How to create deeper relationships? 8 key tips

We all want to enjoy deep relationships, where sincerity, respect, affection, small and big details and other qualities are present. Whether it is with a family member, a partner or, above all, a friend, we want to feel that there is a person who understands us, who knows us deeply.

No matter what kind of relationship we have with another person, it’s important to know that what at one point has become very deep and intimate may cease to be so over time. Sometimes relationships get colder and there comes a time when you have to make a certain cutoff to try and reconnect.

Knowing how to create deeper relationships right off the bat it’s a good way to avoid losing them, and that’s what we’ll find out in this article. Read on to find out.

    The inability to create deep relationships

    The reality of interpersonal relationships shows that human beings need others as a gregarious animal. Both types of relationships deal with people’s great need to be close to others and to share our lives and experiences with them. Everyone wants to have meaningful, lasting, and fulfilling relationships. We want to have relationships that reach such a degree of sincerity and intimacy that they become very deep..

    Couples can be very popular, but friends tend to be more. It seems hard to tell, but couples come and go, while friends, if well cared for, can last forever, but of course you have to put effort into it. No matter how friendly we are and how much we trust someone, if we don’t prove it or pamper the relationship, it’s only a matter of time before it cools down. . It doesn’t have to be a fight or misunderstanding to lose a friendship, just let laziness and distraction take over.

    No one wants to lose friends, and while there is a popular belief that it’s only a matter of time before you get lost, the truth is, that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. . If we build deep relationships with our friends, the chances of the relationship being broken up are reduced. And this is precisely what we will discover in the following paragraphs.

      Tips for building deeper relationships

      Everyone has the skills to build deeper relationships, all they need is to know who they are and to put them into practice. Creating friendships, which also apply to the couple, is relatively simple, although it is true that it can cost some people more than others. Here are some recommendations that will help us build deeper relationships. especially applicable to the domain of friendships but also extrapolable to the case of couples and, why not, to the domain of the family.

      1. Always show respect

      Physical and verbal respect is a key condition for establishing a healthy relationship. This is a premise that should not be violated because otherwise a broth culture environment will be generated for the toxicity to proliferate.

      Respect manifests itself in deep, strong and respectful friendships and relationships. The opposite, for example, yelling, insulting, offending or even physically assaulting yourself is the worst thing that can be done not only with a friend or partner, but with anyone.

      In deep and mature relationships, if there is any misunderstanding or conflict, it is resolved by talking. And if that’s not possible, it might not be worth continuing this relationship.

        2. Be honest

        There is no more reliable example of the depth of a relationship than sincerity. It is a natural condition in any relationship, friendship, partner or family that is considered strong. If we are to deepen our relationship with another person, it is essential that we are honest about our interests, perspectives, likes, desires and goals.

        too much we need to be honest about what’s bothering us, something we don’t like about the other person or something, but always being respectful and without offending him. If this person is worth and deserves to be in our lives, they will not be bothered or berated for what we have told them.

        But to be honest with the other is also to assume that the other has the right to be. Our friend, family member or partner he must be able to show his inner world without fear of being criticized. In the same way that we can tell him what has bothered him, that person can do the same, and we must respect that. Sincerity is about saying what you really feel, whether it’s positive or not so much.

          3. Be generous and affectionate

          In any strong and deep friendship and couple relationship, it is common for both parties to surrender to each other.. The two people show their affection to each other through all kinds of details, gestures of affection and generosity.

          Love is never too much, and that is why we should be generous in this regard, giving all we can. The more generous we are, the deeper the relationship will become, over time.

          In deep friendships, they both have a sincere desire to want to give the best of the other to the other.

            4. Listen actively

            Active listening is essential if you want to enjoy a deep relationship. Listening actively means paying particular attention to what the other has to say to us, without interrupting that he tells us everything that happens to him in an authentic way.

            Before giving a point of view, you have to know what is happening to him, what he feels, what he wants and what he needs from us to help him. The more we listen to our friend or partner, the more he or she will hear us when it is we who need to talk.

              5. Knowing how to prioritize our relationship

              A good way to deepen a relationship is to spend time on it and make it a priority in our lives. Corn Balance should be sought, as it is not about devoting all of our time and attention to a friend, partner or family member.. There are so many other people in our lives, and not only that, we also have other vital areas such as study, work, our hobbies …

              In strong and deep friendships, both parties prioritize one of the priorities in each other’s life, but also respecting that each person has other priorities that cannot be overridden by one person.

              6. Avoid toxic feelings

              There is nothing that makes it more difficult to build a relationship of trust and respect than toxic feelings such as envy, jealousy, and negative attitudes. It is true that we are all human and we cannot help but feel these emotions from time to time, but if we experience them two to three with our friends, partners and family, without doing anything to prevent them, these relationships will be severely damaged.

              If we are to enjoy a deep relationship, our friends will want to see us happy and we will want them to do what we can to share and increase our positive feelings. No one has friends to be bitter or in conflict with them, which is why jealousy and other bad roles have no place in our relationships if we want them to get deep.

                7. Respect everyone’s space

                Deep friendships should not be understood as relationships in which the two friends are constantly attached to each other.. For a relationship to be deep, trusting and sincere, you have to be there for the other, but also respect each other’s desire for privacy.

                Strong friendships keep a safe distance when you don’t have to be on top of each other. As intimate as the relationship between two people is, they are also two individuals who need their own space.

                  8. Take care of the details to have real friendships

                  Finally, it should be noted that in order to strengthen the relationship and make it more intimate and deep, one should not forget about the small details. as we have said, not only the passing of time but also laziness can make a relationship more and more superficial and that he ends up getting lost.

                  It’s not uncommon for two people who were once great friends now to see each other as complete strangers just because they lost sight of each other, lived apart, and don’t know anything about each other. . Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the details, especially when you cannot stay in person or when it is too busy to see.

                  There are different ways to show interest in a friendship. A weekly call, a Christmas greeting, sending her a gift for her birthday… small gestures like these keep the relationship alive, not fading away. Otherwise, if the relationship is ignored and one does not keep in touch with the other, no matter how much he believes there is trust and a deep relationship, it will be a matter of time before the discomfort doesn’t take months or even years. . , without contacting each other ends up destroying the relationship. You have to be very careful.

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