Why is it easier to gain followers using Instagram filters?

One of the reasons why social networks like Instagram are often criticized is that, as they say, thanks to these virtual platforms “anyone can become famous”. These types of opinions have some truth to them, but they overlook a lot of things.

It is true that compared to the days when Instagram did not exist, it is much easier to gain an audience by being a normal, ordinary person: without spectacular talent to do something, without a lot of money, and above all , without significant contacts in the world of entertainment, professional sports, art, etc. But at the same time, we can’t say that the great influencers we know today are purely by chance, by a stroke of luck.

What happens is that since social media is new, these people have worked on their audience using new strategies. Strategies that most people don’t even notice or recognize as ways to gain followers… as an example of Instagram Filters. If you want to know to what extent these can be used to gain followers on Instagram, keep reading.

    The Psychological Keys Why Using Filters Helps You Gain Instagram Followers

    No, Instagram filters are not just an entertaining feature or just to make us feel beautiful. They are an example of how augmented reality (the technology that allows us to modify images captured by a camera or add details) can be used to achieve objective benefits. So let’s see what are the main reasons why augmented reality resources like Instagram filters and effects help to gain followers.

    1. They help tell stories that resonate with followers

    Instagram filters and effects are another storytelling resource. What does it mean? Well, thanks to this, in a few fractions of a second we can start saying what we want to express, simply by modifying the image of what our smartphone camera captures. For example, thanks to Augmented Reality, we can create short stories by embodying, ourselves, different characters talking to each other.

    There are also cases where thanks to Instagram trends users who participate and those who have developed a filter used in this way gain followers. An example of this: the helmet brand Livall creates a draw based on the use of its Instagram filter and, from there, a trend is generated that still lasts: people start using this virtual helmet to explain moments of their lives to those who have had to face difficulties (hence the need to protect themselves): for example, when they finish their studies and face the world of work, when they oppose many friends for giving an unpopular opinion, etc.

    And Instagram trends are also used so that, based on something that has become popular and that users already know how to interpret, we can create original content adapted to our way of being, expose our Instagram profile to many other people and maximize what we do to go viral. In this way, they combine taking advantage of a trend that people already understand in advance, with the generation of interest and expectation before the question of what will be our way of versioning this fashion.

      2. They can be used as virtual makeup to enhance our image

      It’s no secret that in social networks, the image is very important; on many occasions, the ability to retain the audience that visits our profile or our publications it’s a matter of a few secondsin which people decide whether to continue watching an Instagram story or move on to the next one.

      But that doesn’t mean we always have to conform to specific beauty canons through filters; the important thing is that thanks to augmented reality we can give the look with which we feel most comfortable, and this is expressed in the confidence with which we express ourselves and the constancy with which we can generate content for our subscribers.

      3. They can be used to provide a layer of anonymity

      The filters we apply to ourselves through Augmented Reality can not only influence our behavior by making us feel more favored; they can also give us more self-confidence to give us an “anonymity bonus” if we change our facial appearance. The possibility of being able to put on dark glasses or even a mask without having to buy a real one encourages many people to create content without giving in to the fear of being exposed to thousands of people.

      And it not only makes those people who wouldn’t even think about it if they had to show their face clearly, gain a lot of followers; moreover, it allows you to express yourself with more confidence and without the limitations of “what they will say”, which is one of the keys to connecting with the public.

        4. Some filters offer game-based content

        If we do a little memory, we will remember that one of the keys to the success of streaming platforms like YouTube at the time when it was breaking through and was known mainly to young people (it did not yet appeal to people of all ages or was considered as an alternative to television) was game content, video game videos.

        Something as simple as playing a video game could get us a lot of viewership in a short time. And today, many influencers devote part of their daily lives to broadcasting their games live.

        Why does this happen? Because it’s relatively easy to do, It helps to create original content using professionally designed virtual environments (and designed to attract attention and “enter through the eyes”), and generates tension between the viewer and the screen, empathizing with the player in front of the challenges that the game offers.

        Well, that logic also works on Instagram, albeit in a shorter, more compact format. Another of the characteristics of Augmented Reality applied to social networks of this type is that many of its proposals are simple and clear, fun and allow create “engaging” content in seconds.

        A clear example of this can be found in filters which have been designed as little video games in which we play with facial movements, facial expressions, etc. In fact, these “minigames” can practically be adapted versions of very famous games, such as Flappy Bird, Pong, and other proposals in which the playable mechanisms are simple.

        5. It is relatively easy to create filters suitable for what we offer

        Finally, and although it is still not an option from which the whole party is subtracted, remember that creating an Instagram filter or effect is not very complicated, and there are already several companies specialized in their creation to order, such as Filtre

        Thanks to this, we can have Augmented Reality resources adapted to what we are looking for, which go in line with our aesthetics and allow us to offer our followers content adapted to what they expect from our social networks, going beyond the limits of the physical world. Something as simple as, for example, putting on a “virtual” hat in which our logo or Instagram user number is visible makes our siguen tengan quienes constant reminders of who we are and where you can find us on the internet.

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