Climbing: Now It’s Your Responsibility to Be Careful

So, is it over? End of quarantine or escalation in phases, they invite us to the street, open restaurants … Is it safe to go out?

It is inevitable that after so many days of closure we struggle to normalize the return to reality. Certainly nothing will be the same again, that’s for sure, but there is something much more intrinsic that paralyzes us in the act, and that is the fact that now we must be responsible for our lives, our actions and of every step we take.

And maybe we thought for a moment, especially the adults, that we were already responsible, because no one was behind us to tell us what to do or how to do it; however, adaptation costs. Because it’s not the same to be responsible for paying the phone service bill, but to be careful where you put your hands, who you talk to, etc.

    Fight against uncertainty

    Things like the uncertainty of not knowing in what unknown location the ticket you now have in your hand was and having to remember every two or three so you don’t get them in your face after handling it, they constitute new information that it is now up to us to equip in our brain overnight because it turns out that “we are ordered to get back to normal.”

    We haven’t had time to educate our minds on these new habits, and the truth is, all of this shows that we don’t know how to take care of ourselves.

    All of this has ancient biological reasons and it is important to know them in order to know our weaknesses and where they come from; Only then can we begin to change the models.

    The need to take care of yourself

    We humans need care even when we are a little older. We have a very long childhood, and both men and women must be in someone’s care for many years.

    When we are adults, two things often happen:

    • The man is looking for a home with a woman who will take care of him, his house and his children.
    • The woman is looking for a home and a family to take care of, just like her mother did.

    This generates the reproduction of a model in which the man does not learn to take care of himself and the woman, in the absence of time to take care of others, forgets to take care of herself. .

    Rightly so, so many homes today due to this pandemic are on the brink of collapse. Women full of anguish and fear for the future, overloaded with responsibilities at home, and the man not knowing how to contribute because he never knew how to make a decision without his mother’s help first , then his wife.

    I don’t mean to say that there aren’t different houses; I mean the product of a system, the patriarchal formula has become evident that it doesn’t work, and it’s all thanks to COVID-19.

      An era where responsibility prevails

      The time for dawn has come that we were already waiting we can go out in the street dressed in the dress of the moment: the conscience.

      We know that we have to take care to be able to take care of those who are waiting for us at home, and thus keep us safe. Now is the time for cliché phrases like “just by loving yourself, you can love others” to stop being clichés and become 24/7 habits.

      Only by loving yourself will you value your health and you will not run away to enter a party or go out without a bite, it is something that you do not have to do anymore, if you want to be healthy you will take care of yourself and therefore your loved ones will also be in healthy.

      Let us remember for a moment that it was our childish recklessness that put us in this situation first, we didn’t take the personal care and distancing warnings seriously until we started to see that the infected and dead were over a hundred.

      Has it never been easier to stop the spread of a virus? The only thing we should have done was one thing, take care of ourselves, and we couldn’t with such a responsibility.


      You and I, like everyone who has read this article, know that those who bear the greatest responsibility are not going to take care of us or they would not send us to the streets to normalize a flu knowing that it is safer. that we failed a second time (no intention to be pessimistic, just realistic).

      So if it’s not up to them anymore, according to you is your only alternative to maintaining your well-beingYou are your only hope to stay safe and protect your own.

      Wear a mouthpiece, always take ice with you, avoid crowds, don’t put your hands on your face in any way, and follow the new rules of coexistence, even if I would say survival.

      And if in any way it is difficult for you to adapt to these new habits or if you feel that it has affected you in your behavior, thoughts or emotions, you or a loved one, I will offer to put you in touch with me or visit my page to find more articles on the subject. I hope I’ve helped you.

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