The 76 best questions to play in ‘Truth or Challenge’

“Truth or Challenge” is one of the funniest games we can play in the company of our friends and that it does not require any additional material (eg cards, board game, ball, etc.).

It consists of answering sincerely a series of questions, usually very personal and engaged, or choosing the challenge, challenge or punishment foreseen at that precise moment.

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Table of Contents

Questions for the game “Truth or challenge”

If you want to play this game and need some ideas on what to ask. Below is a list that can be very helpful. It is as follows.

1. How would you feel if you connected with your partner by giving yourself pleasure?

Some people may believe that their partner wants other people if they encounter this situation.

2. What’s your biggest secret?

We all have a secret that we keep and we wouldn’t be able to tell it to anyone.

3. If you could change something in your body, what would it be?

This question can shed light on a person’s level of self-esteem and how they perceive themselves.

4. If you had the opportunity to date someone who is present, who would it be?

This question can be compromised, because if the other person didn’t know it, they can know it now.

5. If you could sleep with a celebrity, who would it be?

Not everyone would answer this question without feeling embarrassed.

6. What was the worst day of your life?

Life has good days and bad days. On this occasion we have to talk about the most unpleasant day.

7. What is your most desired sexual fantasy?

We all have sexual fantasies, but not everyone is willing to talk about them openly.

8. What is the craziest thing you have ever done for a boy or a girl?

In love, we can sometimes go crazy. It has happened to all of us.

9. How was your first sexual experience?

The first sexual experience doesn’t always have to be framed, so it can be difficult to talk about it.

10. How many people have you slept with?

There are people who do not want to answer this question. Men tend to exaggerate the number, while women tend to say less about relationships than they actually have.

11. Do you regret anything in this life?

Sometimes we can regret that we did something. Although we have to accept it.

12. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

We have all committed some stupidity, even if we don’t all admit it.

13. What do most people think of you that is totally wrong?

People can have misconceptions about other people.

14. What’s the most childish thing you do yet?

For colorful tastes. There are people who still like to behave like children even if they are not socially accepted.

15. Would you leave your partner if he offered you 1 million euros?

Some certainly would, but not all.

16. How was your first kiss?

The first kiss is one of the most important times in our life and we can get very nervous.

17. Have you ever cheated on someone?

We’ve all lied once. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

18. Have you ever humiliated someone?

A question that asks if you’ve ever been cruel to someone.

19. If you got lost on a desert island, would you take your partner or a friend?

In general, people responded to the couple. Or maybe not …

20. What’s the most annoying thing your parents caught you doing?

We like our parents to have a good image of us, but sometimes they can surprise us in embarrassing situations.

21. If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would it be?

A confession that refers to someone you very much admire.

22. Have you been to nudist beaches?

There are people who enjoy doing nudism and others who see this act as obscene.

23. Do you like someone right now? (If the person is single)

A confession that refers to the attraction of the person who must respond.

24. Describe the most erotic dream you have ever had

The person has to describe the most sexually arousing dream they have ever had.

25. Do you like your job? Because?

Work is one of the most important areas in a person’s life. If you’re uncomfortable, you probably have low self-esteem.

26. What was your best sexual experience?

A confession about the best bed experience the responder has had.

27. What has been your worst sexual experience?

Sometimes sex can go wrong.

28. What was your first impression of your partner?

We don’t always fall in love at first glance, even though sometimes we do.

29. What is your partner’s most boring habit?

An admission that may not please the couple, because we do not always accept our faults.

30. If you could change something about your partner, what would it be?

An answer that is best given in confidentiality, so in this context, it is compromised.

31. Did you have a threesome?

When it comes to sexual tastes, there are more liberal and more conventional people.

32. Would you make a threesome?

Even if the person hasn’t had a threesome yet, they may like to do it.

33. Have you had dates that went wrong?

Sometimes we can end up with people that we thought were one-sided and not.

34. What excites you the most?

This question is compromised, because it is an intimate question.

35. Did you do anything that you regret after drinking alcohol?

Alcohol can be uninhibited and cause us to do things we don’t want to do.

36. Have you ever been humiliated? What did you feel?

In life, we may come across situations that we don’t like, especially those in which we feel humiliated.

