How to know if someone is hurting you: 8 signs

In an ideal, fantasy world, everyone would cope well. There would be no arguments or bad shots between classmates, neighbors, politicians, ethnic groups… the power of love and friendship could do anything and we would all be very happy.

But the world doesn’t work that way. There will always be someone we don’t like, even if we have done absolutely nothing. Maybe it’s the way we are, something we said or just stuck and now we can’t even see each other.

It also goes the other way. We don’t have to like everyone and we shouldn’t feel bad about it. There are people with whom we will get sick and others who will get sick with us.

It’s not worth trying to make someone we feel bad end up loving. There are people who will simply never support us. This is why it is important know some guidelines on how to tell if you are hurting someone, to avoid wasting time and energy.

    How to know if you are hurting someone

    Knowing if you are hurting someone is relatively simple, if you know how. Normally we can tell if we are hurting someone just because it makes us feel that way. People are often not at all subtle when it comes to conveying how unpleasant they feel towards each other, whether in the form of abrupt gestures, hurtful comments and even insults.

    However, others prefer to be more polite and polite and don’t introduce themselves so directly that we fall in love with them. Maybe they do it because they really know we don’t like them because they don’t know why we don’t like them. However, we must be aware that we cannot please everyone and not everyone must like us. Sometimes people don’t get along well. Accepting this is a great sign of maturity.

    Since there’s nothing more grueling than trying to please people you’ll never love, we’ve picked up some signs that can tell if you’re hurting someone. Don’t take it for granted, you are sure to get a lot of good stuff and others will appreciate you. Human relationships are like that.

    1. Not maintaining eye contact

    One of the signs that can tell you that you don’t like someone is that you don’t look them in the eye. People who don’t like others have a hard time following. Eye contact with those who feel bad about them makes them feel uncomfortable, boring, tense. They can’t keep it.

    At first it may seem distracting, disconnected from reality. However, if you are hurt, what happens is that they don’t pay attention to you, no matter what you say to them or what you do.

    However, one should not underestimate the fact that there are people who, as usual, find it difficult to make eye contact. Just because someone doesn’t look us in the eye doesn’t necessarily mean we’re wrong. a first clue.

    Therefore, it is advisable to take into account not only the avoidance of eye contact, but also the rest of the signals that follow.

      2. He doesn’t care what you think

      Seeing this from eye contact, we move on to the next point of whether you’re hurting someone, a more obvious question: they don’t care about your opinion.

      When a person feels comfortable with the presence of another, they are interested in knowing and valuing their opinion. Shows some curiosity towards the other person, wants to know more.. Maybe they both have a different opinion, but if they like each other, the conversation flows and they both get richer.

      It doesn’t happen when you hurt someone. This person won’t waste time or energy actively listening to what you say. Even less will he take the initiative to start a conversation with you. For this person, making origami with a used handkerchief or looking at the wall will seem more important issues than your opinion.

      I because he doesn’t care what you think or think of him, he won’t mind responding to your comments. If you know someone around you who gets along well with you, don’t be naive! he doesn’t want to be your friend, you don’t like him.

        3. He apologizes for not seeing you

        One of the most common ways to show that you don’t like someone is to find excuses to avoid seeing them.. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old “friend” or your current partner. When you no longer love someone, you will do your best to prove it, but sometimes in a subtle way, by referring your desires inward.

        If someone lets you come up with excuses very often, like “I can’t go out”, “I’m sick”, “I have to go shopping today” and the like, what he’s probably telling you is “I don’t want to stay with you”. It sounds gross but you don’t like it, it doesn’t want to see you. You are wasting your time, and you are wasting your time too.

          4. He ignores you in your presence.

          It is believed that when someone ignores you, it is because they are genuinely interested in you and want to get your attention with their indifference. Sometimes they succeed, but very rarely. The reality is often that if someone is ignoring you, it’s because they really want to get away from you or they can’t hold you back..

          When you hurt someone, they will try to be with you any way they can. When he can’t, when he’s forced to stay in the same place as you, he’ll just try to make it easier for you to get through the bad news by ignoring you. If you try to talk, they’ll likely turn their back on you or join someone else in pushing you away.

          Don’t waste your time trying to please him, especially if you don’t know why you’re hurting him. It is better to respect your space and try to enhance yourself by your own means.. Anything one of you doesn’t like doesn’t define you as a person.

            5. Defensive body language

            Often people communicate more with our body than with words. Body language can suggest whether or not we are a good match for a person. Keeping your arms and legs crossed can be a sign that you are uncomfortable with yourself or defensive about your presence., which is a bad sign.

              6. Smile forcefully

              Knowing how to hide the harm that someone does to you is a real art, and not everyone has mastered it. There are those who know how to hide their displeasure with another person, but the most normal thing is that somehow they end up showing a certain attitude that the situation in which they have been put, having to talk to you, don’t like.

              Some try to be polite and pretend to listen to you, even if they can’t stand you. To pretend that this is not the case, they try to smile but with an unnatural gesture, a forced smile that even seems sarcastic and awkward.

              7. Try to walk away

              Another sign that you are hurting him is that he is trying to pull you away from you. It’s no secret that when someone doesn’t like you, you try to put as much distance between the two of you as possible, the better. If he speeds up when he sees you, he turns his back just to see you, pretends not to see you and changes direction he basically wants to see you far away.

                8. You don’t find it funny

                For many, humor is the tail end of human relationships. Being around someone who likes to tell jokes can be a natural and revitalizing mood lift. But there are limits, because graceless actors are hard to bear.

                Whether or not you’re one of them, the truth is that a bad sign for someone is if they don’t laugh at all. At most, after whispering to him, he will force a smile or say a sarcastic “ha, ha, ha, ha” like that, with the famous pauses in the middle. No need to be a sympathy expert to understand that if you drop this comment in your jokes, you are not kidding. For nothing.

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