Is it better to run or cycle? The advantages and disadvantages of each discipline

Many novice athletes or people who are starting the year with the goal of improving their physical condition consider what is the ideal sport activity for its characteristics and needs.

Cycling or running: which modality suits me best?

It is more than proven that exercise is good for mental and physical health. Rather, the burning question is which sport best suits our needs.

Once ruled out, sports which require greater logistical deployment and economic investment (skiing, paddleboarding), team sports (basketball, football), which require other teammates with whom to meet in order to practice. Lo, or sports with high physical demand (tennis), the truth is that the range of possibilities for the novice athlete is quite limited. Thus, one of the most recurring questions when starting a routine sports activity is: Do I prefer to cycle or run?

Before giving you my point of view, we need to analyze the basic pros and cons of each of these two activities, so that you understand my opinion.

Race bicycle calorie expenditure major minor joint injuries More risk Less risk necessary technique More technique needed Less technique needed

While there are more factors, the most important are the ones outlined in this table, and these are the ones that I recommend you consider carefully before making a decision.

But hey, then: What do we have left? Now comes the answer to this tiresome question. Let’s explore the specificities of each sport in order to know the advantages and disadvantages of practicing each of them.

Is it better to go for a run or ride a bike?

it depends. It depends on your goal, your joint and muscle health, your age, the intensity of the exercise, and so on. There is no one answer that can be used in all cases. All you have to do is analyze yours personal goals and yours preliminary preparation in order to know which modality is the most advantageous for you. For this business, I invite you to keep reading.

Personal goals: cycling or running?

If we want to be a great runner, we can’t get it by using the bike. If we want to get back in shape, it is better to go for a run, unless we are in pain or our health does not allow it. In all these cases, you have to be careful and, if you find that the level of demand for running is too high, you can resort to another sport, such as cycling, which is a discipline. less aggressive and the practice is, in principle, more adaptable to his physical condition.

On the other hand, if you have joint pain or are elderly, what I would recommend is to use the bike until the ligaments, tendons and muscles adjust to the pace of the exercise. . Once this is achieved we should try to run smoothly and increase the intensity according to our comfort. In any case, we have to adapt the intensity of the exercise to our physical possibilities: you don’t want to exert a great deal of effort if you are not prepared because you can injure yourself.

Of course: if you choose the bike be careful and protect your head, elbows, knees and wrists, and be very careful not to fall. And, whatever you want, try not to take routes where you may be hit by a car. Safety comes first.

As we said, there are several factors that could make us tip one way or the other, you always have to be consistent and have a minimum of logic. Common sense, in these cases, is what should determine the decision. If something is causing discomfort or pain, you should avoid doing it until you stop hurting, mainly when the pain sensation is from the body. joints o vaja bones.

Muscle pain can be confused with DOMS (Commonly called needles), Especially in novice athletes or sedentary people, therefore we recommend that in the face of transient muscle pain does not modify or decrease physical activity. If this pain is persistent, the best option would be to switch to another activity that does not cause us pain and to consult the competent specialist to rule out any possible micro-injury or pathology.

Possible problems caused by execution

Now let’s name the different situations that can alert us to a possible injury to the ankles, knees or hips if you decide to current instead of the bicycle. Keep in mind that running is riskier on your body than cycling, so knowing some of the dangers of running is helpful in deciding whether we are ready to face them or not.

Incorrect shoes or no shock absorption

You should check that your shoes are suitable for the running activity, as the wrong footwear can lead to serious injury.

Ground without shock absorption

Running on this type of soil causes lesions of the fibrocartilages (menisci). The best terrain for running is the mainland, as it absorbs much of the impact of the joints when you step on it. If possible, avoid walking on hard ground such as asphalt or parquet.

Joint stabilization problems

Running can cause problems with stabilizing the body due to a problem with your joint or muscle. You may notice that you don’t have a lot of balance, for example when trying to rest on one leg. The possible solution to this problem is to perform proprioception exercises, which help your muscles and joints to strengthen and maintain balance in your body on its own.

muscle decompensation

You may notice this if the opposing muscles grow asymmetrically and cosmetic decompensations occur. In this case, the best solution would be to make a program of muscle toning in general, and a stretching program to get compensation. Where there are usually problems is in the muscle psoas, Which connects the lower train with the upper train.

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