Misogyny: 9 attitudes that portray misogynists

Misogyny is a concept used to refer to the more or less disguised hatred of women and girls..

It should be noted that misogyny is just an idea that describes the real behaviors of real people and therefore only exists through the actions of certain people.

Characteristics and attitudes of misogynistic people

Recognizing misogynists is necessary to be able to relativize their behavior and educate respect for all, whatever their physical characteristics.

Below you can see what they are the main characteristics, attitudes and tendencies of misogynistic individuals.

1.reification of the female body

Perceiving women as objects is one of the main characteristics of misogynists. Cosification means that, on the one hand, women are seen as an object used for pleasure and education, and on the other hand, they are reduced in value as human beings, which makes the eyes of misogynistic a woman is only worth for her “functions” and not because of her human condition.

It should be noted that reification does not recognize a person’s physical attractiveness, but reduces their entire identity to aesthetic or functional properties, as any household tool would.

2. Selective puritanism

Another characteristic of misogynistic people is his tendency to selectively use a puritanical morality in matters of sexuality; more precisely, they only apply it to judge the behavior of women. This is why they denigrate women who dress or act in a way they deem provocative, while ignoring this phenomenon in the case of men.

The logic behind this type of thinking is simple: how a woman’s worth is fundamentally related to aesthetics and her ability to give offspring, all of this can be interpreted as a tendency to “share” these two qualities with someone. ‘one other than the partner dilutes the value of who you are. Man, however, has value beyond his appearance and reproductive role, so nothing happens if he expresses his sexuality more or less visibly.

3. Tendency to encourage others to reify themselves

Misogyny is not something you get used to living in isolation, but it’s related to a way of seeing things that we try to share with others. This makes it common, for example, for misogynists to encourage other people to make derogatory or obnoxious comments about passing strangers.

4. Use of gender-based violence

The most obvious manifestation of misogyny is the use of gender-based violence, whether physical, verbal or symbolic. This type of violence targets women in a systematic way because it is, and is one of the main reasons feminism advocates the need to guarantee women’s rights.

5. Systematic criminalization of victims of gender-based violence

Misogynists tend to blame victims for gender-based violence. They understand that these episodes of aggression are due to the woman not attending with sufficient care or provoking others with the way she dresses, or it is simply taken for granted that the accusations of violence are false without having consistent evidence to suggest this possibility.

In this way, a double objective is achieved. On the one hand, violence against women is hidden, And on the other hand, it legitimizes the power it has over their bodies, defending the idea that they must be adapted to well-defined gender roles.

6. Marginalization of women

It is not surprising that misogynists tend to reject the idea of ​​relating to women beyond the professional sphere or economic transactions. Today there is even a movement called Men Go their Own Way in which a lifestyle away from women and traditional marriage is justified.

7. Authoritarian tendencies with women

Whenever it is possible to impose one’s own will on a woman, misogynists do so.. It does not mean that they are using force; they may just make fanciful or absurd requests just for the sake of seeing how she obeys. One way or another, she takes advantage of the contexts in which the man has power over the woman (such as at work) to use it far beyond what is justifiable. Likewise, he acts as if there is a tacit agreement which the woman obeys, even in informal settings where there is no higher or lower position.

8. Rejection of female leadership

Under the influence of misogyny, female leadership, or anything that involves giving visibility to women beyond their traditional roles is frowned upon. This can be reflected both in the business and organizational environment and, for example, in the criticism of works of fiction. Last year, for example, there was a controversy when part of the internet community called for a boycott of the movie Mad Max: Fury Road to give prominence and the role of hero to a character played by Charlize. Theron.

In this way, a traditional view of things is held in which the most relevant decisions are always made by men, and attempts to change this are seen as strident attempts to attract attention.

9. Tendency to associate the low forms of culture with the feminine

Another characteristic of misogynistic people is the propensity to consider women consuming minor forms of cultivation: Bad novels, bad TV shows, bad songs, etc. This critical look at what most women consume does not apply when it comes to analyzing the forms of culture that men consume en masse.

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