5 exercises to burn fat outside the gym

A big part of the motivation that drives many people to start exercising is to burn fat.

Of course, the purpose of fat burning can be for cosmetic purposesBut it is no less true that in a society as accustomed to accumulating cholesterol and carbohydrates as ours, exercise to burn fat is also a necessity to stay fit and healthy.

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Home Fat Burning Exercises

But … What if you want to follow an exercise routine without having to depend on the gym?

Below, I present a series of fat burning practices that can be done with little equipment. It is recommended that you perform at least 3 of these exercises in one workout and make our week consist of 2-4 workouts on non-consecutive days.

1. Burpees

The Burpee is a great exercise for keeping various muscle groups in the body in shape and at the same time burning fat. It consists of 3 combined exercises.

First, we bend so that the palms of our hands are resting firmly on the floor and the knees flex just below our chest while keeping the tips of our feet in contact with the surface of where we are. we find. Then we exhale as we “jump” our legs and stretch backwards, so that in one movement we become in a push-up position, both legs straight and almost together.

Once that was done we did a push up, jumped again to get back to the starting position where the legs are bent, and from that posture we jumped as much as we could, lifting our hands off the ground and raising his. arms. Then we repeat the whole process.

To begin with, we can do this exercise in 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each workout. As we progress, we can gradually do 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

2. Leg flexion

Squats are the ultimate fat burning exercise, Because they are used to work the largest muscle groups in the human body.

How to make them?

The best way to do them, however, is to do them in such a way that you can’t do more than 20 reps in a row without getting exhausted. Therefore, while it is good for beginners to practice them before without using weights, it is ideal to use a dumbbell to make them a little more difficult.

To perform a leg bend, we stand up, we separate the feet so that there is a little more space between them that the distance is between our shoulders and the toes are parallel to each other. Then, keeping our eyes on the forehead at all times, we bend both legs at the same time and bring everything we have from the waist down until our thighs are parallel to the floor. If we want to use a weight, now is the time to hold it with both hands and hold it while we let our arms hang forward.

Once done, we return to the initial posture by lifting slowly and making strength with the glutes. We keep doing this sequence of actions as many times as we want to do it.

It is very important to perform this exercise without bending the back and preventing our knees from being much further forward than the tips of our feet.

3. Kettlebell swing

For this exercise it is necessary to use a ketlebell, also known as the Russian weight, Or a normal dumbbell (although the first option is better. The weight of the weight should be slightly more than the weight we can lift by lifting a straight arm forward until it is horizontal to the floor and with the palm focused down.

How to do this exercise?

Performing this exercise is simple. First, we support the weight on the ground right in front of us, stand up and keep our feet a little farther apart than our shoulders, toes pointing slightly outward. Then we bend our knees and go down keeping our back straight, as we would in a leg curl, and we hold the table firmly with both hands keeping our palms pointed towards us (or to the sides, if we are using a normal manual).

Then, tightening the muscles of the chest and without bending the back, the trunk is slightly raised. At this point we will start to perform the series: with a forward “hip stroke” we bring up the thighs and lower torso the arms that hold the weight, which must be moved like a pendulum up to that they are horizontal with respect to the ground. When the arms start to swing towards us, we bend the knees keeping the back straight and prepare to give another hip kick.

We do 3 sets of 20 reps in this way, resting a minute and a half between them. If it takes too much effort, we can rest for a few more seconds or reduce the weight of the dumbbells a bit.

4. Pelvic lift

Lying face up, we bend our knees just enough so that the soles of our feet are firmly on the ground..

Then, bending over our shoulder blades, we raise the pelvis until our legs form two 90 degree angles. We repeat this process 15 times, we rest for a minute and do another set of 15 times, so up to 4 times.

5. Execution with the Tábata method

Running for more than 40 minutes at a trot is not the most effective way to burn fat. If you want to see good results in a short time, a very good option is the Tábata method., With which we will only need to run for less than 20 minutes … yes, be very tired.

What is this method for burning fat?

The best way to run and burn fat using the Tábata Method is to warm up by jogging for 5 or 10 minutes. Then we will sprint, making the most of our muscles for 20 seconds, and right after that we will “rest” by staying at a trot for 10 seconds. After the rest time has elapsed, we sprint again for 20 seconds, and so on. The goal is to perform 6-8 sprints at the maximum running, and once this is done, continue jogging for 5 minutes to allow the body to adjust to calm.

The Tábata method is a resource that requires us to a lot of ourselvesBut it can be used by anyone without health issues related to the cardiovascular system. Of course, before and after each session, you must hydrate yourself very well and you should not do this exercise for two consecutive days; it is recommended to rest at least 48 hours before using the Tábata method again.

Bonus: iron

It is not exactly a fat burning exercise, but it serves to tone and keep in shape many muscles in the body through very simple exercise. In addition, it does not need special equipment and therefore can be performed almost anywhere.

How is this exercise done?

To do this, we lie face down on a flat surface keeping the body straight and then lift it just enough so that the elbows and forearms are firmly resting on the floor, parallel to each other, as we do of force with the abdominals so that the chest, which has been tilted, remains rigid. This way we support all of our weight on our forearms and toes, and we hold on tight. At first, we can try to hold this for 15 seconds. If it’s very easy for us, we can try to resist for a minute and a half, two or three minutes.

In addition, to complicate this exercise and multiply its tonicity potential, you can lift your legs slightly, take them off alternately from the ground and project backwards while keeping them rigid.

We can do this exercise 3 or 4 times, resting a minute and a half between each set.

And the diet what?

None of these fat burning exercises will prove to be effective if we simply perform them by completely neglecting our diet. In order to remove gauze from our body, it is very important not to overdo it with the intake of carbohydrates and also to regulate the fat of the foods we eat, although it is very important to include the foods fat in our diet as long as they are. healthy (like nuts) and we don’t overdo it.

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