How to have toned arms: 5 recommended exercises

The practice of physical activities outside the home is healthy and recommended; However, sometimes due to lack of time or economy, we choose to stay home and exercise here.

Doing it this way is a very good option, and with the items we have on hand or with the help of our own weight, we can create exercise routines to suit our needs.

To have toned arms, we can help each other with a series of exercises which will allow us to see incredible results in no time if done in a strict and regular manner.

    How to have toned arms with 5 exercise routines

    The key to fighting sagging is that in addition to a good diet, we include special daily exercises to tone the arms. Consistency and discipline will yield good results for less than you might imagine.

    1. “Lizards” on the floor and on the wall and their variations

    The “lizards” they are push-ups that are done lying on the ground (Mainly because there are variations depending on the abilities and levels of each person) Using the arms, it is necessary to elevate the whole body, leaving the feet pointed without raising the buttocks. It is recommended to do 3 sets of 12 repetitions in one of the chosen variations.

    With traditional lizards not only the arms but the chest, back and shoulders are worked. There are also lizards on the wall or inverted. In front of a wall, you should stand half a yard in high heels, support your hands at shoulder height, and bend down to bring your body closer to the wall. This exercise mainly strengthens the triceps.

    When we are wondering how to tone our arms, the traditional lizard comes to our mind and if we don’t have a lot of experience we may be put off, but there is another much simpler variation which is the low lizard. It consists of kneeling and then holding our arms upside down to do the same movements as the traditional lizard.

    This exercise has many variations depending on the level of strength and experience you have, it is certainly a great tool for toning your arms.

      2. Bicep curl

      This exercise is one of the best known and most effective for toning the arms. It requires two weights that can be homemade (two bottles of water or two bottles full of sand), and it is important that they are of a weight according to the strength and experience you have. Having very heavy weights won’t help your arms tone faster and you could seriously injure them.

      To perform bicep curls stand with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Next, hold the weights and with your elbows tied to the body, flex upward, then slowly lower until your arms are fully extended.

      Perform this movement in 3 sets of 15 repetitions to work the muscles.

      3. Lateral shoulder elevation

      Like bicep curls, this exercise can be done with weights always making sure that the weight is the right one for our strength and ability. It should be remembered that to tone the arms is necessary rather than applying a lot of weight, persistence and many reps.

      The side shoulder lift is very effective in reclaiming our money from sagging arms and removing the infamous “handbag” as well as helping to strengthen the shoulders and neck.

      To do this, you need to stand with your knees slightly bent and your arms by your side. You need to take the weights (as we mentioned they can be homemade weights) and with outstretched arms you should stand up to shoulder height, Then you have to go down slowly.

      This exercise is ideal for toning your arms and 3 sets of 15 repetitions per day are recommended.

      4. Triceps extension

      If you are looking to stop sagging your arms, you should include this exercise in your routine. To start you should stand with your knees slightly bent and your arms straight. With a dumbbell in each hand, bring your hands behind your head as you flex them, then stretch again.

      This exercise is repeated in sets of 3, 15 times. At first it can be a bit tricky, but with practice it will get easier.

      The weight of the dumbbells should be the right one according to your abilities; we must remember that in order not to put on more weight, we will tone our arms faster. It is with perseverance and discipline that we will achieve this.

        5. Triceps bottom

        this exercise it is recommended to increase the muscle mass of the armsSo by adding a few bottom triceps reps to your routine, your arms will be toned. This exercise requires a firm, level surface, barely raised above the floor. A bank can serve.

        It is necessary to support the palms of the hands on the bench and support them by flexing the arms to raise above the floor. Stretch your legs and bend your knees slightly, using your arms to exert your strength, And bend your elbows and lower your hips until you almost touch the floor.

        With 3 or 4 sets of 10 repetitions in your daily routine will be enough to tone your arms as long as the exercises are done in a consistent and disciplined manner.

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