Incels: who they are and how the members of this group think

There are many ways of seeing the world and there are many associations and social movements with different goals and ideologies. However, not all are positive and prosocial.

There are movements and even subcultures that claim to have committed various crimes or that see part of the population as their enemy. This is what happens with incels, a group that made their first deaths and about which until recently there was little information.

    The “incels”: origin and evolution of the term

    The term “incel” comes from “involuntary celibacy” or involuntary celibacy. It was originally generated by a woman from the LGBT community who intended to refer to all people who due to their physical appearance are not sexually attractive and fail to have sex, trying to generate a etiquette to bring together and generate a community that has integrity made it possible for those people who could not get out of their loneliness to feel less alone.

    However, over time, the term and its definition have been picked up and appropriated by a community or subculture born and developed through networks (Being 4chan or Reddit among the main ones).

    Thus, it would currently be identified as such with this group of men, mostly heterosexual, Who are not in a relationship or have had sex for a long time or never (they don’t have to be virgins) despite pretending to do so. These people believe that they have the right to have sex (confusing the right to have sex with the fact that others have to provide it) and criticize women for denying them this right.

    Characteristics of this misogynistic group

    The current ones belonging to this group they usually have a misogynistic attitude which has led some of its members to consider that they have the right to punish, coerce or even kill those who deny or usurp this right. He may recognize a sexist and misogynistic attitude that views women in general as a mere sexual object or as a subordinate who has a duty to provide sex.

    The collective of incels tends to consider that their lack of relationships comes from an unattractive physical aspect or by a supposed female superficiality, Do not observe their beliefs and attitudes as grounds for rejection. They usually do not understand the possible reasons for rejection or how other subjects are accepted, and consider it an act of discrimination that deserves contempt and punishment. The attitude towards themselves is usually to a more or less self-deprecating degree, highlighting the presence of feelings of displacement and inadequacy which generate great frustration.

    They are also characterized by communication in Internet forums, spaces where they share their opinions and talk about various subjects including the vision of sex as a denied male right (coming to form men’s rights movements and even proposing the advocacy), as well as seeing themselves as someone who has been humiliated and suffered a conspiracy against them.

      Terms and slang used in their forums

      This group’s hatred is not directed exclusively at womenBut it has also been observed that physically attractive and sexually active men are also seen as enemies or rivals. In fact, they even generated nicknames or nicknames to name their hate objects.

      By “Chad” we mean all that physically attractive and sexually active man who represents what many of these subjects would like and cannot accomplish, and who are seen as their opposites. Some incels revere them, but in other cases there is usually a deep hatred and envy towards them. In some forums, we talked about the genocide of Chads.

      Another of the nicknames this subculture gives to others is the one given to the female counterpart of the previous case: the “Stacy”. In this case, it is physically attractive women and generally young people who tend to be attracted to “Chads” and reject members of the incel collective. It is a hated object of desire, because they consider that they are denied the love and sex to which they believe they are entitled.

      Furthermore they also use the term “femoid”, or female humanoid. He refers in a clearly pejorative and dehumanized way to those women who only have sex with the Chads, practically, as if that was their sole function.

      Finally, another derogatory term they use is “roast beef,” which refers to the way they believe they adopt the genitals of promiscuous women.

      Related psychological aspects

      Although there is no official profile, to take a more psychological reading of the incel ideology, researcher Debbie Ging, considers that it is possible to observe in those who are part of this group the presence of a high level of frustration, loneliness and a sense of belonging, To be ignored and to feel isolated. A frustration of those who hold their objects of desire responsible and those who have relationships with them.

      There is also the presence of a low level of tolerance and a low capacity to deal with love and / or sexual rejection, not having sufficient social and emotional management skills. These are people who they tend to focus on the perception of pain and frustration to end up blaming the other for it. The lack of strong emotional ties and personal insecurity also facilitates attribution to this type of ideology, bringing those that make it meaningful to their lack of relationships.

      Murders associated with this group

      The expansion of this group has already taken its first toll. One of the most notorious cases is that of Elliot Rodger, Who in 2014 shot six people and injured thirteen before committing suicide, after leaving tapes and documents in which he explained that he wanted to punish women for feeling rejected and dissatisfied all their lives and defending that they deserved to die.

      This first known case was idealized by some members of the incel collective, to the point that it would be replicated on April 23 of this year by Alek Minassian. And it is that the mass shooting that took place in Toronto last month that resulted in the deaths of a dozen people was caused by the aforementioned young man. After that, he left a message on Facebook expressing a desire to start a revolution and exterminate the Chads and Stacys.

      These are two cases in which this group’s involvement in killings and massacres has been directly observed, but other lesser-known cases could also be linked.

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