The 6 benefits of training through webinars and audiovisual content

The widespread use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in our society has provided truly useful tools to millions of people to improve their lives in a wide variety of life aspects. And one of them is that of training; In recent years, a significant number of options have emerged to learn the theory and practice of various fields, all you need is an Internet connection and relatively cheap electronic devices these days.

In this direction, The popularization of webinars has broadened our understanding of learningby combining the most positive aspects of face-to-face courses and independent training via a computer.

But what many forget is that this format does not apply only to university or post-graduate programs of specialization and professionalization: it can also apply to the world of personal development or to training in emotional management skills.

    The main benefits of learning through webinars

    In the field of training, the use of all types of webinars and audiovisual content offered by training companies and instructors in our area of ​​​​interest is a resource that, in some ways, has advantages over the face to face course.

    Below we present the main advantages offered by training through webinars and programs of audiovisual content with live lessons that can be found on the Internet.

    1. Time flexibility

    One of the main advantages offered by distance learning through specialized webinars and audiovisual content is the possibility of including the training period in our weekly schedule. without unduly interfering with schedule or obligations that we have to deal with daily.

    And the fact that we don’t have to travel to attend classes in specific places allows us to save a lot of time on the move; minutes that we can devote, before and after each session, to other important obligations that we have to fulfil.

    Therefore, there are more and more people who, from the very beginning, decide to train online and do not even consider looking for face-to-face courses because of the time savings that this type of training offers.

      2. Allow travel during holidays

      Having a more flexible training modality allows many people to decide to take courses during the holiday period, when traveling to any domestic or international destination.

      The majority of the courses, webinars and audiovisual content that we have in any specialized training allow us to consult said content from any site where there is an Internet connection, which allows us to perfectly combine the training with the trip that we have anticipated and made it less likely that we will have to interrupt a series of classes we attend.

        3. Allows you to adapt to the environment

        Online training allows us to adapt at all times to the environment in which we work, taking into account our needs; we have much more control over how we attend these sessions, adjusting aspects related to ergonomics and comfort.

        The family environment we have also allows us to choose how we attend each training, as well as controlling more variables about possible things that would make us feel uncomfortable and make us concentrate more and better.

        And in many cases, this means greater motivation and productivity in performance due to the comfort we feel during the training period and the fact that the discomfort we sometimes encounter in the classrooms does not distract us.

          4. More economical price

          In addition to being able to train with greater flexibility, online training also offers us a more economical price for the courses compared to the classic training in face-to-face format. This is because these sessions are taught entails a lower cost for the offering party.

          In addition to this, the fact that we do not have to travel to attend a face-to-face course also allows us to save money that we can invest in other training or in any other activity that interests us. .

          5. Greater accessibility

          The greater degree of accessibility for people with reduced mobility is also an advantage that must be taken into account for thousands of people with special needs in this sense.

          Similarly, online training allows many people with anxiety issues or difficulty leaving home they can access a type of training that allows them to be alone in the comfort of their own home.

            6. Facilitates its own organization

            Another of the advantages that online training offers over face-to-face training is the possibility of creating your own work and training space. according to our own methods of personal organization.

            Applying a learning rhythm that adapts to our needs is essential for success in training and is a great help for people who have difficulty adapting to an external or imposed work rhythm.

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