The 5 benefits of being an honest person

Honesty is a quality that helps promote authenticity, reflecting thoughts and feelings. Moreover, it encourages courage and helps to show others that we are a reliable person, hence a secure connection with them. On the other hand, honesty attracts other honest people, so we will be surrounded by genuine people who can help enrich our experiences.

Among the advantages of being an honest person, it is also worth noting the following: it promotes good understanding and communication with others, it can help in the workplace and also when it comes to achieving certain goals , it should be noted that honesty can benefit mental health.

If you want to know more about the benefits of being an honest personin this article we will explain the main ones in more detail, but first we will talk about the meaning of honesty and explain the main characteristics of honest people.

    The characteristics of an honest person

    Honesty, from the Latin honestĭtas, -ātis, is the quality of honest people (an adjective with meanings such as “rect, probo, fair, reasonable or decent”, among others) which consists in communicate and behave frankly, reasonably and try to be correct. Likewise, honesty is a way of acting that generally goes hand in hand with these intrinsic values ​​of honest people.

    On the other hand, it should be noted that to consider that a person is completely honest, his thoughts and feelings must be in line with his actions and it would also be normal for his values ​​to be in line with the norms of his community. .

    honest people they tend to avoid expressing themselves and behave in an objectionable manner towards others since their behavior and their way of communicating generally develop from loyalty and sincerity based on universal moral principles; therefore, we would say that honesty is closely related to the principles of justice and truth.

    In addition, honesty is considered a fundamental moral value to be able to establish interpersonal relationships based on sincerity, trust and, of course, mutual respect, which is very positive for mental health. And it is that honesty generally influences various aspects of life since it manifests itself socially and also in the inner life, without discarding the intimate environment of honest people. What else, in an honest person they are usually governed by honesty even the most insignificant acts (for example, telling the seller that he returned more money for his purchase).

    Before proceeding to explain the benefits of being an honest person, let us list the main characteristics of honest people, as follows:

    • Honest people generally trust others and are also reliable people.
    • They normally use direct language, speaking clearly and directly.
    • Honest people tend to behave in coherence with what they express and especially with their values.
    • Honest people generally have high self-esteem and generally have a lot of self-confidence.

      What are the benefits of being an honest person?

      Honesty could be considered a very positive virtue or quality and the reality is that in many cases it is not cultivated enough, not to mention that it is sometimes difficult to find people who are completely honest. This quality means that words and behaviors are developed in truth and even justice. Moreover, when a person is honest, their actions usually have an intention that makes them transparent, clear or without unnecessary frills that could generate any type of confusion or doubt.

      For all this and other positive aspects related to honesty, by demonstrating this virtue to the people around honest people, it is very likely that they can be entrusted with responsibilities of great importance, not to mention that it facilitates building relationships already that those who really know an honest person normally trust him unconditionally. Next, we will explain in more detail what these advantages of being an honest person are.

      1. Allows you to attract other honest people

      One of the main benefits of being an honest person is the fact that when a person behaves and communicates with others in an honest way, they usually end up attracting other equally honest people. this it is very positive for developing healthy, solid and lasting interpersonal relationshipsso it is more likely that they can find good and honest friends whom they can trust.

      In addition, honesty makes it possible to establish a sentimental relationship based on trust so that it has a better chance of lasting.

        2. Job aid

        Honesty is also beneficial on a professional level, because honest people generally have good relations with their colleagues and are also more likely to be rewarded financially and also through possible recommendations to other companies.

        In addition, honesty can be a very distinguishing characteristic, so employers come to value fidelity and loyalty, which can help when obtaining positions of trust and great responsibility within the company. company, not to mention the benefits it could have to improve the climate within the company and also promote the good performance of workers when they have an honest manager or manager.

        On the other hand, honesty can lead to the smooth performance of work tasks because when a person communicates honestly, it encourages problem solving, which could help increase productivity. On the contrary, if some things are hidden during communication, very valuable time may be wasted clarify positions when they clash, so productivity levels may end up falling.

          3. Puede ayudar by achieving goals

          Another of the advantages of being an honest person is the help that this virtue can give in achieving goals, because when a person is honest and also sincere, without having to worry about appearing what they are not , his mind is more focused on achieving the goals that this person came to propose. In this way, he will also use his time and all his energy in achieving the objectives that gradually go towards these final goals.

          Also, acting this way there is less risk of scamming those who have trusted this honest personso that they can also benefit from the achievement of the proposed objectives.

            4. It promotes good understanding and communication with others

            Communication with others is very important for the correct development of people on a daily basis, being fundamental in several areas: social, professional or academic and much more. In this sense, one of the advantages of being an honest person is that this quality can promote a good understanding with others and, therefore, the quality of communication with others would improve.

            Also, honesty it helps that a person over time becomes able to express judgments with the ability not to harm other people. And when a person is honest and consistent with him, when he applies it in all contexts, he will be appreciated and listened to by others, which is very beneficial when establishing contact with other people.

            5. Honesty can benefit your own mental health

            Finally, it should be mentioned that one of the main advantages of being an honest person is that when a person is honest, their conscience will be clear and it is more likely that their actions will be in line with their values, so that chances of developing anxiety Likewise, these people tend to suffer fewer headaches or headaches, as well as being less likely to develop anxiety-related symptoms as a result of having worked poorly.

            In a survey published in 2017 by a group of researchers led by American neuroscientist Molly J. Crockett, it was shown that the brain responds satisfactorily to appropriate thoughts and behaviors, thus being cognitive dissonance is less likely to occur. To do this, they scanned the brains of a group of volunteers who were asked if they would be willing to harm other people anonymously in exchange for an economic benefit.

            What could be observed is that most of the people who took part in the study were not satisfied, as evidenced by the brain scan that was applied to them.

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