Depressed generation or anesthetized generation?

In these times which concern us, it is normal to fall into speculations (more or less fair) on the situation of the youth. I found this article published in El País very interesting. The sentence is great, but I seriously doubt that it is exactly depression the subject before us. Although as a young man I have three festivals left, I am included in the group, and I share with you without further delay my vision and my personal reflection on the subject.

A generation marked by recklessness

The generation of happy childhood, the carefree adolescence, the studious youth. To live without too many problems (I am generalizing), in an overprotected environment where the world’s problems were located in a third world that seemed far away. Even today, we refer to Africa when we talk about poverty, understanding the continent we have on our doorstep as a being in space, which only exists in the TV news. “The poor have no homeland,” someone said two centuries ago, they still need to read more. The youth of today have grown up on the basis of dogmas that have turned out to be milongas: “study and you will work”, “what is mine”, “with effort all will be well” …

training (Mostly postgraduate) it’s nothing more than a business of the habit of profiting to the detriment of the hopes of a young person who wasted his time and of the money that the father and mother (or students working afternoons / evenings) earned to pay for it.

Depression in young people or anesthetized generation?

There is no sadness. people he is not depressed in the strict sense of the word. People are anesthetized, Which is different. An anesthetized generation was born, nothing else. There is a latent anxiety of fear of a future which, even today, has become normal to work for free, to share an apartment, not to be able to leave the apartment of his parents, not to be able to plan to found a family or to continue bottling (to say the least) until the 1940s. The journey into this future is inhospitable. There will always be volunteers and other pranks who say “if you want, you can”. But if there are no conditions to be able to do it, you won’t be able to fuck shit.

Jordan Belfort, the yupis, the great businessmen who worked long hours (“work”, according to legend who seeks to raise people who have normalized speculation at the expense of anyone and increasing capital gains to the detriment of wages). These are examples of anxiety. With his cake, his amphetamines and his things. An anguish of having, supposedly, a lot of work.

Not today. Today there is a young man who is anxious that he cannot do anything. Or doing too many things and none of them come out right.

Fear of the future. Towards the too near future.

Taking a look at that great movie that was Mondays in the Sun, we could say that we are having the best of our lives in the Sun. But hinting at another great series now, the worst part is that Winter is coming.

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