The 6 Best Sports Psychology Courses This Year

One of the most talked about fields of action lately is sports psychology, which focuses on the manipulation of relevant psychological variables in the sports context: team cohesion, attention, level of activation, moods. , etc.

The truth is that the psychological functioning of athletes is just as important to them as the technical, physical and tactical functioning., And influences both training and competition. vs

    The best training in sports psychology

    Receiving a good training in this specialty is the key to becoming a sports psychologist who offers maximum guarantees of success to the athletes, coaches and clubs with whom he works.

    But what is the best training in this area? Below is a list of the best sports psychology courses.

    1. Practical methodology course in sports psychology and coaching (UPAD)

    • Center: UPAD Psychology and Coaching
    • Location: Madrid
    • Duration: 220 hours
    • Price: 480 €

    UPAD Psychology and Coaching is a center for psychologists located in Madrid, And also offers training to professionals in psychology and personal development. Among the training actions it offers, it is possible to highlight the “Practical Methodology Course in Sport Psychology and Coaching”, which aims to train participants in theoretical and practical skills essential for direct and effective intervention with sportsmen.

    It is aimed primarily at students taking the last degree courses in Psychology and qualified psychologists, and allows students to develop professional skills, techniques and resources for correct application in the field of sport. This training is divided into two blocks. The first consists of 10 face-to-face sessions and aims to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. The second block promotes acquired learning, and students have external internships in sports institutions where they can mobilize all this learning and experiment with their internal and external resources to do their job well.

    This course lasts 6 months. and starts December 2, 2017. If you would like to contact UPAD Psychology and Coaching, you can get more information by clicking here.

    2. Expert Diploma in Sports Psychology (UNED)

    • Center: National Distance Learning University
    • Location: online
    • Duration: 1 year
    • Price: 1500 €

    UNED is considered one of the most important universities in Spain and is a good choice if you want to do distance learning. In our article “10 Benefits of Studying Psychology at UNED”, we explain the benefits of studying at this institution.

    UNED offers a wide range of education and many of its postgraduate degrees and specialization courses focus on the field of sports psychology.. The “Expert Diploma in Sports Psychology” is a good alternative if you want to develop professionally in this field.

    It is a course that lasts a whole year, and allows you to study a second year as a “Master in Sports Psychology”. The program is very comprehensive and covers topics such as Coaching Psychology, Beginner Sports Psychology, Psychological Variables Related to Sports Performance, etc. This training is led by José María Buceta, a prestigious sports psychologist across the country.

    3. Course in Applied Psychology in Sport (UAB)

    • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
    • Location: Barcelona
    • Duration: 1 month
    • Price: 420 €

    Without a doubt, one of the most interesting sports psychology courses you can take in Barcelona. The course in Psychology Applied to Sport at the Autonomous University of Barcelona is part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology Applied to Sports Performance and the Master in Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, but it is possible to study it separately.

    The Autonomous University of Barcelona has the best teachers in this specialty, so this course is of the highest quality in training. Its modality is face to face and is taught at Campus Bellaterra (Barcelona) and at the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) in the same city. After following this training course, participants obtain a certificate of achievement and the best theoretical and practical knowledge in this branch of psychology.

    4. Expert in psychological intervention and sports coaching (COP Madrid)

    • Center: Official College of Psychologists of Madrid
    • Location: Madrid
    • Duration: 2 months
    • Price: 1000 € (members) / 1300 € (non-members)

    The Official College of Psychologists of Madrid has been teaching the expert in psychological intervention and sports coaching for nine years. It benefits from the collaboration and experience of AEPCODE which, after years of research, has developed its own sports coaching methodology.

    Coaching is a discipline which, although it is applied in many fields (there are different types of coaching), finds its origin in the field of sport, in particular in tennis. This methodology has been shown to increase athlete performance by helping them overcome their own limitations or mental barriers.

    5. University expert in sports psychology (UCJC)

    • Center: Camilo José Cela University
    • Location: Madrid / Online
    • Duration: 1 year
    • Price: Consult the center

    Another excellent training in sports coaching is the academic expert in sports psychology at Camilo José Cela University, which has been taught since 2007. It is a great alternative if you want to acquire the skills necessary for a good professional job in this field. domain, as it will allow you to develop resources and skills to be able to collaborate with coaches and athletes to achieve their goals and optimal performance.

    The sports coach is a professional who helps coachees to increase their emotional intelligence, to plan realistically, to overcome their limiting beliefs., Improve relationships within a team, motivate them to act, among many other benefits.

      6. Certificate in high performance sports psychology (FCB Universitas)

      • Center: FCB University
      • Location: Barcelona
      • Duration: 1 year
      • Price: Consult the center

      Just a few months ago, the Futbol Club Barcelona inaugurated a knowledge transfer space called FCB Universitas, In which it is possible to study different disciplines related to sport.

      In collaboration with the University of the 21st Century, well known in Latin America, this institution offers the possibility of obtaining the Certificate in High Performance Sports Psychology, intended for coaches, athletes and psychologists wishing to specialize in this area of ​​sport. The program includes interesting topics such as high performance leadership, athlete mental strength or psychological keys related to high performance.

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