The 20 countries with the most gender-based violence in the world

Gender-based violence is a major global problem facing thousands of people every year. And even in cases where death is not caused, it can destroy the person both physically and mentally by simply being born with specific genitals.

This disturbing phenomenon is occurring as we have said on a global scale, although there are certain geographical areas and countries in which, for various cultural reasons, it is more prevalent.

This has generated multiple research and analysis, to the point that different classifications have been made according to different types of assault and violence against a sex (especially women). Throughout this article we will briefly take a look at the 20 countries with the most gender-based violence.

    What is gender violence?

    Before moving on to countries where the prevalence of gender-based violence is higher, it is advisable to make a small definition of the concept in question.

    Gender violence is any act (or absence / denial thereof) carried out intentionally and deliberately by one person in order to cause harm or suffering to another, and the origin or motivation lies in the fact that the part attacked is part. a particular sex or sex. That is to say that an aggression occurs against a person by the simple fact that this one has certain genitals. In most cases, this type of violence is exerted by the man against the woman, deriving from the gender roles that have traditionally placed women in inferiority and submission to men.

    Gender-based violence encompasses many types of violence, including physical, psychological and sexual violence as the most common, but there are other types of violence such as social violence (limiting the person’s contact with his environment) or heritage (destruction). heritage). Specific acts can include, but are not limited to, direct assault, sexual abuse and assault (including rape), public harassment and humiliation (direct or indirect), threats and coercion.

    The effects on the victim of such abuse can vary widely. On a physical level, they can cause a lot of injury, bleeding, coma and even death. Psychologically, any of these types of abuse often experience traumatic, in addition to being able to generate a decrease in the level of self-esteem (which is on the other hand the goal of many abusers), situations of dependence on them. the “aggressor, anxiety and distress.” In some cases, autolytic or suicidal thoughts occur, sometimes consumed. too much it is common for abuse to lead to cognitive distortions, Underestimate the seriousness of the situation or even in extreme cases to the level of blaming yourself and seeing it as deserving of abuse.

      The 20 countries with the highest level of gender-based violence

      Below is a brief list of the 20 countries with the most gender-based violence, based on data provided by different studies conducted by different agencies. Most of them are countries located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean and in Africa, although we also introduce examples from America and Europe. It’s not a ranking, we’ll just see the names of some of the countries in which the highest level of gender-based violence occurs.

      Of course, it should be remembered that the information used to find this out is not available in all countries of the world and, in some cases, are estimates based on related data.

      1. India

      India is one of the countries that consistently ranks among the highest levels of gender-based violence, with violence, exploitation and sexual slavery being the most common type of violence (we are talking about a hundred assaults daily sex).). Genital mutilation, forced domestic labor and arranged marriages since childhood are also common. As the country slowly begins to respond and write laws that are never tough to prevent it, a traditional mentality remains in place which relegates women to a position of inferiority which resulted in numerous victims of physical and sexual abuse and, in many cases, murder.

      2. Syria

      Another country that usually coincides first in countries with the highest level of gender-based violence and the greatest danger to women is Syria. Domestic violence and sexual violence occur in a very high proportion. outraged the situation after the arrival of the war worsened considerably, Considerable increase in sexual exploitation and slavery of women.

      3. Afghanistan

      Afghanistan is also one of the countries where there is a higher level of gender-based violence both physically and mentally and even sexually. It is estimated that around 9 in 10 women have suffered or will suffer throughout their lifetime at some point. It is also considered to be one of the most restrictive countries towards women.

      4. Somalia

      Somalia is another country with the highest gender-based violence, with practices such as clitoral ablation and honor killings. Many women die or have their life or freedom severely limited as a result of these practices. Rape is also common, even as a weapon of war to intimidate citizens of the region. Women’s legal rights are minimal, however. in Somaliland part there are regulations that reduce gender discrimination.

      5. Democratic Republic of the Congo

      The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the countries with the highest level of sexual violence against women, especially in terms of rape (sometimes also as a weapon of war). Domestic violence, both physical and mental, is also common in everyday life.

      6. Saudi Arabia

      While it looks like things are starting to improve for women in this country, the truth is that Saudi Arabia is still considered one of the most repressive countries, with no laws against gender violence and dependent on almost all human permission. Violence is perpetrated and, as in other countries, hidden by those who experience it. In one of the studies carried out by the National Association for Human Rights, it was concluded that about 93% of women in this country have experienced some form of assault by their partner.

      7. Yemen

      The poor consideration of the figure of women in this country makes Yemen one of the countries most conducive to the emergence of gender violence, being among the first places in the countries with the highest level of violence . The legislation also fails to protect against the practice of a wide variety of abuses.

      8. Nigeria

      Nigeria is another African country that is among those that support higher levels of gender-based violence, particularly at the sexual level. In addition to this type of violence, they also suffer from discrimination and difficulties in accessing basic services.

      9. Pakistan

      In Pakistan, the situation of women is also one of the most complicated in the world, with a high level of abuse of women and a large number of deaths and mutilations (such as those caused by acid). About 95% of women suffer from abuse.

      10. Uganda

      In this country, some studies have observed the presence of gender and sexual violence not only against adult women but also against disabled children: 24% of these girls say they have been abused. Physical and mental violence is also common.

      11. Honduras

      Honduras is the country with the highest number of deaths from gender-based violence in South America, and in fact the UN is considered one of the countries without the most femicide (14.6 / 100,000) in world.

      12. Central African Republic

      In this country, the insecurity caused by recent wars has led to an increased risk of experiencing certain types of violence, including sexual violence. outraged most medical centers do not have not the ability to treat victims of that.

      13. Argentina

      One of the South American countries with the highest level of gender-based violence, records show a high number of murders of women from this cause. Although there are laws that seek their protection, there is still a very conservative view of gender roles.

      14. Iraq

      Iraq is another country where women’s rights are poorer and where gender-based violence is more likely to emerge. Levels of physical and sexual violence are high, especially after relatively recent war conflicts.

      15. Mexico

      Also in Mexico, we find one of the countries most marked by gender violence, being common the suffering of sexual abuse by the couple. The same goes for physical violence. In reality in some regions, this type of violence is socially accepted. More than 23,000 women have been murdered in the past 10 years.

      16. Venezuela

      One of the Latin countries with the highest level of gender-based violence is Venezuela, with almost 40% of women suffering from this type of abuse.

      17. Guatemala

      Another of the South American countries that holds the title of being one of the most affected by gender-based violence, in addition to one of the countries with the highest level of femicide, is Guatemala.

      18. Denmark

      Denmark is the European country with the highest level of abuse and gender-based violence, with almost 48% of the female population suffering from some form of violence. this one it intervenes mainly in the family and couple context, but also in the workplace.

      19. Finland

      Although it is a country that stands out in many ways, including educational practices, the truth is that Finland is one of the European countries that experiences the highest level of gender violence, accounting for around 47% of women. who have suffered some form of violence because of their gender. Interestingly, it is also one of the countries that devotes the most to developing protection policies and one of the least sexist.

      20. United States

      The inclusion of the United States in the countries with the highest gender-based violence may seem odd, but the truth is that some studies place this country in one of the first places in terms of risk of sexual harassment and violence, As well as in terms of psychological abuse.

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