Understanding Cyber ​​Relationships

Long distance relationships are an increasingly common phenomenon in an interconnected and globalized world. Heavy internet usage increases the chances of meeting someone living in a far country, and as always, love doesn’t include graphic areas.

And it is that maintaining long distance relationships is a psychological challenge that not everyone can handle. In this regard, there are currently new studies showing that a long distance relationship can be much more fruitful than a conventional relationship. What is the reason?

    The keys to long distance relationships on the Internet

    Interestingly, the degree of communicative intimacy has been shown to be seen much more often in couples at a distance than in those who are in the same location.

    However, long distance relationships can also be very painful because they expose people to uncertainty, jealousy, lack of commitment, lack of physical contact, misunderstandings in communication, monotony and ignorance of the other person’s social circle. In a sense, these issues also occur in a relationship where both people are in the same place. Aren’t long-distance relationships really as messy as they once seemed?

    The problem before was the lack of communication channels between two distant people; those that existed were not effective. But now this has all been fixed. Likewise, communication channels such as the recently announced Metaverso give us hundreds of possibilities to continue communicating despite the distance, and establish in this context and in a healthy way a relationship, either friendly or loving.

    Over time, we have seen success stories of emotional or romantic ties initiated on the Internet; stories that end in weddings or lifelong friendships. that’s why I think it’s important not to prejudice these new ways of building relationships.

    The psyche of people is an extremely important part of entering into a relationship of any kind. And in this case, in the context of Internet interactions, rules must be followed to stay safe from threats, deception and emotional prank. Especially if you want to take the relationship to the level of getting to know yourself deeply.

      Consolidation of relationships

      When deciding to venture into a situation where there is face-to-face contact after meeting on the Internet, it is important to take precautions, such as going with someone (although we know that a date is worth two, you can ask someone you trust to watch them until the feeling of security arises), or meet you in public places. Or, if the other person changes their location from the previously agreed upon location, move away immediately.

      We need to review basic user information other than very recent profile, have real photos, make video calls on different channels to make it harder to edit video, etc.

        Make friends online

        Speaking of cyber friendships, this can also be a bit tricky to deal with. Especially for children and adolescents, who tend to reify online video game participants.

        Maybe a kid is playing with another in online mode and suddenly logs out and sees messages like “so see you, I’m leaving”, “goodbye”, “keep in touch”. This can cause two reactions:

        • It reifies the person and you act like nothing matters; the interaction becomes informal when searching for participants.
        • Children can feel totally rejected, sad and frustrated when they see things reified.

          What to do in case of minors?

          It is important to be on the lookout for children to see if they exhibit behavioral alterations related to the routine of Internet entertainment.

          Another very important point is the supervision of the conversations they have with strangers, and whether it is possible to be up to date while they are playing.


          If anything made the isolation of the pandemic, it was to exacerbate the need for contact, while assuming that some online interactions are “fictitious” relationships. I think that Internet use is a double-sided currency; but having a mature and healthy psyche, we can take advantage and avoid going to the dark side.

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