Which 36 best questions do you prefer?

Preferences. On many occasions throughout our life, we will have to choose between two or more optionsThis can range from something that has a huge impact on our lives (eg our profession) to something as trivial as choosing what to eat today. Elections are frequent in our daily life, even if we do not realize it because in many cases the choice to be made is obvious.

However, sometimes we can be asked questions that force us to choose between two more complex options or that require further thought, as any option can have both advantages and disadvantages, our values ​​and beliefs being what stands out. elections, what we do.

In fact, different games have even emerged in this regard, often aimed at getting to know each other better or our environment. That is why throughout this article we will see several questions what do you prefer …?, Useful both to maintain and hold a conversation and to make us think.

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    Small selection of questions what do you prefer …?

    Here are a total of 36 questions which is preferred, some of which are taken from various sources and games and require a lot of thought when answering.

    1. Which do you prefer, knowing nothing or knowing everything?

    This question allows us to assess whether the person in question would prefer to remain ignorant (which has traditionally been thought to allow us to be happy in this ignorance) or to possess all the knowledge of the universe, something which nevertheless this would imply a high level of responsibility to know what to do with all this information).

    2. What do you prefer, to be eternally happy and no one else can be happy or give that happiness to someone you choose (only one) but yours can never feel happiness?

    A question that requires careful thought and may be more difficult to answer than it appears.

    3. What do you prefer, losing the ability to communicate with others or for everyone to feel whatever you think?

    Interesting question related to the possibility of sharing with others from its two extremes: everything that is happening in our mind or absolutely nothing.

    4. What do you prefer, living in the house of your dreams but in the worst possible neighborhood (dangerous, remote and half abandoned) or in the worst house in the best neighborhood (safe, prestigious, well connected and cared for)?

    Everyone has their dream home, but the environment and the availability of services and security are also important.

    5. What do you prefer, being a billionaire forever but never finding love or finding and living forever with the love of your life but in the worst possible conditions and with no room for improvement?

    The answer to this question will depend on values ​​and what everyone thinks about love and money.

    6. Which do you prefer, to live forever and be immortal or die in less than a year without pain and be happy to have time?

    This question requires evaluating what it would mean to live forever and what it would mean to die (although the rest of the time we would be immensely happy), having both options has its obvious drawbacks.

    7. Which would you prefer, to be catapulted and having to live the rest of your life in Antiquity (knowing the historical events to come) or for the same to happen but have to live in the future less than a thousand years?

    The future and the distant past and the way it has been / will be experienced in these temporary moments are they always sparked our imagination and that they have led many authors to imagine the possibility of time travel.

    8. Which do you prefer, doing the right thing but no one recognizes you and everyone hates you for it or earns recognition from others by doing the opposite of what you really think is right?

    A question which is unfortunately not as hypothetical as it may seem, but which is linked to the ability to be authentic with oneself despite taking into account our environment or our society.

      9. Which do you prefer, winning the Christmas Fat (lottery prize) or losing all your money to your worst enemy?

      Winning an incredible amount or letting our fiercest enemy lose everything is the choice this question offers us.

      10. What do you prefer, not being able to kiss your partner anymore or not being able to hug her anymore?

      A difficult choice between two ways to show affection and share with the person you love.

      11. Which do you prefer, forgetting all your life so far and starting from scratch (not remembering who you are, or people who were important to you, etc.) or never being able to make a change in your life. life (everything stays as it is forever)?

      Question which tries to know if one prefers to keep everything static or to change everything without preserving anything, with all the consequences that this could have.

      12. What do you prefer, always eating your favorite dish or being able to vary between all the dishes that you currently don’t like?

      This time it is necessary take into account the possibility that our tastes change over time, And the former produce fatigue and the others come to please us over time.

      13. What do you prefer, that everyone is watching and judging you every moment of your life or that no one ever sees you?

      Another difficult choice between not being able to be calm or that no one will ever pay attention to you.

      14. What do you prefer, a highly complicit and committed relationship in which there is never sex or a relationship based on sex and pleasure but never complicity?

      Sensuality and sexuality are things that most people consider important in their relationships, although what makes a relationship such is commitment and intimacy.

      15. What do you prefer, never being able to leave your home or never having a fixed place to consider as such?

      Again, in this case we are faced with a complicated decision in which it is necessary to assess the necessity of having a home with that of exploring and seeing the world.

      16. Which do you prefer, that everyone consider you funny and laugh at your comments and jokes but never take you seriously or that they always take you seriously but never laugh at you?

