The 8 best sports coaching books

In recent years, coaching has consolidated itself as an area of ​​intervention with people and teams that has acquired great popularity in our country and has diversified to meet different needs, so that its different performance modalities are increasingly known to the general public.

Among its ramifications, sports coaching is one of the most dynamic of recent decades, and tangible proof of this is the fact that most of the best sports clubs have sports training professionals who work in the neighborhood of the peportistas.

If you want to know more about this area, keep reading, because you will find here a selection of the best sports coaching books, Work to keep in mind for how you can harness the potential of human beings when it comes to achieving goals through sport.

    Most Recommended Sports Coaching Books

    Consult this selection of recommended books on sports coaching either to familiarize yourself with this body of knowledge or to deepen and apply it.

    1. Psychology of sports coaching: conceptual foundations and strategies for action (Carlos Rey and Fernando Callejo)

    If you want to know in depth the nature and essential characteristics of sports coaching, Carlos Rey and Fernando Callejo have the book you are looking for. “Psychology of Sports Coaching: Conceptual Foundations and Strategies for Action” is a theoretical and practical guide which will be very useful for those who wish to train in this method of personal and professional development.

    Its authors are psychologists with experience in the world of sports psychology, and in this work they reflect their theoretical and practical knowledge based on research carried out in recent years through the science of behavior, as well as through his experience. working with athletes. In fact, today they continue to work both on the coaching and psychological assistance processes and on the sports psychology training programs that they run from their own psychology center located in Madrid.

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    2. Leadership and sports performance (Isidre Lapuente Álvarez)

    Leadership and Sports Performance, by Isidro Lapuente Álvarez is a detailed study of the role that leadership plays in the field of sports coaching and how it is one of the keys to sports success.

    It is a content rich book for those who want to deepen their leadership knowledge and well structured, describing in each chapter every aspect of sports coaching where leadership plays a decisive role.

    Thus, some of the essential blocks addressed in this work are: the importance of leadership in the human relationship in sport; sport leadership and planning; motivation; talent management and transformational leadership.

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    3. Sports coach (Diego Gutiérrez)

    This book is a practical guide to know first-hand what sports coaching is and the main keys and strategies to carry out a sports coaching process with fruitful results both in the sports field and in the day-to-day staff. .

    Diego Gutiérrez, author of the book, also offers practical examples and assumptions with which to learn the essential tools of coaching and with which to apply both to others and to ourselves.

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    4. Sports coaching: much more than training (María José Alaminos, Alfredo Bastida and Eva Sancho)

    It is a book that offers useful sports coaching tools and knowledge for professional coaches who wish to acquire sports coaching skills and integrate them into their training plans and for sports coaches, whether they are professionals or not, who wish to learn different techniques aimed at improving themselves. their performance and potential.

    Some of the areas of sports coaching discussed in this book are: motivation, development of personalized action plans, improvements needed in elite competition and keys to building athlete strengths.

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    5. Leadership and sports coaching (Alejo García-Naveira Vaamonde and Roberto Ruiz Barquín)

    “Leadership and Sports Coaching”, a book published in 2014 by Alejo García-Naveira Vaamonde, is an in-depth and scientific study of sports coaching and especially of leadership as a catalyst for success in this development process.

    The book is aimed at all types of people wishing to train in the field of sports coaching and in particular to professional coaches, sports technicians and in general to any professional in the sector.

    Some of the areas explored are: performance improvement, personal growth, talent development and goal achievement.

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    6. Team coaching, high performance and happy people in sport and business (Daniel Álvarez Lamas and Diego Gutierrez de la Pou)

    As the title suggests, this book is suitable for team coaches who want to delve deeper into their topic and also for people who want to immerse themselves in the world of team coaching and gain knowledge that can serve them in their daily life as well. .

    The main ideas that the book abounds in are leadership in team coaching and how this can influence the high performance, motivation and happiness of that team members.

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    7. The Spirit of the Athlete (Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson)

    “The Spirit of the Athlete”, by Simon Marshall, is the definitive manual for athletes who wish to develop their skills, performance and motivation during activity, using the scientific knowledge provided by the book.

    Some of the areas the book focuses on are motivation, self-confidence, and increasing athletic performance, as well as providing hands-on experiences and knowledge that are very useful for any professional and amateur athlete.

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    8. Coach and sports performance (Isidre Lapuente Álvarez)

    Isidre Lapuente Álvarez published in 2020 the book “Coaching and Sports Performance”, a book with which everyone can learn the basic principles of this type of training both personal and sports and know its benefits both for teams and individuals .

    The author places particular emphasis on collective work, the empowerment of the individual skills of each of its members and the implications of a united team focused on the same objective to finally achieve the desired objectives.

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