Families in times of crisis

There are families who have a lot of problems.

They lack the personality development of at least one member of the family, this element being absent, none of the other members come to have it unless they realize the lack of meaning in their life. and start working on it in order to break with a major dysfunctional pattern that exists in this family.

Inadequate patterns are at the root of this tendency to walk in a circle and revisit the same point over and over again. Faced with this, it is healthy to go to a therapist to analyze this pattern and be able to break it.

    Personality development in the family system

    The personality that a person truly develops will help the whole family system to evolve; However, often the family does not want to change and unconsciously and consciously, puts jobs to those who generate change.

    The system crashes because something on an unconscious level is telling family members that it is time for a change. they prevent the growth of that family memberbecause they know that by changing that, everyone will be forced to change and step out of their comfort zone.


      The family is a first system in which models of behavior are produced, which are practiced and then put into practice in other external systems.

      There are two ways to interact with systems:

      • 1- The reception pipes are routed to another system outside.
      • 2- The behaviors of an external system are practiced at home.

      Either way, there are patterns that hinder the behaviors or patterns that help fluidize the behavior and mind of the person.

        Interventions to overcome dysfunctional patterns

        Let’s look at several forms of intervention to break these dysfunctional dynamics.

        One is when at least part of the family system begins to do different things; in such cases it is necessary to consider the effects it has on others.

        Second, it is essential to create models imagine the future and do psychogeography. In the same space where the person is, they visualize their future and their future events. Once done, the person begins to walk in that space (it can be the office or the home) and thus breaks the patterns through behavior and visualization.

        It is also helpful to draw a maze or path where the person first sets the goal and visualizes it, consciously examining how they are feeling, and assessing whether what they are feeling is positive. If what you hear is negative, you will need to stop until you find a positive goal., which generates pleasant emotions and gives you peace of mind. The most important thing is to see, to imagine the process step by step without wanting everything and without having experienced the process, because if you do it quickly, the person will turn on the road like a runner who runs so fast that he goes to the bottom. before and fall.

          Overcome the family crisis

          There are types of families in which the genuine personality of each member is indistinguishable, and there are families in which each member has developed their own personality.

          To help each person’s personality to flourish, it is important to create a dynamic in which each member of the family must be able to freely choose what he wants. Example: As a child, children should choose what clothes they will wear, as well as what foods they like and what they don’t like (people’s tastes should be respected as long as it does not interfere with the no family member).

          Families go into crisis because there is time to evolve and change, and when at least one person “gets stuck” (parents), the whole system crashes.

          To overcome crises, you should know that there are times of change in families; they are cycles, and as the members of a family grow, so does the spirit of the family members. If a spirit (parent) stops growing, it will block your partner and therefore the whole family system.

          At least one person (parent) must continue to grow and develop on a personal level for other family members to unconsciously do the same.

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