Why are there people who are always late for appointments?

It sounds amazing, however there are people who seem unable to arrive on time at the scene despite the planned schedules and with their eyes constantly fixed on the clock.. This is problematic, especially when this delay, which is related to the time at which the trip to the meeting place started, is accompanied by unforeseen last minute events, or when there is no a lot of confidence in the people who are waiting.

Arriving late is often a nuisance for both the wait and the late person, and on the other hand, it is very common to leave at the right time (or even on time of your stay). How can we explain that it costs us so much to learn from mistakes and get out ahead of time? There are different reasons that can explain the existence of these “chronic thugs”.

Possible reasons for the delay (always, everywhere)

There must be an explanation as to why some people are very inclined to be late everywhere, While others show the punctuality of English. Could this difference have something to do with a psychological aspect?

1. Being too narcissistic

People with narcissistic personalities are prone to problems when it comes to putting themselves in other people’s shoes. This means, among other things, that they will not take into account the fact that every time they arrive late, they will cause inconvenience to others and in fact they may find the feeling of waiting pleasant.

After all, forcing yourself to be late for the scene is one way to create excitement that is high enough that everyone has to wait to enjoy their company. However, these cases are not too common.

2. Addiction to last minute errands

It might be hard to fathom, but the need to find shortcuts or methods to get around quickly and the adrenaline release associated with arriving late can be seen as a kind of sport: one arrives late for a kind of fun.

And as such, it can be addictive. It is therefore understandable that some people take it as such, although unconsciously, and take advantage of the slightest date or meeting as a pretext to live a little adventure against the clock.

3. You don’t want to arrive early

This reason makes the most sense from a cost-benefit perspective. There are many reasons why someone may not want to arrive even a minute before the appointed time, and none of these should be meant to cause trouble for others.

  1. Waiting is unproductive. Arriving early can be seen as a waste of time. It does not give the feeling of serving a clear utility. Faced with the prospect of arriving too early and being inactive for awhile, many people can delay their departure precisely by doing seemingly productive things, like cleaning the house, reading a book, or even taking time to rest. could be done in the meantime. Ironically, this tendency towards productivity leading to chronic delay would likely not be present if it didn’t feel like you had to choose between this or spending unproductive time at the agreed meeting location.
  2. it’s boring. Arriving early means spending some time of monotony and discomfort. To wait for someone is to stay still for a few minutes, doing nothing and not being able to go anywhere else. Just as we know that the other person can be upset if they have to wait a long time, the person who tends to go out late knows that they can also get hurt if they have to wait.
  3. It affects self-image. For some people, waiting is a little challenge in which we have to look interesting and offer a positive image of ourselves while standing still because others have decided to. You can smoke, look at your smartphone, put on calculated poses … A situation similar to what happens when you go to the elevator with strangers.

Some psychological conclusions

In short, for those people arriving early is not a positive thing, But a possibility to be avoided. Therefore, they rule out the possibility of leaving a few minutes earlier (either due to a conscious or unconscious decision), they only have the option of arriving just at the agreed time or later. And, since the “later” alternative is made up of more moments than the first option, this is the more likely of the two possibilities. result: late arrivals, Always.

So, you know, if you think any of these three reasons are most likely to cause you to arrive late, the main thing is to recognize it and fight for it to stop being that way. Of course, don’t leave it for tomorrow.

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