Technological well-being

Towards the middle of 2022 and after more than two years marked by a global health crisis, we are at a turning point in which technology has finally settled into our lives.

For better or worse, new communication and information management systems are already the norm rather than the exception, driving changes in human interactions, project management, work dynamics and the way we travel or shop. Therefore, according to happiens, we believe that now is the perfect time to reflect on the potential of technology to influence the emotional and psychological well-being of people and society in general.

We offer critical and constructive reflection in which ideas become decisions and actions that lead us to real change, that allow us to build a better future; a more human and happy future.

    When social relationships go virtual

    We live in a hyper-connected world, as they say… In Happians we are not so clear, because if we leave aside wifi, bluetooth, fiber optic connections, social networks, apps, planes or trains, we do not have the feeling that the world or, rather, people , we are more connected than before.

    We mean on a human and emotional level; we are talking about conscious connections. In fact, we may be more fragmented and polarized than ever, and that’s partly because of these new technologies that seem to connect us all more.

    We interact on social media and mobile apps and think we know what the other person looks like from a series of photos, phrases, hashtags or titles, since in real life we ​​barely speak , or maybe we haven’t even seen each other. We send each other photos (sometimes very intimate) or we leave comments in posts that we dare not say in real life. We talk more and more about chats and emojis and less and less about the phone or face to face… In Happians we don’t say that we have to stop using this technology, but it is essential that we learn to use them in a more conscious and concrete way. Not for everything and all the time.

    In this sense, it is important to talk about education, in particular about new generations born and raised directly in a digital environment. But for change to happen, the older generations, who currently govern, legislate, direct and run most businesses, must also be involved.

      The need to reformulate education

      All colleges, institutes and universities in the world should integrate subjects so that students know how these new technologies work, their advantages and disadvantages, their possibilities and limits and, above all, how they affect us emotionally and psychologically. With this education and information, we will truly be free to decide whether or not to use it and, if so, to consciously choose in which way.

      At happiens we firmly believe in education and freedom as fundamental and necessary values ​​for happiness and human progress. We believe in the importance of providing people with useful tools, information and knowledge to make them more free, aware and happy. We believe that the important thing is the essence, the consciousness and the being, and not so much the appearance and the having. We think it is important to understand that often “less is more” and that we must be aware of our decisions and actions in order to improve our future and our present.

        Technological well-being: reconnecting with our human side

        From the beginning, happiens was born with a vocation of positive impact through the use of new technologies, because the Humanism and Science Foundation (FHC) was aware that this was the best way to reach as many people as possible and bring them transformative tools and ideas, which could help them move forward on their path to happiness. In fact, the origin of the happians is the creation of an online course from a book written by the former president and founder of the FHC, Carlos Zapata Pérez, entitled “Happiness is in your hands”.

        This book basically contains a series of learnings, reflections and exercises that Carlos collected throughout his life and wanted to translate into a book with the aim that other people benefit from what he had discovered after many years of experiences, joys, sorrows. , challenges. , changes… Happiness is inside, not outside. East a state of being, which depends more on us than we think.

        And that essence, that spirit, is the one that collects and keeps Happians alive using current means and advancements to reach as many people as possible, but without losing the quality and authenticity of the message along the way.

          The potential of new technologies

          Thanks to the huge technological advances of the last decades, we have been able to create in a short time and with relatively few resources, quality content that we can then reach people all over the world. Thanks to tablet and computer screens and the creation of smartphones, we all have invaluable resources and knowledge in our hands, available anytime and anywhere, and it’s wonderful. It’s incredible!

          It’s a clear example of how technology can help increase people’s well-being by reducing costs and bringing in resources that were once reserved for the few.

          This would fall under what is now known as positive technology, i.e. the practical union of positive psychology and information and communication technologies, in order to improve the experience of people, to expand their well-being, to promote social cohesion and to develop human strengths, among other things. It’s not just about content, but also about designing apps and websites, taking into account people’s emotional and psychological well-being and not just the product or service they offer.

          If we want to build a world with higher levels of well-being, a conscious and connected world, in which technology helps us and does not separate us, does not manipulate or generate dependency, It is essential that we devote our efforts and resources to improving the quality of life for all. At happiens, we believe that we are at a crucial moment where we can use technology in a more democratic and transparent way, to move towards a happier and more sustainable future.

          To do this, in addition to promoting positive technology, technological well-being and useful organizations, we must go beyond the individual and the personal to act globally, generating a level of collective consciousness and brotherhood as that species in which technological advances are for everyone. , rather than for a few and to the detriment of many.

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