The 7 best sports podcasts

Podcasts have revolutionized the way we entertain and consume information of all kinds for decades.

In the last 15 years we have experienced a real boom in modern societies of this mode of communication and today we can find podcasts on almost any topic.

In the field of sport, there are also specialist professionals who share their knowledge about a particular sport. The result: sports podcasts whose episodes are watched by hundreds of thousands of people because of its quality. Let’s look at some of the most recommended.

    The most popular sports podcasts

    If you want to know which are the most recommended sports-themed podcasts today, here is a selection of options for you to consider.

    1. Sports intelligence

    Professional trainer Miguel A. Rodríguez presents the “Sports Intelligence” podcast, an analytical space where he discusses the world of Psychology, Coaching and sport on a weekly basis, all in an integrated manner with his team of collaborators.

    Some of the topics covered in this podcast are sports training, sports psychology, athlete mental performance, training systems, practical tools, team cohesion, and the most useful skills in the field of sports. sports psychology.

    Miguel A. Rodríguez holds a Masters in Professional Coaching from ICF, a Masters in Emotional Intelligence from the Paul Ekmann School, an Intermediate Diploma in National Tennis Education and a Specialized Training Course in full consciousness and in NLP.

    This podcast is available on Spotify.

      2. The reverse

      El Revers is one of the most listened to podcasts on the NBA in Spain and is presented by two connoisseurs of the best basketball league in the world, such as Gonzalo Vázquez and Andrés Monje.

      In this podcast you will find 1.5 hour chapters on historical players, coaches, game systems, unforgettable games, eternal rivalries and also on NBA news.

      You can find this podcast on the official NBA Fan Club website.

        3. Monday morning

        Presented by journalists Raúl Fuentes and Axel Torres, Monday Morning is one of the most prestigious weekly football podcasts that can be found now.

        This is a conversation that mainly deals with stories of international football, as well as interesting anecdotes, news and curiosities from the world of football.

        You can listen to this podcast on Spotify, iVoox, and Apple Podcast.

          4. Are we talking about football?

          “Are we talking about football?” is a podcast presented by journalist Felip de Luis, which incorporates football analysis as well as historical stories, curiosities, cultural and musical references, all related to the world of football.

          This is a newly created but highly recommended podcast that can currently be listened to by Spotify, iVoox and also Apple Podcast.

            5. NBA House

            NBA House is a current bi-weekly NBA podcast where you’ll find analysts like Sergio Rabinal, Nacho Losilla, and many other American basketball experts.

            This is one of the most expert NBA podcasts, where you will find equal parts analysis and debate.

            This podcast can be listened to on Spotify, iVoox and Apple Podcast.

            6. Robinson accent

            Acento Robinson is the program which featured / posted the weekly Michael Robinson in the channel to be and which can be heard in podcast format on the channel’s website.

            You can find several human stories from the world of sports, all of them of great inspiration presented by the great Michael Robinson.

              7. Basket More

              Argentinian journalist Fabián García presents the Bàsquet Plus podcast, a podcast particularly suitable for fans of this sport which can be listened to by Apple Podcast, Spotify or even iTunes.

              In this podcast you will find interviews with players, coaches and all kinds of relevant people in the world of international basketball.

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