The 70 best forgiveness phrases

Forgiveness is a little complicated task, both for those who offer them and for those who accept them. In this process, it may be helpful to think about some forgiveness sentences spoken or written by thinkers and authors important.

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    Forgiveness phrases for being at peace

    In this article, you will find a selection of forgiveness phrases that will invite you to reflect on this reality of personal relationships.

    1. Men who do not forgive women for their little flaws will never take advantage of their great virtues (Khalil Gibran)

    Gibran, in a girlish sentence, invites us not to focus all of our attention on those acts that produce disappointment, including those bad decisions or the desire to hurt.

    2. Only those truly courageous spirits can forgive. A vile being never forgives because it is not in his nature (Laurence Sterne)

    One of the phrases on moral forgiveness.

    3. Always forgive your enemy. There’s nothing left to make him angry (Oscar Wilde)

    An action that denotes superiority.

    4. “I can forgive, but I don’t forget”, is just another way of saying, “I can’t, forgive” (Henry Ward Beecher)

    For Beecher, forgiveness consisted in completely forgetting the crime committed.

    5. To forgive too much for what is wrong is an injustice with what is wrong (Baldassare Castiglione)

    We must avoid normalizing the act of apologizing because it can become a repeat offender and harm others.

    6. To forgive is not to take into account the other’s limits and faults too much, not to take them too seriously, but to take importance, with good humor, saying: I know that you do not. are not like that! (Robert Spaemann)

    On the pardon that cancels the intention with which the offense was committed.

    7. We forgive him while we love him (François de la Rochefoucauld)

    Love makes us tolerant facing certain offenses.

    8. To forgive is only learned in life when, in turn, we need a lot of forgiveness (Jacinto Benavente)

    When we relate this need to our experiences.

    9. Write the grievances in the dust, the words of well write them in the marble (Benjamin Franklin)

    On what should transcend our actions.

    10. We teach to forgive; but we also learn not to offend. It would be more efficient (José Ingenieros)

    This sentence of forgiveness from the engineers wisely addresses this question.

    11. We easily forgive our friends for faults of which nothing affects us (François de la Rochefoucauld)

    Seen from this reflection, it is easy to forgive.

    12. Man grows when he kneels (Alessandro Manzoni)

    The act of asking for forgiveness comes from a process where the human being recognizes his mistakes and the damage he has caused to others, taking responsibility for making them again.

    13. For want of forgiveness, may oblivion come (Alfred de Musset)

    In some situations, turning the page is an option.

    14. It is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend (William Blake)

    Because the difference between them is loyalty and trust

    15. Winning and forgiving is winning twice (Pedro Calderón de la Barca)

    And the act of forgiving is more powerful between the two.

    16. The weak cannot forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong (Mahatma Gandhi)

    … because we must put aside prejudices and senseless pride.

    17. What I hate most is apologizing before stepping on it (Woody Allen)

    It is probably a reckless attitude for the actor.

    18. Never hesitate to reach out; never hesitate to accept the hand that another offers you (John XXIII)

    … as he represents him, he accepts an act of humility and benevolence.

    19. Forgiveness easily invites offense (Pierre Corneille)

    When forgiveness becomes superficial and automatic.

    20. What some men have the most difficulty forgiving a woman is that they are comforted to have been ridiculed by her (Paul Charles Bourget)

    In this sentence of forgiveness, the writing reflects the sexist society of the time.

    21. Always forgive others, never yourself (Publio Siro)

    Because your mistakes are part of your growth.

    22. Granting forgiveness is the highest degree of vanity or fear (José Luis Coll)

    This sentence arose from the actor’s point of view in relation to the attitude that accompanies the act of accepting forgiveness.

    23. The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom is always forgiveness (Honoré de Balzac)

    About maternal love who agrees to accept the apologies of his children.

      24. If an apology is followed by an apology or reason, it means that they will make the same mistake again and have therefore apologized (Amit Kalantri)

      While the action is still justified, apologizing is not honest.

      25. We never forgive more than those we have an interest in forgiving (Jules Renard)

      Those who represent a significant presence in our lives and in the face of error.

