Intimacy with our city and with our beloved people

Cities have a special charm in summer. Although less and less, people are taking vacations throughout the year more often these days.

For those who stay in our cities in the summer, we have the possibility of live them with an intimacy much more difficult to live at other times of the year. It’s kind of an intimacy similar to the one we have with our partners or with people who are very dear to us.

    The relationship between intimacy with the city and with loved ones

    Below I present five aspects in which this intimacy with our city and with our special people are intertwined:

    1. Wander aimlessly

    Nowadays, having the time to dedicate to this wandering is a privilege. During the holidays we can walk without a predefined objective through the streets of our city. Discovering buildings that we hadn’t noticed, the color palette of a certain area of ​​the city, the vibrant atmosphere of a neighborhood where we don’t usually go or the shape of trees that we often ignore.

    In the same way, when you are with a relative without haste and without agenda, you rediscover it. All these months when we have been in such a hurry together have not allowed us to enjoy the person we have chosen to be with us.

      2. Leisure and cultural activities

      Cities maintain a schedule of activities even in the hottest summers. This is the news of the city. What is alive and happening right now.

      We also have people with news. What each of us stands for is important at this particular time in our lives. In the daily rush, we do not update the version of the people with whom we share life.

      The present is relevant to feeling united in the present to our cities and those we love.

        3. These postponed visits

        There are always spaces, areas, places where we live that, even if we find them very interesting, we leave them for another moment. They require a tranquility that does not usually accompany us during the course. These spaces can be a certain monument, a visit to certain paintings, diving into a certain historical period of our territory, etc.

        A similar process occurs with our special people. There are aspects of these people we know that we only know superficially. Conversations that we have the impression of not having finished, because they would imply being able to converse with more time and serenity. It is an intentional search for the other in this case. Summers offer what it takes to resume adjourned conversations. There is the time for the exhibition, to find each other, to find each other – because these are generally delicate subjects – and to find each other.

          4. What keeps us apart

          There are things in our cities that we don’t like. To feel that, we need a certain state of mind. It can be the weather, transport infrastructure, cultural environment, etc. We say yes to a city and live it fully when we have taken on the parts that we don’t like.

          And it’s the same with people. When we can be together knowing what separates us, the union becomes more meaningful and solid.

          5. What we don’t find and still choose to stay

          Our cities lack important things for each of us. We refer to irreparable absences because they are so relevant that the desire endures. Sometimes that’s the reason that triggers the trips. These landscapes, this light, this cultural environment, it does not exist in my city and yes in other places. I travel and come back. Somehow I feed off what is important to me in that other place and return to the city where I have decided to live.

          In relationships with our loved ones, space for everyone is important, to nourish oneself outside the relationship to the activities and environments essential to each one. The couple, or special relationship, becomes stronger because fuller, happier people inherit it.

          As a conclusion

          These are areas in which intimacy with our cities and with our loved ones is intertwined.

          Human beings need to live our privacy – being able to be with our sensitivities in the flesh knowing that the other person is going to take care of us – in the healthiest way possible. We need to feel that we have a special relationship with another person or with “another”, for example the place where we live.

          Summer and people moving give us the opportunity to fall in love with our cities and loved ones all over again.

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