37. What do you hate about me?

The person who answers this question may be between the sword and the wall.

38. Have you been attracted to a friend of your current or previous partner?

Although many deny it, it is something that can happen.

39. What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?

Life is sometimes lived to the limit, so insanity is not something we’ve never done.

40. Have you confessed a secret to someone you trust and explained it to them? what was that?

One of the most painful situations is when you confess a secret and someone else is whole.

41. Have you lied to someone so as not to hurt their feelings?

There are many types of lies. The stakes are the least bad.

42. Did your parents catch you giving you pleasure?

While masturbation brings some benefits, not everyone sees it with good eyes.

43. What is your biggest fear?

We can all be afraid of something. But this is one of those situations that we don’t like to talk about.

44. What was the reason for your last breakup?

When a couple separates, it’s usually for something unpleasant (or for several reasons) and it’s not always easy to talk about it.

45. What would you do if you were the opposite sex for a month?

One of those confessions that can be fun to hear.

46. ​​Have you ever been unfaithful?

Infidelity is something that happens quite often, but logically few talk about it naturally.

47. If you accidentally saw a person of the opposite sex naked and didn’t know it, would you keep looking for them?

Answering this question in the affirmative may seem like a “voyeur” action; but if the person we are looking at is attractive, few people will look elsewhere.

48. Do you like practicing intimate relationships in unusual places?

Some people are very excited to have sex in forbidden places.

49. What is the greatest rejection you have had in love?

We have all been rejected, but the most common is to blame the other person even if there is AIDS, it is also our fault.

50. What is the strangest thing that you have done on your own?

In solitude, we can do things that not everyone knows about us.

51. Did someone you know surprised you naked?

One situation that causes a lot of embarrassment is that someone we know catches us naked.

52. Would you have sex with anyone here?

Referring to whether you would have an intimate relationship with someone who is physically located where the game is taking place.

53. Have you had couples of a nationality different from yours?

To see how open your friends are.

54. Have you ever slept with an unattractive person?

Almost everyone will admit to having done it.

55. Have you ever ridden with several people in one night?

For the most libertine.

56. Among the friends present today, who has the most sex appeal?

It makes things clearer.

57. Have you ever been in a “dark room”?

Very typical of high level nightclubs.

58. What is your favorite place to have relationships?

Here we will see everyone’s creativity.

59. Do you have any unconfessed fetishes? Which one is?

Question for the game “Truth or Challenge”, which never fails.

60. Imagine having the super power, overnight, to put whoever you want in your bed. Who would it be?

Here can be the names of actors, actresses, singers …

61. Are there any uniforms that particularly turn you on?

Another very common fetish.

62. Have you had high level conversations via chat or WhatsApp?

Interesting anecdotes will come out.

63. How old was the oldest person you had sex with?

Many, many of us love the grown-ups.

64. How old was the youngest person you had sex with?

Same as above, but vice versa.

65. What physical quality causes you to fall at someone’s feet?

What attracts us the most?

66. Do you feel or have you felt a physical attraction to a distant relative?

Engaged question but which will lead to incredible comments.

67. Where is the strangest place you’ve met someone you ended up dating?

Life can surprise us.

68. If you ever get married, where would you like the ceremony to take place?

The beach or the church, or many other magical options.

69. What is the craziest thing you have ever done to try to please someone?

We all have a story to remember.

70. In a stable couple, which quality do you prefer: physical connection or intellectual connection?

A difficult dilemma to solve theoretically.

71. Do you have a cousin with whom it wouldn’t do you any good to have a relationship?

A classic, especially in the rural world.

72. Have you ever given your boyfriend flowers?

The most classic will have to admit it.

73. Have you ever had very drunken relationships?

It usually goes wrong. Very bad.

74. What is the worst thing that has happened to you on a first date?

Anecdotes of all colors and for all tastes.

75. What physical characteristic would cause you to automatically dismiss someone like your partner?

Some details may be final when the relationship is closed.

76. If someone you know admits to you that you are bisexual, would you find them attractive or the other way around?

While some people may find this interesting, in others it may not turn out to be a very positive thing.

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