The 16 best exercises to increase your physical endurance

Do you get tired every time you make minimal physical exertion? Have you started playing sports and getting frustrated that you can’t stand it that much? Do not despair, because sooner or later you will be able to increase your endurance.

But of course, that’s why we need to be consistent and use a few tips to improve our cardiovascular health, which ultimately determines how quickly we get tired when playing sports.

Lucky for you below you can see what they are the best exercises to increase physical endurance, both aerobic and anaerobic. What are you waiting for to meet them?

    What is physical endurance?

    It’s common for people who join a gym or have decided to start an exercise routine to become demotivated early when they find it difficult to keep up. But as demotivating as it may sound, there is no reason to break down because, if it is constant, sooner or later you can gain a little more endurance, increase it and last longer in training.

    When we talk about physical endurance, we mean the ability to perform a physical activity or a specific effort for as long as possible, resisting the effort as much as possible without compromising physical performance. When we perform exercises to improve our physical endurance, our goal is to increase our heart rate and keep this rate higher for longer depending on the training. This not only will it help us improve physical endurance, but also burn more carbohydrates, fats and calories. during training.

    There are two main types of resistance.

    1. Aerobic endurance

    Aerobic endurance is what it allows us to make a light or moderate effort over an extended period of time. This is the type of physical endurance that we test when we do exercises like running, swimming, or cycling.

    2. Anaerobic endurance

    Anaerobic endurance refers to a person’s ability to exert high intensity over a short period of time. This type of resistance is what we use when doing strength exercises such as weight lifting.

      Recommended exercises to improve your physical endurance

      Almost all physical activity contributes to increasing our physical endurance, although not all of them work the same. Below, we’ll take a look at the 16 best exercises to increase your physical endurance.

      1. Walk fast

      Let’s start with the easiest exercise of all: walking fast. Picking up the pace a bit while we are walking or moving home from here to there is an easy and simple way to improve our stamina. Walking fast is something that does not involve a lot of difficulty and, although it is not a top sport, it is a good way to prevent our muscles from atrophying due to a sedentary lifestyle.

        2. Run

        Jogging, running, jogging, jogging diversos are all names that have become fashionable to describe an activity as simple but as good for our health as running outdoors. In addition to improving our cardiovascular endurance, running is an activity that has the advantage of being completely free and allowing us to know our place of residence from a whole different angle.

        What is recommended is not to start very intense, to go slowly and to be well prepared in the first sessions by carrying water and the energy bar. As we get into the habit of running, we will increase the duration of the run. and, also, speed, demanding more and more of our own.

          3. Use the bike

          Cycling is a vehicle that has the advantages of being environmentally friendly, easy to park and also a great way to exercise while commuting to work or school. .

          Cycling is an ideal physical endurance exercise because it activates our cardiovascular system, although it must be used at an accelerated rate. The faster we use the bike, the higher our heart rate and the more energy our muscles will need.

            4. Dance

            To dance it’s not only a fun activity that allows us to have a good time with other people, but a great way to burn calories. There are many different types of dance, each with different levels of physical demands and among which we have the most zumba. If we introduce intense 30-minute dance sessions between two and four times a week, we will be able to significantly improve our physical endurance.

              5. Jump on the rope

              It may seem like a simple exercise because it is very popular with children, but the truth is, skipping rope is a must activity in the life of any good athlete.

              The reason is that Although it sounds easy, it is really a very demanding activity which, if practiced at a rapid pace for about 10 or 15 minutes, can result in great benefits. for our organization in the medium term. Of course, it is recommended to be careful because doing a lot of jumps without watching the technique can damage our knees.

              6. Strength exercises

              By strength exercises we mean any exercise in which we use our own body as a weight and serve to improve our strength. These include push-ups, crunches, ironing, and other such exercises.

              Most are used to increase anaerobic endurance, although aerobic is also improved depending on the speed and intensity with which they are practiced.. The goal is to increase the number of repetitions, monitoring technique and posture to avoid possible injury.

                7. Do squats

                The seats are inside strength training exercises, but we put them aside because they have the advantage of being able to be performed anywhere and anytime, without the need for materials, space or time. We can shrug our shoulders at our desks while we use the elevator, watch TV, or wait at the bus stop. If we make it one more habit in our lives, it will help us increase resilience in the long run.

                8. Nedar

                Swimming is one of the best exercises for increasing physical endurance. While swimming, we burn a lot of calories, in addition to which many muscle groups are activated. What is recommended is that in case you have a special pool or can swim in the sea, swim at intervals of about 100 meters, alternating with short periods of rest.

                9. Team sports

                Physical endurance is improved in all team sports, both aerobic and anaerobic. Basketball, Football, Rugby … everything is valid for increasing our cardiovascular endurance, in addition to keeping us in shape, making us gain muscle mass and burn fat.

                10. Climb the stairs

                Going up the stairs might seem like a small thing to practice, but if Rocky Balboa used this technique to practice, it would be for something. Climbing stairs at a rapid pace is an ideal exercise for strengthening your leg muscles., besides having the great advantage that requires us to breathe properly while we are doing it.

                Likewise, it must be said that you have to be careful, being recommended only to people who appreciate healthy knees and joints able to withstand the impact.

                  11. Exercise equipment

                  One of the best ways to improve our fitness is to use these exercise machines at high intensity intervals, bring our body to its maximum for a few seconds, increase the heart rate and then return to a moderate pace and continue training.

                  There are machines, like the treadmill or the exercise bike, that are used to make exercises that you could really do outdoors but which have the advantage of being able to adjust the intensity, imitate that you go up a climb and increase the speed, in addition to having training programs and varied circuits.

                  12. Training circuits

                  Training circuits are a very fun and intense way to improve our physical endurance. We can incorporate practically all the exercises that we have seen before, serving to improve our aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

                  This types of training circuits are always part of the exercises that athletes do to improve their physical condition, regardless of their sport specialty, and the main thing is to work different muscles so as not to exhaust them.

                  13. Weight exercises

                  Weight-bearing exercises are ideal for improving anaerobic endurance. These are all exercises that involve activating the muscles to exert considerable physical effort. but for a short time, like lifting weights, using medicine ball, hitting a punching bag, a Russian barbell …

                  14. Stretch

                  While this may seem like an unimportant activity, the truth is that stretching before and after playing sports is essential.

                  The reason is not only that they serve to improve our endurance, but also that they prevent us from hurting ourselves. If they are practiced before, they serve to prepare the muscles for the great effort they will make afterwards., and if done later, the stretches relax the muscles, preventing injury.

                  15. Rowing

                  Rowing is a sport that can be practiced both as a team and alone. This physical activity helps to gain strength in the arms, back and shoulders., in addition to helping improve posture of the spine.

                  Various muscles are worked such as the dorsi, rhomboids and trapezius. Because so many muscles are activated and a lot of effort is put in, although it is a light impact exercise, this physical activity is one of the best exercises for increasing physical endurance.

                  16. Clean the house

                  More than one will have been a little surprised by this offbeat exercise. “What’s the point of cleaning the house?” Daniel LaRusso wondered if he should do Mr. Miyagi’s chores in the movie Karate Kid (1984). Cleaning is not just about removing dust, but also about moving the sofa, carrying boxes from here to there, passing the scouring stick and various activities which, although they are not used for the cleaning to be considered an Olympic sport, they help us increase our physical endurance.

                  And after seeing this last exercise you have no more excuse to increase your physical endurance. If you can’t join a gym or for some reason you can’t leave the house, at least you have the option to clean the house.. Put it into practice and encourage yourself to gain health, besides having the house a little more tidy, which maybe it is time …

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