      26. Forget and forgive. It is not difficult if you understand. It means forgiving inconvenience and forgiving forgetting. With a lot of practice and determination it will be easier (Mark Twain)

      Advice from this prolific writer who approaches forgiveness with respect for oneself.

      27. When you say the word “sorry” make sure you understand that the apology has three parts. “I’m sorry”, “It’s my fault and I won’t do it again” and “How can I improve things?” The last part is the most important (Manasa Rao Saarloos)

      This sentence of forgiveness contains a lot of wisdom, As it deals with the intention of how to repair the effect of our bad action.

      28. To say “I’m sorry” is to say “I love you” with a hurt heart in one hand and your stifled pride in the other (Richelle E. Goodrich)

      This writer manages to describe the act of apologizing with an emphasis on the process.

      29. When you forgive, you release your soul. But when you say “I’m sorry!”, You free two souls (Donald L. Hicks)

      It’s important for the other person to know how you really feel, not only because it’s important to admit fault, but also to foster reconciliation.

      30. Forgiveness is not always easy. Sometimes forgiving what caused him hurts more than the hurt he suffered. And yet there is no peace without forgiveness (Marianne Williamson)

      Forgiveness as the only way to peace and quiet.

        31. Apologizing doesn’t always mean you’re wrong. It just means you value your relationship more than your ego (Mark Matthews)

        Often the apologies have no honest cause.

        32. Admitting a mistake is not a weakness; on the contrary, it shows an openness of your heart. It takes courage to apologize. Only a strong, balanced, and clear-headed individual can do this effortlessly. Taking responsibility for your actions requires and develops your self-control. You become your own person (Vishwas Chavan)

        When to apologize is a reflection of a great personality.

        33. Saying “I’m sorry” won’t fix what’s broken. You can’t invest the time, fix the damage, or change anything that’s happened. But a sincere and humble apology can serve to soften the sting and sometimes does a good job of mending (Richelle E. Goodrich)

        Not only an apology, but also repair the relationship that has been affected with the other.

        34. Apologizing is different from begging, it doesn’t change your status, so go ahead and get down on your knees, shed tears if you have any for the person you have offended, if you have a place in it. their hearts, you will be totally forgiven and accepted (Michael Bassey Johnso)

        This sentence of forgiveness invites us to humbly accept our mistakes and to offer forgiveness if necessary.

        35. Truly humble apologies serve to part storm clouds, calm rough seas, and attract the gentle lights of dawn; has the power to change a person’s world (Richelle E. Goodrich)

        On the power of forgiveness and as the promotion of peace.

        36. Sometimes an apology releases a part of you that you didn’t even know was in a cage … and forgiveness destroys that cage (Sanjo Jendayi)

        A nice analogy to bring us closer to the power that this feeling produces.

        37. Never spoil an excuse with an excuse (Benjamin Franklin)

        This sentence tells us that we must not justify our bad deeds.

        38. Apologies are not about changing the past, they are about changing the future (Kevin Hancock)

        And ensure a good relationship with the other.

        39. Never delay in fixing a relationship that is close to your heart. If you need to say “I’m sorry,” say it now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us (Toni Sorenson)

        It is one of the expressions of respect and gratitude for preserving important relationships.

        40. Forgiveness is the perfume that pours the violet on the heel that crushed it (Mark Twain)

        Nice sentence of forgiveness from Twain, in which it is clear that accepting an apology frees us too.

          41. Apologies are the tail of life! “You can fix almost anything! (Lynn Johnston)

          As long as it comes from deep and honest reflection.

          42. Sorry! It’s the least you can do to try and fix something you’ve hurt (Samhita Baruah)

          When it is an inescapable responsibility.

          43. Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling, because when we forgive we no longer feel offended, we no longer feel resentment. Forgive me, that by forgiving you will have your soul in peace and what offended you will have (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

          A perspective that takes into account from the perspective of the person who offended the other.

          44. In any relationship, the frequent use of two words is very important. They can change the course of the destination. These words are: Thank you and sorry (Girdhar Joshi)

          Powerful words that we must use frequently.

          45. The truth is, unless you let it go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize the situation is over, you can’t move on. (Steve Maraboli)

          To forgive is to let go.

