Benefits of emancipation for young people: need for independence

Living with our parents when we reach a certain age can be comfortable, it allows us to spend a lot of time with our parents, to share moments and opportunities, as well as responsibilities …

During our vital development, however, there comes a time when this, instead of being an opportunity, becomes an obstacle to continuing to develop personal skills of great importance in adulthood. that’s why emancipation is an important element in the lives of young people.

    The challenge of starting to live as a young person with autonomy

    In recent years, in our country, there have been different socio-economic aspects that they influenced the emancipation of young people to take more and more time to arrive.

    The economic crises we have been facing in recent times, instability in the workplace, rising prices for both buying and renting housing, are some of the reasons that have pushed young people to have more and more difficulty in making this decision, and your emancipation outside the family home will be delayed.

    Spain ranks sixth among European countries where young people between the ages of 25 and 34 still live with their parents. But, as we mentioned earlier, on many occasions this it is a decision made more by the circumstances around them than by their own desire.

    These conditions have come to make emancipation a necessity rather than a decision. There has been a delay in the age at which the independence of the original family occurs, but our maturing development continues, and among its fundamental characteristics is the need to generate proper space, responsibilities, hand of progress like the adults we are becoming.

      What are the advantages for young people of becoming independent?

      These are the main beneficial aspects of youth empowerment.

      1. Responsibility

      Emancipation is directly linked to the presence of responsibilities, in many of which the young man may not have stopped thinking ahead.

      The maintenance of his home, the daily tasks entrusted to him included in his routines, as well as the resolution of the difficulties that may arise in his development will be part of the emancipation.

        2. Autonomy

        With the onset of adolescence we see the need for independence and autonomy when the same minor demands to make decisions for himself, that his opinion is taken into account and valued in the same way as the others, appearing ready for the accompanying decision-making at this point.

        As we move forward in this development, autonomy becomes more and more important, adapted to the evolutionary cycle in which we find ourselves.

        By being between 20 and 30 years of age, our capacity for maturation is sufficiently prepared to make decisions for ourselves, regardless of the appreciation of others; and this is how we need it, looking after our own well-being according to our own desires.

          3. Self-management

          At the time of emancipation too he tests his own ability to manage conflicts and resolve situations that can be described as complex.

          This encourages the development of the capacity for identification, analysis, options and opportunities that we can find, being the one who makes the decision that he considers most appropriate according to the characteristics of the moment.

            4. Decision making

            In the development of this new stage, with great regularity will be reflected the moment when it is necessary to make certain decisions on a personal level.

            Many of them, surely, had not been valued or could be experienced in a more subtle way, as the greatest responsibility of the household did not lie with oneself. Now the involvement itself in decision making is different, now we are responsible for deciding based on our own criteria and what we consider to be the best decision.

              5. Create your own rules

              From the hand of it all is to create our own rules. From now on, the personal space is your own home, and you are therefore the person in charge of its dynamics. There comes a time when you realize that you no longer have to follow the established rules or traditions of others, but it is you who will set these rules, placing more emphasis on the things that are important to you.

              6. Freedom

              Just as independence is associated, on the one hand, with a higher degree of responsibility, on the other hand we find more freedom. It may sound contradictory, but coming of age is closely related to these two concepts.

              How many times have we heard someone, or even ourselves, wish we were older so that we could do what we want? With this greater freedom comes a greater capacity for self-choice and, consequently, greater responsibility in decision-making. Of course, independence offers greater freedom in the choice of our criteria and rules.

              Author: Bárbara Lucendo Arribas, general health psychologist at the TAP Center.

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