      In this case, the choice would be to choose the type of consideration that others have for us. Fortunately, in most cases we can find a balance.

      17. Which do you prefer, that they like you but don’t respect you or that they respect you but don’t like you?

      Similar to the above, but in this case we will choose based on how much we care about being loved versus being respected.

      18. Which do you prefer, having permanent diarrhea or continuous headache?

      Two insanely annoying types of discomfort that we hope never to choose from.

      19. Which do you prefer, receiving a million euros at a time or receiving two little by little over the years?

      A question related to the ability to delay gratification, because if we chose the slower option we would end up getting a lot more (Although this may not have as direct an effect as the fast).

      20. Which do you prefer, to watch a video in which your partner is unfaithful to you or for your partner to watch a video in which you are unfaithful to him?

      While it depends on the person and how much importance you place on loyalty, usually either of the two things would be a big blow to the relationship.

      21. Which do you prefer, no longer feeling sad but never feeling joy again or living in a constant oscillation between the two?

      While no one likes to be sad, the truth is, like joy, it is an emotion that has adaptive meaning. The question raises the difference between live in eternal emotional flattening or live with continuous mood swings, the two extreme poles in terms of emotional stability.

      22. What do you prefer, to be born and live forever as a child and never grow up or be born directly as an adult and not have had a childhood and still live as an adult?

      Throughout our lives we mature, and unfortunately many people lose or forget the enthusiasm and innocence they had in their childhood, wishing they had stayed in that innocence for life. But growing up also has its good things, that being a child forever more we would come to live or understand. What would you choose?

      23. Which do you prefer, to have an adult spirit in a child’s body or a child spirit trapped in an adult’s body?

      This question is not very common, but we have to ask ourselves what we would prefer to be both mentally and physically. Although it relates to the above, while in the other case we were wondering to stay one or the other in this one forever, we would keep one adult body or mind while the other would be on our own when we were little.

      24. What do you prefer, knowing your whole future but not being able to change or avoid it or never knowing what will happen but having the freedom to choose?

      A classic question that many authors have asked themselves throughout history, in relation to the idea of ​​being able to know one’s own destiny and the repercussions that this could have on the enjoyment of our life.

      25. What would you prefer that all the people around you catch you having sex or that each of the people around you make love?

      A question that is both curious and delicate.

      26. What do you prefer, that no one understands what you are saying or that you do not understand anyone?

      Either option would be very difficult for us. Unfortunately, in some disorders like aphasia, this type of question ceases to be a hypothetical thing to be realized.

        27. Which do you prefer, being able to change your mind and personality at will or being able to change your body in the same way?

        Body and mind are part of our being, and we must accept ourselves as we are. This question allows us to observe if there is a greater acceptance of our psyche or our body.

        28. Which do you prefer, shrinking to the size of a flea or enlarging to the size of a skyscraper?

        Both cases have their advantages and disadvantages, which must be properly evaluated. In addition, the choice may indicate elements related to self-esteem and the need to increase or decrease awareness.

        29. Which would you prefer, that no one attend your wedding or no one attend your funeral?

        A difficult question to answer, and depending on how, quite difficult.

        30. What do you prefer, lying and being caught or caught by someone who is lying to you?

        The classic conflict between preferring to do it or having it done.

        31. Which do you prefer, not being able to quench your thirst, drink what you drink or not be able to quench your hunger eat what you eat (without dying of thirst or hunger for it?

        Both sensations would be extremely boring.

        32. What do you prefer, not having to go back to sleep or being able to sleep anytime and anytime on a whim (without any of the cases having negative health or social effects) ?

        The dream is pleasant for many people, While for others it is a waste of time.

        33. What do you prefer, to make all your dreams come true without any effort and without knowing how or working hard to make them come true (in case they could be realized either way)?

        This question may seem easy, but choosing either option reveals the value placed on effort and learning and the changes it can generate, as well as the heightened sense of achievement and self-efficacy. .

        34. Which do you prefer: earn 2 million euros today or 10,000 € per month for life?

        Here it will depend on whether we think we are capable of handling a large amount of money, or whether we prefer to be dosed with that wealth.

        35. Which do you prefer, buying a small apartment in a town you love or a big house in a remote village that does not particularly catch your attention?

        Housing space is, for some people, a very important thing, while others prefer to be well located and have many services nearby.

        36. What do you prefer, not being able to eat pizza or not being able to drink soft drinks?

        Difficult choice, although in both cases it can be a more than healthy option.

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