Why take advantage of the holidays to develop your social skills

Social skills are the set of skills and abilities that we practice daily to build relationships with the people around us in social contexts.

These communication tools are both verbal and non-verbal and allow us both to express our ideas, needs, opinions, objectives or preferences and to respond to the wishes of our interlocutors, always maintaining respect and cordiality with them.

On the other hand, social skills are developed by the person naturally throughout his growth from early childhood, and through processes of education and learning by interacting with others.

However, some people may have certain deficits in some of them, or they may lack practice in deploying some of these skills in specific social contexts. That is why Taking advantage of the start of a new cycle during the summer holidays can be a very good strategy for developing social skills..

    What are the most important social skills?

    As noted, social skills are a complex and diverse catalog of diverse behavior patterns, knowledge, practical strategies, and tools that they allow us to have satisfying interactions with other people.

    The social skills most shared by most human beings and most in demand in personal and professional contexts are: assertiveness (ability to express our desires, intentions or goals without compromising those of others), empathy, active listening, negotiation, conflict resolution, self-assertion, the ability to communicate concisely and emotional regulation.

      Why is it important to improve social skills?

      While most people naturally possess these skills needed to function well in society, others may need to be trained or developed with the support of psychology professionals or other experts in the field.

      We present below the main reasons why it is advisable to improve social skills on a recurrent basis.

      1. They boost self-esteem

      Have sufficient skills to maintain successful and successful social interactions with other people It has a very positive effect on a person’s self-esteem when interactions are effective.

      Knowing how to have conversations with anyone, being able to meet new people easily and being able to assert your opinion at any time is a source of self-esteem that will make us feel better about ourselves and have better mental health.

        2. They help resolve conflicts

        It is clear that the more tools we have to communicate with the people around us, the more we will be able to avoid or resolve conflicts of all kinds once they arise.

        People with a high mastery of social skills they tend to have fewer family or couple conflicts and they also demonstrate greater virtuosity in successfully overcoming and managing conflict that may arise at work.

        3. They teach how to negotiate

        Negotiation is an essential skill both in the daily social relationships that we can establish in the intimacy of the home with our loved ones and in work or professional contexts of all kinds.

        Knowing how to give in when necessary, put yourself in the other’s place (empathy) and have enough authority to set limits in the middle of a negotiation of all kinds are some of the skills that characterize the social ability to negotiate.

        This skill can be developed and practiced through conversations with close friends or family in which various fictional or real negotiation scenarios are practiced.

          4. They allow you to grow professionally

          Thanks to the benefits mentioned above, so are social skills they allow us to grow professionally and meet ever-increasing challenges, responsibilities or demands at work.

          Many companies are increasingly interested in developing social skills of all kinds in their workers, which is why it is very useful to do some learning or training in specific social strategies.

          5. They lead to deeper relationships

          Learning social skills will allow us to establish deeper and more satisfying relationships with the couple and with friends, family or colleagues.

          Learn to communicate, listen and understand our interlocutor at all times, it is essential to build deep and meaningful human relationships with the people we love.

            Why can it be useful to take advantage of the holidays to develop social skills?

            There are many training modalities that we currently need to learn to develop social skills, the most common being to take training courses or begin a process of psychotherapy or coaching specializing in this area with a qualified psychological professional.

            Here are the main reasons why it can be important to improve these social skills during the holiday season.

            1. More free time to devote to personal development

            The most free time we have in the summer, this can be a great incentive to decide to start a specialized social skills training or apprenticeship.

            In addition to this, learning social skills will allow us to invest much of the free time we have in training in a series of tools that will be useful to us in personal and professional life.

              2. Ease of meeting people

              Summer is one of the best times to meet new people and also to put into practice all the social skills that we gradually learn.

              The formation of our social skills with real people in social or festive contexts this will allow us to gain confidence and gain experience in applying the different strategies.

              3. Prevents Isolation

              Having so much free time in the summer it is possible to be tempted to isolate yourself at home, which is why it is important to set up a series of activities to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

              Learning social skills allows us to avoid isolation at home and will help us in the future to have a much more active, satisfying and happy social life.

              4. Promotes Post-Cycle Psychological Well-Being

              Training in specific social skills will allow us to improve in the specific areas in which we show greater deficits with the support of other people, which it will be positive when it comes to taking advantage of the end of the cycle (and the start of a new one) that involve summer vacation to undertake personal projects that involve learning from our mistakes and getting out of our comfort zone.

                Do you want to exploit the potential of social skills?

                If you are interested in developing your social skills, contact us; Fr UPAD Psychology and Coaching we can help you with both psychotherapy and the support of a coach in a process of personal development.

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