          46. ​​The apology is not about saying you feel sorry, but about the meaning you give to the apology and admitting that you are the bad part (Unarine Ramaru)

          This sentence of forgiveness makes us reflect on the process that forgiveness brings.

          47. When the wound is deep. The action to rectify must come from the heart, for the word “forgiveness” is not enough to sew such a deep gash (Trishna Damodar)

          An attitude of change can build trust in the other.

          48. An apology can be a wonderful thing as long as it is infrequent and comes from the heart. However, beware of people who excuse bad behavior. To them it’s a means to an end (Gary Hopkins)

          On superficial excuses.

          49. A life without forgiveness is a prison (William Arthur Ward)

          A prison of guilt and fear.

          50. Such is life. Sometimes we don’t even want to know how much pain we are causing others for fear of ruining our little pleasures. And when the time comes to face the consequences, it’s too late to feel sorry (Menelau Stephanides)

          Sometimes losing it comes late and is no longer necessary.

          51. Apologies demand full responsibility. There are no half-truths, no partial admissions, no rationalizations, no remarks or justifications in the apologies (Cathy Burnham)

          The reflection must be total and honest.

          52. Forgiveness must be immediate whether a person asks for it or not. Confidence must be rebuilt over time. Trust takes a story (Rick Warren)

          You have to be patient and I hope that the offender can accept our apologies.

          53. I’m not very good at saying sorry, but I’m sorry (Chris Kurtz)

          You don’t need proper words, just say it from your heart.

          54. We don’t forgive people because they deserve it. We forgive them because they need it (Bree Despain)

          Because affection towards them we makes him understand his repentance.

          55. Be the hero of hearts; learn to say sorry (Richelle E. Goodrich)

          Save people from this unpleasant moment that caused your mistakes.

            56. A Friendship Broken And Mended By Forgiveness Can Be Even Stronger Than It Was (Stephen Richards)

            For the act of forgiving strengthens both the one who forgives and the one who asks for forgiveness.

            57. A sincere and warmly expressed apology can produce the same effects as morphine in a suffering soul (Richelle E. Goodrich)

            When your words are a caress for the soul.

            58. Nothing liberates more than forgiveness. Nothing renews as much as forgetting (Ray A. Davis)

            About that soft and refreshing feeling that feels like freedom.

            59. The state of mind which he is able to forgive is a magnetic power to attract good (Catalina Ponder)

            People who can forgive inspire good things.

            60. The problem with saying or feeling that you feel it is that it often comes after the damage has already been done (Asma Naqi)

            This is one of the things we always face and we don’t know how to fix it.

            61. Forgiveness is the economy of the heart, forgiveness avoids the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of minds (Hannah More)

            It protects us from negative emotional consequences.

            62. An excuse given only to appease one’s conscience is selfish and it is better not to say it! (Evinda Lepins)

            Forgiveness must always come with the other person in mind.

            63. You think you couldn’t live with the pain. This pain is not lived. He’s just holding on. I’m sorry (Erin Morgenstern)

            And this pain dries up our minds.

            64. Futility laments without doing anything to eliminate the cause (John Geddes)

            One of those forgiveness phrases in which a metaphor is established to express the idea in a very visual way.

            65. Beat the anger, stop using it as a shield against the truth, and you will find the compassion you need to forgive the people you love (Glenn Beck)

            Forgiveness is not only an act of repentance but also of love.

            66. Yes, dear father. But has it ever occurred to you that by controlling your feelings, you destroy them? How many times can we say “sorry” until we can’t regret anything? (Jean the square)

            When we all desensitize ourselves, we have superficially apologized.

            67. Who cares who is right or who is wrong when the last word is a benevolent excuse? (Richelle E. Goodrich)

            when the power of forgiveness has shown its effect.

            68. Learning to forgive can be the most difficult of human acts and the closest to divinity (Justin Cronin)

            Being able to be at peace with another person is a very divine quality.

            69. It’s amazing how many wounds can be healed with these two words: I’m sorry (Matshona Dhliwayo)

            And we should think more about it to publish it.

            70. Never think that you are so good or so important, so correct or so proud, that you cannot kneel at the feet of someone you pity and offer a sincere and humble apology (Richelle E. Goodrich)

            About turning off the pride that doesn’t let you break free and show your best side.

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