Self-Reflection”.

5. Do you feel respected?

Respect is the key to any relationship or interpersonal relationship. Many couples separate because at some point they stop admiring, valuing and respecting each other. Respect is important in difficult times because it helps reduce conflict. Only people with serious self-esteem issues would be around someone who doesn’t respect them.

6. Is there physical contact in the relationship?

Physical contact is just as important as the previous points. According to research conducted by Stony Brook University (United States), physical contact is one of the essential principles that influence the length of a relationship. Over the years, physical contact can be a problem for many couples, as at first it is common for there to be a lot. Therefore, it should not be missed. Over time, just saying “I love you” is not enough, you have to prove it.

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