‘Happy Couples’ on Facebook Hide Low Self-Esteem Problems

A study conducted by Brunel University in London indicates that projecting the couple’s happiness on a social network could indicate one low self-esteem i narcissism.

Constantly bragging about dating on Facebook may indicate low self-esteem

since Facebook bursting into the lives of all of us, those of us who log on daily see the constant updating of our contact states. Some write about politics, some write about their vacation, some give their opinion on life, and some constantly post about their love affair. Facebook states are an opportunity to show us the face of the world and are an opportunity to express how well we are doing in life. and how happy we are (although often this is not true).

People who suffer from low self-esteem are more likely to post on their Facebook states “how well they are doing as a couple.” The Brunel University study found that subjects in their research who achieved low self-esteem often brag about how their relationship is going to hide their low self-esteem. Plus, narcissistic people also spend a lot of time trying to show off their “beautiful love story” (even if the rest of us don’t care at all).

Study data

The study used a sample of 555 subjects to examine the relationship between different personality traits of users and what they post on Facebook. In addition, they also analyzed the use that these people made of the social network. Tools provided by Amazon were used to conduct the research and a dollar was paid to complete the survey.

As mentioned, the results show that people with low self-esteem are more likely to post about their relationshipBut this study also concludes that narcissists post more about their successes, the diet they are on, and the exercise they exercise. So, they use Facebook to show off their physical appearance looking for constant approval.

Psychologist Tara Marshall, professor at Brunel University in London, says: “It may seem strange that Facebook’s statements reflect the user personality traits. However, it is important to understand that people write about certain topics in their state because they are looking for clicks and “like” comments. This way they feel they have more social approval. “

The Big Five personality model

To analyze the relationship between personality and behavior on social networks, the Big 5 model was used. This model aims to describe the personality of individuals. The five major personality traits, also called major factors, are the following names: openness to new experiences, responsibility, extraversion, kindness and neuroticism, or emotional instability, thus forming the acronym “OCEAN”.

To learn more about the 5 grains model, We recommend this item:

“The 5 major personality traits: sociability, responsibility, openness, kindness and neuroticism”

more data

Here are some conclusions of this study:

  • Conscientious people often write about their children.
  • the extroverts they use Facebook to connect with other people and post about their social activities.
  • Sincerity is associated with intellectual states.
  • People with low self-esteem write statements about their partner.
  • Narcissists write states to get validation from their contacts, And update them with topics like: success, diet or exercise.

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