The 14 best exercise routines to do at home

Exercising and staying fit takes time that we often don’t have because of the different activities we do on a daily basis. Also, going to a gym can be a bit difficult to fit into our schedule.

But this is no excuse, because from the comfort of home we can perform a series of exercise routines that will allow us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, maintain the risk of overweight, fill us with energy and release stress.

Routines at home do not require the presence of complex devices, it is enough to have a few weights on hand or, in their absence, a bottle of water or full of sand, a heavy ball or even a packet of food . That despite a pound or more, like rice or pasta.

If you want to know what they are the best exercise routines to do at home, Keep reading.

    How do you start exercising without leaving your home?

    Before you start your exercise program, you should do a little warm-up; this allows your muscles and joints to prepare for good physical performance and to avoid any type of muscle contraction and / or physical injury. You can do a gentle trot with scrolling or jogging in one spot for five minutes, it is also good to include squats, which you can do in three sets of 15 reps each; It is an ideal exercise for activating the largest muscle groups in your body, which creates a chain reaction that spreads throughout the body.

    Going on the ropes is a great cardiovascular exercise that will prepare your body for a workout routine. If you don’t have a rope, you can simulate it, the important thing is that you do the exercise. Stationary jumps are also great for warming up, and you can do them with your legs together, apart, and / or with one foot.

    Resistance leagues and a rope are great to incorporate into your exercise routines, and don’t forget to have a thermos with water on hand to keep you constantly hydrated. Find a suitable place and put on some great music and you are already ready to start exercising at home.

    The best exercise routines to do at home

    Once you have dressed correctly (with clothes and sneakers) and finished your warm-up, it is time to practice the following routines. You can do three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions for each warm-up exercise.

    Of course, in addition to building muscle and burning calories, do not forget to have a balanced diet to achieve better results and have a healthier life.

    1. Go up the stairs

    This exercise is done in the gym with an escalator, but don’t worry, because at home you can also do this if your house is two-story. To do this, you can go up and down the stairs, do three sets of 15 repetitions each. Another alternative is to place a chair: Go up completely and for her then descend carefully to avoid any accident.

    If you are a little scared you can go for a lower bench and start there and gradually gain confidence until you do with the chair. this exercise it helps you to strengthen your legs and buttocks.

    2. Deposits

    Standing with your legs together, take a step forward, bend your knee and make sure your foot is well supported on the floor. Then lower your whole body; your back and hips should be straight, while with the knee of the other leg you try to touch the ground. Maintain balance by tightening the abdominal muscles, then switch legs.

    You can do three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions, this allows you to work the entire lower train and thus develop well-defined legs.

      3. The strides

      Stretching or lunges, as they are also called, is an exercise in which you work the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings (The muscles under the glutes) also help strengthen the abdomen.

      Standing with your hands resting on your waist and your legs slightly apart at the same distance from your shoulders, step forward keeping your torso straight. The step taken should not be very wide, just enough for the leg to advance; the front foot should be fully supported on the ground and the left leg should bend until it lightly touches the ground with the tip of the foot. We breathe out and return to the starting position and change sides.

      4. Squats with wall support

      With this option, you work your back and legs. Stand leaning against a wall and keep your back very straight and your legs at a 90 degree angle., Lower and hold this position for 30 seconds. Do three sets.

      5. The climber

      It is a good exercise for strengthening the arms and one of the easiest exercise routines to do at home.

      Lie on the floor with your arms and palms resting on the floor; the body must remain completely straight. Place your legs back with your toes resting on the floor, bend your right leg and bring your knee to your chest, While the other leg remains straight and the abdomen remains contracted.

      It then returns to the starting position and is performed with the left leg. Do three sets of 15 repetitions each.

      6. Knee bends

      Place a mattress on the floor and lie upside down, supporting the palms of your hands while maintaining shoulder width. The legs are crossed, the feet are raised and all the support falls on the knees. Bend your elbows and lower your torso, until the tip of your chin touches the floor.

      Then return to the starting position and repeat 10 to 15 times.

      7. Knee pumps

      This exercise is another variation of the arm or plate push-ups, and involves placing the head upside down on the floor, arms and legs straight, hands and toes resting on the floor, and back completely straight. Bend your arms until you reach the floor and as you go up, touch your right shoulder with your left hand, When you repeat the procedure, touch the left shoulder with your right hand. Three sets can be done with 10 to 12 repetitions.

      8. Bends with torso rotations

      This variation is very similar to the previous exercise, but after doing the flexion and staying in the starting position, the trunk is broken to the side and the right arm is brought up as if it touches the ceiling. Then you need to go back to the beginning, repeat the exercise and rotate to the other side. Do between 10 and 15 repetitions.

      This exercise helps you tone the lateral muscles of the abdomen and develop balance and coordination.

      9. Arm flexion with weights

      Stand with your torso straight, support your arms against your body and flex your forearms; in your hands you can have weights.

      Another alternative is to put your arms out to the side in a cross shape and then up and down. Likewise, in this position, do push-ups with weights.

      These push-ups can also be performed while sitting on a medicine ball, to improve balance and coordination.

      10. The Russian turn

      Also known as the Russian twist, this is a great exercise for working the abdominal area, lower back, and waist.It also helps improve balance, posture and stability.

      As you approach the ground, bend your knees, lift your upper body and form a V with your thighs; always keep your back straight, turn your torso to the right, look at the starting position, then turn left.

      To make the exercise more intense, you can elevate your legs a bit and include weights or dumbbells when turning, although medicine ball is also a good alternative. You can do three sets of 15 repetitions.

      11. Abs with legs and twists

      With this exercise, you can tone your waist, define your abdominal wall, and strengthen your lower back.

      Lying face up, arms at sides and legs outstretched, lift them like your hips and twist slightly to the right., return to the starting position, slowly lower your legs without touching the floor, then repeat on the other side.

      12. Frog abs

      If you want to increase your abdominal power, this exercise is ideal.

      Lie on your stomach with your stomach up, your head should be in a comfortable position, your eyes facing the ceiling, and your chin away from your chest. Place your hands under your head and lift your legs to a 45 degree angle; the shoulders are lifted off the ground, the knees are bent and with them the elbows are touched. Next, lower your torso and extend your legs, then return to the starting position. Repeat again until you have completed three sets.

      13. Oblique contraction

      If you want to have a well-defined waistline, be sure to include this exercise in your daily routine, it also helps you strengthen your back, improve muscle flexibility, and have a flat stomach.

      Go to bed on the right side with legs straight, left hand behind head and knees bent. Lift your torso, squeeze your abs, and try to touch your left knee with your left elbow.

      Remember that between each set you have to wait 15 seconds to start again, but during this time it is recommended to be on the move, do small jumps or go jogging.

      14. Isometric plate

      As the name suggests, this is an isometric exercise, that is, it is performed using only the effects of the force of gravity on our body.

      To do this, lie down face down on a mat, keeping the soles of your feet parallel to each other and perpendicular to the floor. Then, keeping your whole body stiff from your head to the tips of your feet, lift your upper body. standing only on your elbows and toes, Create a 90 degree angle with your arms.

      This exercise is ideal for use right after warming up, as it helps you activate your whole body at the same time.

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